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rain...but instead of doing amy and meg ---- do the demelia

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Rain: A fluffy drabble of our characters Dean Winchester and Amy Pond (dw) kissing in the rain.

It had been a long hunt. Driving home in the rain would have lulled the hunter to sleep had he not been determined to make it back to the bunker. The whoosh of water cascading off of the Impala’s wipers and the beat of his rock in the background was like a lullaby to him. He began singing along to the Metallica song simply to keep himself awake.

Gravel crunched under the tires as the Impala parked in front of the bunker. There was quiet jingle of keys as Dean removed them and then there was the accompanying creak of the door as he stepped into the pouring rain. Though he had managed to get the majority of the blood off so as not to stain his car, some missed places still sent crimson red streaming down his face.

Though his head was ducked to avoid getting droplets in his eyes, the hunter’s sharp eyes still easily picked out what was different. A blue box stood blinking at him from the side of the bunker. But that wasn’t what really caught his eye. It was the ginger woman leaning in the doorway, smirking at him.

Despite the chill rain seeping through his jacket and dripping down his face, he froze. Amy Pond. With a swish of her hair and a hand on her hip, Amelia Pond struck out into the rain, the slight curl to her hair flattened immediately by the water. Dean stood awestruck as she strode towards him, grabbing his jacket in her hands and yanking his mouth down to hers.

His hands went to her waist automatically, possessively pulling her hips against his. All questions about what she was doing there, whether or not the Doctor or Sam were watching them or if she wanted to go in were driven out of his head by her surprisingly warm lips. A hand trailed up to snag in her hair, not caring that it was being soaked by the rain cascading around them.

“I showed up here two days ago, waiting for you, Dean Winchester. You’re late.” She pulled away from him just slightly to say these things though Dean’s head leaned forward automatically, as though unable to let her lips get away.

“Long hunt.” He replied, leaning forward to kiss her again. He was stopped by a finger and he frowned at her. She tutted at him a moment, moving to slip a hand into his back pocket.

“Guess we’ll have to make up for lost time.” She smirked, pinching him slightly. “But you have got to take a shower first. You reek of oil and blood.” Dean sighed in frustration but Amy’s smirk only widened. “Come on then. I’ve got big plans for the rest of the night and we don’t have the time to lose.”