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SOMBRA IS OFFICIAL, finally, thank u blizzard

My ex’s life was music. He had a ton of amps and guitars and such. We broke up and he took what he could fit in his car, which wasn’t much. I agreed to hold onto his music equipment until he could move it. Some weeks later I was cleaning out my room and I found several articles of women’s clothing, along with a necklace that didn’t belong to me. I checked with my friends to see if maybe someone left it after staying over. It didn’t belong to a single one of them. The only other explanation was that my ex had been bringing some other girl into MY HOME. So what do I do? I LEGALLY aquired his music equipment (with the right letters and documentation it’s considered abandon after 60 days) and sold it. Made a pretty penny too.

These came a few days ago but didn’t get them put together till now. IM SO HAPPY THANK YOU @acornpress FOR THESE WONDERFUL CHARMS. Great customer service and quick turnaround time. Even got some extras so I don’t have to buy these from myself LOL. Will deff be getting more from them for my next two charms ;D I totally forgot to put a coin to show size but these are 1.5 inches big. That’s like almost the size of two quarters kinda.

Also for pre-orders only the charms will have the start and koi charms attached to it. Orders after pro-orders are done will have a little randomly colored acrylic star! Sorry if my posts are so off I’ve never made/sold charms and Im only just starting to using tumblr LOL. Social media y u so tricky

Again the link for these is here. Now with reviled order bonus! —

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i'm just curious. what made you change your otp from vhope?

OKAY, so, can i just take this moment to ramble about my OTP’s through the years? From the beginning of my time as an ARMY (which began at Skool Luv Affair) to now. I can’t believe i took the time to make a graphic but i did.( honestly i can’t believe  i made this thing, like kelly it’s not that serious.)

When I FIRST became ARMY, my OTP was Jihope. They were my first OTP and I was SO dedicated to Jihope. They were wilin out in the Bangtan Bombs at that point and it was just, it felt unholy NOT to ship them and i’m NOTHING if NOt HOly!

Anyways, somewhere along the way my OTP became Junghope at that time????? i??? idk how???? i just? loved the golden couple. They meant so much to me both the members individually and i loved their dynamic because it was soft and sweet and pure. I don’t know how this happened, but what a great time of my life it was.

Then, oh man then, I was a Yoonseok OTP briefly, because, let’s face it, yoonseok is next level. But I remember around this time, was when I first started noticing Vhope for what they were which was… .just? there is deadass something special about vhope and i still maintain that today. So for a long time, like, a year and some months, my OTP was a tie between Yoonseok and Vhope because aksjdfkljaskldfjkls they really invented love. (OR SO I THOUGHT)

Something happened where I fell into HELL for like, 1 month, and started considering Vmin my OTP but, that lasted like 2 weeks, now they’re technically somewhere in my top 5 and i don’t think I’ll fall back into that hell again.

okay so here’s the part. here’s the thing, the deal. Like, FOREVER AGO, Jikook became my SECOND favorite ship, and they just kind of rode the wave for EVER, just, in 2nd place. I was happy with it that way I think, for a while. (looking back at it, I’m not sure why all of my OTP’s had Hoseok in them >>) ANYWAYS, so, recently, at the beginning of this year, I embraced Jikook and….i honestly, I literally CANNOT go back from this. 

The question was why did Vhope stop being my otp, and it wasn’t because i stopped loving them any less, it was more like, i started loving other OTP’s just a little more and, i can’t properly explain why that is without writing a novel on each one of the ships. 

Which,,,,, tbh i’d be willing to do but i’m not sure anyone would be interested in me talking that much about BTS ships. Everybody probably knows by now how much i love to talk so TT i get carried away too easily.


the calendar (2011) vs. the good, the bad, and the dirty (2016) -

Heroin made me king
made me Christ
I sold this pussy 4 love
I chased tha safety
tha long white hall of a

Heroin made me king
made me Christ
Kept me alive
when I wanted ta die
gimme’d a warm some
thing to
crawl inside

Heroin took my baby
took my heart an
cooked it in a spoon
Shot up tha clot
& nodded off in my

Heroin held me like God
like I was his princess
Like all the bad guys
could never get in
Like summertime & its
kills, perfumed & pleasant

lover, abuser, black eyed
drifter, honey of my heart,
cirrhosis of my soul,
tha best fuckin kisser &
killer I’ve ever known

Heroin, always patient
Eternally mine & begotten
We robbed banks, played
hooky, lied down in tha street
n tried to die, hung round
tha wrong side of south side

We hid from mouths & ran
towards gunshots
We fell asleep in cars in
gas station parking lots
We made our own fun,
cocktails, bombs

Heroin was my government
Heroin was my law

Heroin made me king
Heroin made me Christ
in his arms I loved & I died

We laughed at tha devil’s eyes
Shopped for lingerie & key lime pie
Wasted away by tha underpass
where tha junkies always shaked n
cried & we laughed at em
We were too high to come down
for anythin else around

We cut away the fat
n slaughtered all tha doves

We got inta trouble
we talked our way out of

We were dumb kids in love
In tha middle of a forever summer
Where everything was good
& nothin else mattered

@r-velvets Hanteo announced that MADE broke the record for highest 1st day sales (a title held by exo), and everyone was making articles and tweeting abt what flops exo are. But then hanteo realized they cant count for shit and re-counted the numbers. Turns out they made a mistake and MADE “only” sold 60k …. imagine being that one person who publicly called out exo for being,, flops.. truly cant relate being this embarrassing


Savage M1907

.45 ACP chambered pistol that was used in the military trials to find a new sidearm for the U.S Army. The M1907 eventually lost to the now legendary Colt 1911. All of the trial pistols were sent back to Savage and refurbished to be put on sale for the civilian market. Less than 200 examples were made and sold, making them extremely rare and collectable. The one in the photos is actually on auction at $19,000. A previous example sold for $23,000+. (GRH)

Netflix recently added “Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell,” a 83 minute amateur movie that was made in 1987 and sold as an unrated tape, which consists entirely of really over-the-top cheesy/gory/violent grindhouse horror movie trailers from the 1960-80’s hosted by a guy doing a corny ventriloquist act with a zombie puppet. It’s really dated and it has that soft buzz of movies played on VHS.

Paste Magazine commented: “The whole thing feels like something Netflix added completely by accident, and I sit here desperately hoping they don’t realize their mistake.” I 100% agree, because this is genuinely strange in exactly the perfect way, I love it so much