made & crafted collection


The LA’s Craft & Folk Art Museum presents Man-Made, a collective art show that regroups artists who’s principal medium is fabric (and more specifically male quilters). Among these artists of a new kind are Joe Cunningham, Luke Haynes, Jimmy McBride, Aaron McIntosh, Joel Otterson, Dan Olfe or Shawn Quinlan, we find Ben Venom, a unique artist that uses old metal band t-shirts to create these original pieces.

Little Peter Maximoff Things uwu

• being friends with the add/adhd kids cause they’re the only ones who can keep up with how fast he thinks

• going through a phase when he’s a preteen where he wears magnetic silver nail polish

• constantly learning new things because he can read an entire encyclopedia collection in 40 minutes tops

• made goofy crafts for Wanda when Father’s Day rolled around in elementary school

• always always a l w a y s watching out for his baby sister

• secretly stealing stuff that he knows his mom wants and giving them to her as presents

• literally the strongest moral compass even though he couldn’t be taught discipline as a kid cause he’d just run away from time outs

• being. a. huge. smartass. like massive sass.

• amazing music taste and loving to share his music with everyone.

• making sped up mix tapes for when he’s Going Fast


Bill Cipher Hand-Made Paper Cards Collection, Designed According To  Hippocrates Theory Of The Four Temperaments (the humoral theory).