Amazing song. Amazing lyrics. Amazing singer. 


maddytrumblr is my muse. No doubt about that. The second I saw her perform at a summer camp in high school I was like, oh sh**, that girl’s not like the rest of us. Her voice and presence is a throwback to a purer time in musical theater and she’s able to tell a life’s story with just the twinkle of her eye. Check out our newest video collaboration, singing Maury Yeston’s “New Words." 


AHHH! It’s like the universe was reading my mind. Just as I posted the last photoset, this popped up in my news feed. Garett and I have been begging her to sing this since we first heard her open her mouth. Great Friday night treat!

Maddy Trumble - Meadowlark (The Baker’s Wife) (by bwaysessions)


Back To Basics 

Jacket - Jack by BBDakota - 50.00 

Jeans - Gap Straight Leg

Shoes - DSW 

Scarf - From a man on the corner of Broadway and 44th 

Somedays- you just want to wear jeans and throw on a jacket. Most days, for me. Especially when it’s cold out. My winter uniform is jeans, jacket, scarf, lipstick. And if you pick basics that are out of the ordinary (a two tone jacket, for instance) it makes chic cold weather wear so much easier! 

Also- I recommend these jeans to EVERY WOMAN ON PLANET EARTH. They’re “straight leg” pants and they’re so flattering and easy to wear with ANYTHING. I secretly hate skinny jeans and think if you have any shape/musculature to your legs (most of us do! And lucky us!) skinny jeans aren’t really the way to go. These are way more versatile and I’m obsessed. 


Okay, I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but here’s my amazing Wicked experience.

So we got to the show about an hour early and looked around and stuff. I met the amazing Maddie while taking pictures of the Book of Mormon poster which was incredible because she was the first friend I’ve ever met who I met online. She was great and her family was super kind.

Then the show. I may have teared up when I sat down. My legs were shaking and I couldn’t stop them and I was going through the playbill talking about everyone to my mom who couldn’t care less. The set was phenomenal I can’t even begin to describe. Once the show started, I began to tear up again because I saw Maddy Trumble right away. Then Kara came down in her bubble looking stunning. I honestly couldn’t believe two women who I’ve looked up to for so long were standing right in front of me. We were so close to the stage I could see the details on everybody’s faces.

Kara’s Glinda was by far my favorite. Maybe because she’s the only one I’ve seen live and maybe I’m biased but holy cow. Her vibrato was killer and her portrayal was outstanding. She’s just so bubbly and cute and fits the part perfectly. Pretty sure she was singing to be me during Popular nbd.

Laurel I was honestly surprised by. I had never seen/heard her in anything else before and I was completely blown away. By far one of the best actresses to play Elphaba. She clearly understood the character clearly and was able to apply it and oh god her voice. She had a different spin on the famous “Fiyero riff” and sounded beautiful. I could listen to her sing all day.

Okay so Matt. We all know I’m a little in love with Matt Shingledecker and oh boy this did nothing but make my love for him stronger. His dance moves during DTL were hilarious. And Jesus Christ the Fiyero pants. I spent the whole number staring at his ass not gonna lie. He’s even more attractive in person somehow. He was just incredible. His part during As Long As You’re Mine had me in genuine tears as opposed to the “you’re right in front of me??” tears (which also happened). God, he as just so good I will never get over that.

And I saw understudies and swings!!! I was so excited because you know when that happens you’re in for some real magic. Holy, they were fantastic, Kelly’s Nessarose was incredible.

Everyone in the cast did an amazing job. Lee, who played Boq, was someone I had never heard of before tonight but was thoroughly impressed with. Little bit in love now. All in all the show was outstanding. Not just the breathtaking performers, but the lighting crew, sound crew, director, and everyone did a fantastic job and everyone deserves to be recognized for this hard work.

Now, after the show. My mom, being wonderful, let us miss the 6'o'clock ferry so I could go to the stage door. Props to you mom, love ya. First stage door experience, a little scary. Lee and some ensemble members came out really fast and I smiled and said hi but didn’t stop them for a signature and picture. One girl was asked for an autograph from someone and was so cute she’s like “I’m just ensemble! You don’t want me!” And I have the biggest crush on her now. I waited a bit until Maddy and as soon as she walked out the door I was like “Maddy!!!!” and her and another ensemble member stopped to chat and get a few pictures and signed my playbills. Maddy even wrote my name with a heart. When we were taking a picture, I told her I loved her in Newsies and she was really happy about that and my mom was like “She’s in love with you.” Thanks mom. But she responded really well and said “Me? Aww!!” She was the kindest person I’ve ever met and was so adorable oh gosh. She also said she loved my shoes so it was a good day.

Waited a little longer and finally the lovely Kara came out. I almost cried but that would’ve been awkward so I just said hi, asked for a photo/signature, and told her she did amazing and I loved her in Newsies. She was so sweet and oh my god I touched Kara Lindsay?? It’s still so surreal wow. We talked for a short amount of time and she is so so perfect and nice and lovely. And so gorgeous dear lord.

And then Laurel. Again, so kind. I got a picture and a signature and chatted for a minute. Absolutely amazing person. She treated everyone so nicely even the creepy old man who came up and was very uncomfortable. Real city experience.

Matt unfortunately didn’t come out because “his lady is in town” (-Laurel) so that was really disappointing considering he was a main reason I wanted to go but it’s okay. I mean, I saw him live just a bit in front or me. He had places to be, I can’t hold that against him. I hope I get to meet him some time in the future! Laurel talked to me and said he was a super sweet guy. Hopefully he had a good date!

Well, it was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. I got a shirt and a book (that has my boy Aaron in it). Thanks to the entire cast and crew of Wicked!