made a comic


i’m back and i made a bunch of comics for you guys!!!

so i’m all settled back in japan again after visiting america, and i’m gearing up to start producing comics more regularly. my schedule is changing to be two comics every weekend! wowsers! one on saturday, one on sunday. this way i can focus on comics during the week and post on the weekend!

thanks guys

I did some looking into why people hate Owlturd and found out that he made this fairly objectionable comic

I don’t like throwing the word “ableist” around but, yeah, this looks like something that you’d call ableist

But here’s the thing though: he already explained the actual intent of the comic, addressed how easily it could be misconstrued, removed it, and apologized profusely

And this was back in September

So again I ask: why the fuck does everyone hate Owlturd so much????

palmtop-mn-co  asked:

Happy early birthday! Your advice on your YouTube channel helped me so much and I'm so grateful to have your content in my life. ^^ I know these mediums are somewhat the same but just curious, what advice can you give to those, like myself, who are making comics/graphic novel/mangas?

Thank you so much :)

As someone who’s never made/doesn’t read comics, graphic novels, or mangas, I’m probably the last person to ask. Sorry :-\


Semi spoiler warning and long post


the oblivion continues

(and it starts here)

Comic N-032: “Frisk drops an F-bomb”

A second comic??

EDIT: Added word bubble, changed undyne’s face, and fixed some coloring issues!