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Revenge of the Sith | Behind the Scenes | Becoming the Chosen One

The concepts regarding Anakin’s appearance ran the gamut from a harsh Mohawk to a long pirate-like ponytail, before deciding on the final longer-hair version. The Hair Department had made a long haired wig with a ponytail which looked great but it just wasn’t strong enough for Anakin. Having a long ponytail would have been a little bit too swashbuckling. So it gradually got shorter and shorter. The final look just evolved from conversations with George Lucas and from him playing with it, and combing Hayden’s fringe. Plus Hayden Christensen was very definite about how he wanted his hair to sit. According to Nikki Gooley it was the right decision because it made him look strong and it gave him a great jaw.

After the decision with Anakin’s hair had been made, Gooley tried in vain to get different opinions of other crew members. Everyone seemed to love not only the hair, but also the actor. “When we did some makeup tests in the beginning with Hayden, and we had the dilemma of whether we should use a short wig or go with the longer hair pieces, we’d ask the girls on set what they thought of Hayden’s hair and they’d say, ‘Oh he looks gorgeous! I love that look!’ Then we’d go and ask somebody else. And they’d reply, ‘I love him, I love him! I think he looks fabulous!’ So I think no matter what you did to Hayden, all the girls would be in love with him anyway. He’s so gorgeous.” 

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Imagine being an avenger, that Tony is very protective of cause you are like a sister to him and Loki takes an interest in you

Note: I made a longer version of this imagine 

Part 1

Part 2

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 Loki had been watching and staring at your every move since you first arrived at the gala with Steve. He continued to watch you even after he got captured and was on the plane. He thought you were so captivating he felt like it was impossible for him to take his eyes off of you. Then you bend over a table to write something down, this giving Loki the perfect view of your ass, which made him think of all the things he could do to you. Oblivious to Loki staring at you, Tony realized it when he turned around and saw Loki staring straight at your ass. He quickly went up to Loki, and aggressively grabbed the collar of what Loki was wearing,

“Listen, rock of ages I see you staring at y/n, and I know the things your thinking about. I would suggest you stop or I will kick your asgardian ass into next week.”

Engineers design a robotic gripper for cleaning up space debris

Right now, about 500,000 pieces of human-made debris are whizzing around space, orbiting our planet at speeds up to 17,500 miles per hour. This debris poses a threat to satellites, space vehicles and astronauts aboard those vehicles.

What makes tidying up especially challenging is that the debris exists in space. Suction cups don’t work in a vacuum. Traditional sticky substances, like tape, are largely useless because the chemicals they rely on can’t withstand the extreme temperature swings. Magnets only work on objects that are magnetic. Most proposed solutions, including debris harpoons, either require or cause forceful interaction with the debris, which could push those objects in unintended, unpredictable directions.

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Sushi pattern

Hello there, fellow crocheters

In the last few weeks I crocheted a whole lot, some minor projects but also some bigger projects I’ll talk about as soon as they’re finished. I know I’m a lazy writer but I’ll try to chance that as few as I’m finished with my apprenticeship.

In the pictures above you can see something I made out of pure boredom: Sushi. It’s easy to make and you can finish it within roughly an hour if you’re slow and within less than half an hour if you’re a fast crocheter.

I’ve made two types of Sushi: There are Sushi rolls that are - if I’m not mistaken - called Maki. Then there is other Sushi I don’t even know how it’s called. If I’m talking about Sushi, you can be a hundred percent certain that I’m talking about the Sushi as it’s shown in the first row.

Now… let’s begin with the pattern, shall we?

The … Sushi Sushi

Sushi Basic

Use white yarn
  • 7 chains, work an sc in both sides of the chain (14)
  • *sc in sc, two sc in one sc* repeat 7 times (21)
  • only use backloop *sc in next two scs, two sc in one sc* repeat 7 times (28)
  • *crochet around* repeat for two rows (28)
  • *sc in next two sc, decrease sc* repeat 7 times (21)
  • *sc in next sc, decrease sc* repeat 7 times (14)
  • *decrease sc* repeat 7 times (7)
  • fasten off


In order to make really simple toppings you’ll have to decide on a color first. Pastel red for tuna, orange for salmon, and so on and so forth. Then it goes as follows:
  • chain 12
  • sc in each sc, make a chain to turn (12)
  • continue for as long as you think is right. When you’re done, fasten off

Now either you can use the rectangular you now presumably made as it is or if you made a longer version you can fold it so that it’s half its orginal length. Then you’ll have to join the upper part to the lower part with a needle and what’s left of your thread.

Now you have a piece of sashimi which you can attach to the base part of the Sushi.

If you wanted to put a shrimp on your sushi as I did, the easiest way would be to change the color after every row.

So you’d make 12 chains with orange and change to white in the last loop. Then you’d work one sc into every chain with white and then change back to orange again. You can follow through the same steps as shown in the guide above for easy decorations until you only have enough space left to make a tail. How you can do that I’ll explain you:

  • red - 2 sc, hdc, dc, hdc, *slip stitch* two times, hdc, dc, hdc, 2 sc
  • fasten off
Now you should be about almost done. Fold the shrimp longitudinally, then crochet it together as to hide the many lose threads. You may now add the spine of the shrimp with red thread.


Look up, how to “invisibly decrease” and color changing if you don’t know how to. I won’t explain how you can do that, simply because there are way too many amazing tutorials out there about the basics.

Start with appropriate color for the filling of your desire… For salmon I’d suggest orange or rose. For tuna a pastel red or something like that. You could also use two colors. For example: If you wanted cucumber you would use a bright green at first then a darker green after. So, now lets start.

  • work 6 sc in magic ring (6) - use the first color
  • *work two sc in one sc* repeat 6 times (12) - change to second color
  • *work one sc in sc, work two sc in sc* repeat 6 times (18) - change to white
  • crochet around, use backloop only (18) - change to black, dashed grey or brown or dark green yarn for the outer part
  • *crochet around* repeat for four rows, use both loops (18)
  • crochet around, use backloop only (18) - change to white
  • *one sc in sc, invisibly decrease sc* repeat 6 times (12) - change to second color
  • *invisibly decrease sc* repeat 6 times (6) - change to first color


As you might now, I’m still pretty new to making tutorials. I mean, I’ve almost written everything down that I made. But until recently I’ve never let anyone see my patterns so I couldn’t tell if anyone even understands what I’m writing.

If possible I’d like to hear from you how your sushi turned out and if there is anything I’d have to explain better.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you a croggle day :).

Daughter on the move.

a quick rundown of what the hell has been going on for anyone in the gorillaz fandom who is just now waking up to see this shit

  • everyone was expecting a phase 4 update this morning, but it didn’t happen though
  • what we got instead was damon albarns instagram account getting “hacked”(?) and having all the posts deleted and having the url getting changed to “666verified”
  • everyone lost it, including myself
  • then it got set to private
  • then the url got changed to “”, confusion arose
  • the entire fandom was basically going nuts when that happened
  • it gets worse somehow
  • a few hours later, damon reclaims it again and all the posts are back up, the url is normal again, like almost nothing has been changed
  • all of this happened within a matter of hours
  • honestly im so confused
  • i just want answers


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New post:

so there’s already a hockey meme thingy floating around but i made a longer/adapted version because i’m trash (and also lost the original post):

  • 10 players
  • 9 relationships (brotps or actual couples u decide)
  • 8 moments (a goal, a ceremony, anything!)
  • 7 legends 
  • 6 jerseys
  • 5 youngsters (rookies/prospects)
  • 4 fictional players (from tv/movies/pop culture)
  • 4 goalies
  • 4 coaches
  • 3 nhl teams
  • 3 nationalities
  • 2 junior teams
  • 2 families
  • 2 rivalries (between teams or players whatevs)
  • 1 stanley cup finale
  • 1 quote
A Letter to You

February 28, 2017

From a land far far away from yours, but refusing to say that it doesn’t exist.

Dear Clary Fairchild, Tris Prior, Katniss Everdeen, Feyre Archeon, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Lorcan Salvaterre, Rhysand of the Night Court, and Mare Barrow,

In short, you’ve inspired me.

The longer version, you have made me open up my eyes and realize what I want to do with my life. You are my muse, my light in a dark tunnel, and my constant reminder to keep dreaming even when the world is full of nightmares or Under the Mountain is full of demons.

Books have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I remember reading your great adventures behind a math textbook in middle school, your romance, your passion, your resilience. You sparked something inside me, something I didn’t even know was lurking beneath my skin.

No, I am not the High Lady of the Night Court, I do not have fire in my veins. I am not the Mockingjay who inspired, the Red Queen who conquered, the girl with Angel blood who defied, or the man who gave his heart without realising it. I am not you, I am not a heroine, I am just me. But, with your help swirling inside the land inside my head. Could I? Can I be those things, or even better, can I create those things?

If you can defy what is thrown in front of you, why can’t I? Why can’t I create people like you, my own characters to have fire in their veins and give their hearts away without their knowledge.

I can, and I will.

And that is what you have given me, this most stunning, intangible gift beyond measure, I will treasure it. When I am pouring my heart and soul into a page, when those words come to life in my head to form a entire universe of fairy tales, love, and fate, I will think of you.

I will think of you when I construct my own idols onto a page, for the world to read or just for me and mine. You will form them. Everything you’ve taught me will not go to waste.

A warm cloak in a cold dungeon, a friendship that death could not define, a man that found his love after all three trials she endured, and a girl who gave her Candor to defy those who defied all.

This gift will not go to waste. Just you wait.


Your Reader, a Writer,

Kammie Hunter