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New fic

Remember a few weeks ago when we were all doing those drabble challenges?  And mizjoely gave me this prompt: “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday” for Warstan.

I sat down to think about it.  Either she could be saying it to him, or he could be saying it to her.  Mary saying it to John actually made an okay short humorous drabble about recovering from sedation after a minor dental procedure.

John saying it to Mary, by comparison, was obviously him talking to her while she’s in the intensive care unit after being shot at the climax of “The Six Thatchers.”  And then the only rational thing for me to do was to rewrite the remaining two thirds of series 4 showing how it would go with that one change.

Seriously, ppl.  This fic needs to be a minimum of seventeen chapters long, which for me is insanely ambitious. It contains almost no stupid jokes (which is not to say there are zero stupid jokes.  This is me we’re talking about here.)  I freaking had to cut out the original prompt because it was too lighthearted.  This is how my brain works and apparently there’s nothing I can do about it.  A prologue and chapter one are available on the archive of our own and  Primary Warstan, secondary Sherlolly, AU, M-rated.  Mary lives.

kuinyin  asked:

I keep having a nagging feeling that season 4 will be a rewind, that events that happen in s3 were made up in sherlock's head. A different outcome in the reuniting of sherlock and john. Maybe john is escorted out the restruant before mary comes back?

Hi Kuinyin!

Okay, I’m going to be brutally honest, because I see this come up on my dash a lot and I keep quiet about it, and only a few people know my exact stance on this thought. Please don’t take it personally, because I know that this is a fandom theory to make sense of TAB.


Each of these episodes cost a small fortune to produce (about £5 million for S3) and the writers have a set plan in mind. They’re not going to ret-con S3 like it never happened just because some fans are thinking it was all “out of character” (which it WASN’T, but I digress). I’ve mentioned before that Mofftiss are making a show for THEMSELVES, and while they love the fans, they’re not going to just change the plot they’ve had planned since day one just because a few people are not happy with it. To “restart” season three, for me, literally ERASES ALL THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT that they have gone through. We learned so much about both characters in S3 and, if anything, the Johnlock was even more canon than ever before in S3. In my humble opinion, it was the best season, and it has seven Emmys that prove this (though, it may be my weakness for pining Sherlock talking but what do I know :p)

I’m especially bothered by the “erase the last half of HLV” posts I see; almost like Sherlock’s drug use is too taboo to be real to his character. If anything it just helps solidify that a lot of the last half could have been distorted since we are seeing it through Sherlock’s eyes and gives the creators a bit of leeway if something changes from HLV and TAB (as has been pointed out regarding Mycroft’s tie and Mary’s scarf); little details mixed up because Sherlock’s drugs are still in his system. I think it’s also very telling about just how lonely – how much in love – Sherlock is. Pre-ASiP, Sherlock was fine to a degree and had his cases to occupy his mind to stay off the drugs, but in HLV and TAB, Sherlock has become a borderline addict again because he can’t understand why he feels the way he does. Having the drugs as an ever-present threat now just adds more to Sherlock’s character arc; he’s NOT the perfect hero people think he is: he’s a heartbroken lovesick drug addict in love with his best friend and occasionally solves crimes when he’s bored. We learned so much about everyone in just HLV alone… I honestly don’t want nor need a ret-con of that; I need the filler for the missing 6 months, which is what I think we will get.

And frankly, even if they did “restart” from the part in the restaurant, what the hell could they change? I’m sorry, but the reaction given in TEH to Sherlock was perfectly in character to our John. Our John would absolutely have forgiven him eventually, but he would not have just up and off with Sherlock. He would have probably proposed to Mary regardless just out of spite; at least our John is doing it because he genuinely believes he doesn’t have a chance with Sherlock, and he’s trying to move on with Mary.

TL;DR - Though I do concede Moffat does love to retcon things sometimes, there was just FAR too much character development and story narrative in S3 for them to just… pretend none of it happened. I’m a creature of logic, and it logically just DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE to do it. The show has never been about the cases. The show has never been a mystery. It’s never been an adventure. This series is about a detective and his life. It is about how he grows as a person, and how his flourishing relationship with his best friend and life partner thrives and all the little bumps they have along the way. It’s about Sherlock learning from his mistakes and it’s about him accepting help and love from the people in his life.

This is why it is called “Sherlock”. It is about Sherlock.