made a theta one

Dragon Age History meme

Send a symbol (or the word, if the symbol isn’t working/showing up) to find out more about my DA history; stylized in Greek alphabet format.

α (or Alpha): My first Character made.

β (or Beta): My favorite character made.

γ (or Gamma): My favorite love interest.

δ (or Delta): The one (or more) character I disliked/hated.

ε (or Epsilon): A character I liked/disliked when I first saw them, but changed my mind about later.

ζ (or Zeta): A crossover idea.

η (or Eta): A decision I made that may be unpopular.

θ (or Theta): My Inquisitor (if I have one). (Described, depicted, screenshots, pictures, etc,.)

ι (or Iota): The past of my Herald/Hawke/Warden (Choose one or do all, up to the asker or mun)

κ (or Kappa): A character I would like to portray.

λ (or Lambda): A pairing I like.

μ (or Mu): A general idea of my gameplay choices/path

ν (or Nu): A part I struggled on.

ξ (or Ksi): My Hawke (if I have one). (Described, depicted, screenshots, etc,.).

ο (or Omicron): My Grey Warden (If I have one). (Decribed, etc,.)

π (or pi): A funny quirk my character has, or a quirk that a character has that I like.

ρ (or rho): Do I like Orlais or Ferelden more?

σς (or Sigma): A scene I hated.

τ (or Tau): A scene I loved.

υ (or Upsilon): A part that made me feel ____.

φ (or Phi): Mages, or Templars?

χ (or Chi): A companion/party I would choose for the zombie apocalypse.

ψ (or Psi): A Companion/party I would be best friends/worst enemies with.

ω (or Omega): The character I most recently made.