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Flower Child

Thank you to a reader for submitting this idea.

oh gosh Harry with a son is so cute maybe one in which his son has a crush in a little girl from his preschool and he goes to backyard to got flowers and he hide them in his little backpack to give her and he does everyday until one day Harry finds flowers in his backpack and ask him about it ❤️

What started as a blurb has spiraled into over 2k of fluff and daddy Harry, so I hope you all enjoy! -xoxo S

Harry’s car idled by the curb as he patiently waited for the dashboard clock in his Range Rover to hit noon. It was rare that he was able to pick up his son from school, but the days his schedule allowed for it were some of his favorites. With the new baby at home, he had to make more time for pick ups and drop offs, which he didn’t mind one bit. He tapped his fingers against the steering wheel to the faint beat pulsing through the car and checked his phone for a message update from you on whether the new member of your family had willingly gone down for a nap.

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"but I don't even have a grave... " "It's okay. I'll make one for you"

Happy Birthday messedupmoon!



“Where were you buried, Phantom?”

Danny nearly dropped the thermos that held the most recently captured ghost, Box Ghost on the sidewalk next to the Fenton Works “Wait, what?”

Jack Fenton, as per usual, missed the actual question. “Maddie wanted to know where you were buried,”

Danny clipped the thermos back on his belt to empty later “no, no, I mean,” Danny looked at his parents curiously “Why do you want to know?”

Maddie looked over to her husband “It was really Jack’s idea,”

Jack shrugged “It’s our anniversary!”

Danny blinked “ok… now I’m really confused.”

“Our anniversary since we made the truce! Since we, ya know, stopped… hunting you.”

Danny squirmed a bit at that “oh.”

Danny’s eyes widen as his mom, or Maddie got a bouquet of flowers out of no-where. “So, we got these for your grave.”

At a last-ditch effort to change the subject, Danny coughed “Um, yeah, well” He lowered the bouquet “I didn’t get you guys anything. So, it’s, um, only fair if I don’t get anything.” He drifted a few feet back “so… yeah.”

Maddie scoffed “you didn’t need to get us anything, it’s not like it was a part of the truce.”

“I- uh…” Danny took a deep breath “look, the truth is, I just… I just don’t have one, ok? I- those flowers… it was a really nice gesture, but I don’t even have a grave to put them with. Save your gifts for someone who was actually buried.”

Both parents were very silent. Danny, with nothing more to say, flew away as quick as possible.




“For a guy who took down millionaires, ghost of ancient yore and unspeakable horrors, you are one hell of a chicken.” Wes huffed.

Danny dragged his face across his hands and slumped down on Wes’s navy-blue bed “I knnnoooww

Wes then walked over and plopped next to Danny then leaned against him “So, why haven’t you told them yet?”

“Um, force of habit?”

Wes cut him a sharp look.

Danny sighed “I don’t know, I mean, sure. My parents aren’t trying to hunt me down for science. And that’s great! And I don’t want to tempt fate but…”

Wes was the one who finished the sentence “But you’re still terrified of them?”

Danny reached for Wes’s hand and squeezed. “… yes.”

“Danny, your parents hunted you down for sport and science, you don’t forget something like that too easily.”

Danny nodded “True. But I don’t see many options of morally telling them I’m dead and not feel guilty about it.”

Wes snorted “Danny, dude. They used to try to kill you. I think you’re ‘morally excused’ for lying to them to feel some sense of safety.”

Danny pause “good point.”

Wes hummed in agreement.

Suddenly Danny’s eyes widen as he jumped off the bed “Aw crap.”

Wes, because of the lack of support, fell on his side. “What? What!”

Danny quickly transformed into Phantom “I forgot to release the ghost box into the portal!”

Before Wes could respond Danny opened the window and jumped out.

Wes gave a small playful smile “freak’en, drama queen.”

Danny hovered up the window and gave him finger-guns “you know it.” Then shot off.

The town went off as a blur.

Within seconds, he was back at Fenton Works and eased through the bricks like butter. The familiar smell of singed ectoplasm invaded is nose as soon as he came into the house. He then drifted through the floors until he reached the basement.

As quickly as he could, he emptied the Thermos. Danny could swear that he heard a soft “beware!” before the toxic green vortex swallowed him.

“Hello, Phantom.”

Danny shot up another five feet until he realized who it was “ah, um, hello mo- Maddie. Didn’t uh, didn’t see you there…”

Maddie waved him over “C’mon. I got something to show you.”

Danny raised a brow “Ok… where?”

She began walking up the steps. “It’s in the middle of town square, nothing unfamiliar.”

Partly out of curiosity, partly out of amusement, Danny followed her.


Danny looked around “Is there something I’m supposed to be seeing here?“

Maddie pointed to the statue. “look around there.”

“Well, alright. I don’t see anything wrong with…” then, Danny spotted it.

The bouquet of flowers.

But that wasn’t just it. Next to it was stones painted with little pictures of him that looked like they were made with small unsteady hands. Along with it were a stack of letters and a larger stone with the word “PHANTOM” across it.

Danny suddenly began to blink faster and smeared his eyes. He also recognized that these weren’t his parents handwriting “Who…”

Somehow, Jack, despite his size, managed to appear out of nowhere. “That would be the kindergarteners work! Turns out, they were already working on this certain thing and could never find you. And heard about the no-grave-situation. So…” he gestured to it all “they did this!”

Maddie smiled “It was so cute too.” After they heard they said, ‘It’s okay. I’ll make one for you’ and that was that.”

No matter how hard Danny tried to smear his eyes, teardrops flowed down and followed the curves of his face. He wanted to say something, preferably thank you, but his throat felt like someone stuffed cotton in it.

Jack blinked “are you- are you crying? Ghosts do that?”

That sentence made the tear fall down harder and Danny’s vison blurred. For both Jack and Maddie, that was enough of an answer.

Both Jack and Maddie looked at each other unsure, Jack looked back to Danny “so… do you like it?”

Danny gave a warm laugh “I love it.”



Authors note: So, I saw that you were posting a lot of Danny X Wes ships so if that’s ok I decided to sprinkle some of that in. Also, I hope you like?

Hashtag Love - Joe Sugg

Request: I love love your writing, can you do one with joe where him and the reader are taking pictures together and one of them is with the reader on joes back as a piggyback and she whispers in his ear I love you for the first time and caspar vlogs it on joes camera and zoe sees it and starts a trend on twitter with the hashtag as their shipname? it would mean loadssssss thank youu xx

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


Joe had always been someone you could see yourself with. Sure, he was attractive and funny, everyone knew that. But there were things about him that only you knew and only you got to see. He was caring and no matter how many times he tried to deny it, he was always a sap for those hardcore romantic outings. He was your best friend and that’s everything you could have asked for in a partner.

“Babe, come take a photo.” He called to you. 

You, Joe, Caspar and Maddie were all in Dubai for two weeks to just relax. Since this was the only time you had off at work, you knew you needed to make the best of it. You stood next to Joe, wrapped your arm around his waist and smiled. 

“Did you want me to take some?” Maddie asked, as she and Caspar arrived outside of the hotel to meet you guys. “Here, get on his back, (y/n).” You knew Maddie had an eye for photography, considering her career choice, so you did as you were told.

The moment was perfect. The wind was blowing on your face, the heat was just the right kind of hot, Joe was looking extra good today. The moment was perfect.

“I love you.” You whispered into his ear as Maddie continued to take photos.

“What?” Joe questioned. 

“It’s about time!” Caspar yelled from beside Maddie, right in the middle of Joe’s vlog. “I’m so glad I accidentally turned this thing on.”

“I love you too.” He said, putting you down and kissing you.

A couple of days later, you four were still in Dubai and the want to leave just wasn’t there. As you sat by the pool of the hotel, you scrolled through your phone and all of a sudden, your twitter blew up.

“You and Joe are trending.” Maddie said, looking through her phone as well. “(y/s/n)…holy crap, it’s almost #4 world wide.”

“So my vlog is now one of my most popular because of you.” Joe said, taking a seat next to you. “Zoe went mental over the whole “I love you” part and shared it with everyone. She’s so embarrassing.” 

“At least now you don’t have to explain to everyone when the first time you said it was, people are still asking me and Caspar.”

You smiled at Maddie but turned back to your phone. Everyone in the hashtag was congratulating you two on finding someone you felt so strongly about. They were all so happy for Joe that he was finally in a relationship with someone with whom he saw a future with. You smiled as you continued to read and you finally felt as if your relationship with Joe had received the approval from his fans.


Sick Of Crying,Tired of Trying. Yes,Im smiling but inside im Dying..

Long Time No see.Work has been drowning me and my Grandma is still in the Hospital and I honestly dont know if i can be happy all the time anymore.. But at least im going to italy soon to meet my grandpa,HE always keeps me smiling so going there will clear my mind a bit and then i’ll come back to being happy maddie again. I just thought to let you guys know im not dead.. yet. (and yes these are extensions in my hair)

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Uuuhhh 38 omg

38) things you said while holding my hand

“So, are you nervous?”

Yuuri blushes at the mere question, playing with the lapels of his blue costume with his free hand. He sees the concern written across Victor’s face—well-masked but present all the same. It makes sense, he supposes, for Victor to be concerned. After all, before almost every other performance he’s a wreck, desperately trying to tune out the both the world and his inner thoughts.

(But now?)

“No,” he answers, and he means it, somehow. He’s not nervous. It’s as though every fiber of his being is informing him that he should be, but his mind is denying the slight shaking to his knees and the constant need to lick his lips. “I’m not nervous.”

“Good,” Victor mumbles, and kisses his forehead. “Because I’ll be right behind you.” He squeezes Yuuri’s hand and Yuuri squeezes his back. Although he’s not nervous, he’s still not really ready to let go.

Cocking his head to the side, Yuuri adjusts Victor’s lapels. “The matching outfits were a good idea,” he says thoughtfully.

Cheering from outside.

“You should get out there,” Victor says, and kisses him again. “Blow them away, Yuuri.”

“I think they’ll be looking at you,” he admits, a faint blush spreading across his cheeks. “The second you’re on the ice, the return of Victor Nikiforov…”

Victor laughs at that, shakes his head. “No. Trust me. Nobody will be looking at me. Not with you out there beside me.”

Yuuri isn’t sure what to say to that. But they’re ushering him out of the locker room, and his grip loosens, then his hand falls away. “See you in a bit,” Yuuri calls, and can’t hold back the smile that devours all of his features, that results in him being inexplicably happy.

“See you,” Victor returns, smiling.

The List

Since the portal accident when he was fourteen, he’d been keeping a record of all ghostly abilities that he exhibited as well as a short explanation of each power. At age fifteen, with everything that had happened and continued to happen, Danny was still just as confused about his ghost-half as he had been a year previously.

Maddie and Jack had offered to analyze his notes to determine whether or not his abilities were finite or if they would continue to grow along with him, which Danny had refused at first. When Danny discovered that he was continuing to add to his ever-growing and ever-changing list of powers, the boy consented to letting his parents look at his recordings. His only question was: “Am I finished getting new powers, or should I expect more?”

This was why both adults were slack-jawed in their lab, Danny and Jazz upstairs with their own business to attend to, staring at the expanse of paper before them. This was his latest, most recently revised list and it was more than impressive; organized by the amount of energy spent on each ability.

Accelerated Healing - The title underestimates the actual ability. Mortal wounds become not-so-mortal when in ghost form, unless the central-core energy is specifically targeted to be harmed or weakened. When in ghost form and with enough energy, anything but complete disintegration would bring me little (real) harm. In human form, I can tap into these healing abilities to a lesser extent of my ghost self. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Enhanced Sensation - All of my five senses are much more sensitive. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Ecto-Location (Ghost Sense) - When a ghost is nearby, a cold puff of air from my core is sent out (usually through my mouth). If I focus just slightly, I can also determine the ecto-signature of the particular ghost (provided they are familiar to me, i.e. Skulker, Box Ghost, etc.…) (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Invisibility - Manipulating both myself and the light around me, I can make it so I am unable to be seen without special equipment. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Intangibility - I can become abstract in a way that means I cannot be touched by any human-world item not meant for catching and/or harming ghosts. Tied slightly to invisibility; often, when intangible, I revert to a more corporeal form that is difficult to see (not impossible, but difficult nonetheless). (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Flight - Probably because of the composition of ectoplasm in comparison to the Earth’s atmosphere, I can fly without accessories. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Body Modification - Includes (but probably not limited to): formation of a ghostly tail when flying at high speeds, ethereal fog materializing between body parts to stretch them, also I can shift to a rubber-like constitution at will. (Energy Drain - Instinctual to Low)

Ghost Stinger - If I react quickly enough, I can turn other ghost’s ectoplasmic energy against them and re-direct the energy. Often this produces an electrified effect on the ‘already-used’ (meaning the energy wasn’t mine to begin with) ectoplasm. If I choose to, I can use energy from my own core to amplify this effect. (Energy Drain - Low)

Ecto-Blasts - I can release energy from my ghostly core outwards in varying degrees of power (up to my control when coming to how much I want to release). (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Ectoplasmic Manipulation - Instead of unfocused ectoplasmic energy, I can dictate what the energy from my core does. Shields, ecto-weapons, and bindings (like chain or rope) are my most often used forms of ectoplasmic manipulation. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Cryokinesis - Same premise as Ecto-Blasts, provided I concentrate on cold energy rather than unfocused ectoplasm. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Telekinesis - By surrounding an object (or objects) with a light form of ectoplasm, I can move things around. Size and weight of the item are factors, but longer distances make it harder to move the object(s). (Energy Drain - Moderate)

Ice Fog - If I slowly release cold energy from my core and with it releasing minute amounts of raw ectoplasmic energy, I can create a dense icy fog that decreases visibility around a particular area. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Beacon - Using energy from my core, I can create a beacon of white-green light (from my hands) that attracts ghosts in the near vicinity-friend or foe. The stronger the beacon, the greater area the light reaches (meaning more ghosts the beacon calls to). They seem to be entranced by the light enough so that they’re unaware of their surroundings until I stop the beacon. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Duplication - While making sure not to split my central core, I can manipulate the ectoplasm inside of me to create an identical copy of myself. The more core energy I use, the easier the copy is to maintain, the more durable they are, and the closer they are to. Side note, memory transfer is still a pain. Currently able to maintain 2 low-stamina clones, 1 moderate-stamina clone. (Energy Drain - High)

Ghostly Wail - Using the raw energy from my central core, I can create a series of ectoplasmic sound-waves that do severe damage to those in range of the attack. Also slightly inflicts damage on those not in direct attack but who are close enough to me that the screams penetrate their ears. (Energy Drain - High to Critical)

Arctic Howl - Using more central core energy with focus on its element of ice, a much more devastating effect to the original Wail can be achieved by the waves manifesting into a blizzard. The above effects of the original Ghostly Wail remain in place with the addition of the deep-freeze extending the attack radius. (Energy Drain - Critical)

Jack was the first to speak up.

“Heh… Who knew he was holding out on us this whole time?” He chuckled with an odd sort of smile, still unable to process that his fifteen-year-old son possessed the power that he did. Maddie was still gobsmacked as she flipped through the pages of edits that her son had done.

How he was doing abysmally in English class with this obvious mastery of the language was beyond her, for one thing.
For another; after his list of powers, Danny had composed several theories and hypotheses that could put other doctors in the Paranormal sciences to shame. They were well thought out and carefully laid down with just enough proof threaded in with his theories that made them seem credible. The woman seated herself and blinked. Who knew? She’d always thought that it would be her daughter to follow in her footsteps, even when Jasmine had proclaimed her love for psychology. Jazz had been the one with the book-smarts and Danny had been the boy with his heart in anything he does. The way his notebook looked, however, told her that Danny wasn’t letting on nearly how intelligent he actually was; and it also told her that he had a knack for the thing that her and Jack had devoted their lives to. Rather than her eldest taking over the Fenton family tradition of ghost-hunting when they were gone, it seemed that her youngest was more than equipped with the knowledge to step up to the plate now.

For once in her life, Madeline Cassandra Fenton was truly stumped. She’d thought that she’d have an easy answer to her son’s question, but she was absolutely, 100% baffled just by what Danny was stating simply in his journal as if it were nothing. Jack was too, if his calculating expression told her anything. Despite his tactless way of approaching situations and his general lack of common sense, Jack Fenton was truly a genius and had a wonderfully creative mind; it was one of the many reasons that she’d fallen in love with him. He was deep in his ‘scientist-mode’, as he said it to be. Brows drawn together, the man nodded and looked to his wife.

“I think that he’s yet to apex, as far as these powers go. From the looks of things in here,” he referred to the generous edits made to the notebook-including the changing ‘energy-drain’ levels, “the longer he has these powers, the more control he has. Probably even the strongest attacks he has now will be nothing if we give it a couple years.” Jack grinned like a child in a candy shop. “Who knows, Mads, he might just be the most powerful ghost ever! And he’s only halfway there!” Maddie found herself smiling at her husband’s eagerness.
“Maybe, Jack, maybe…” She trailed off in favor of looking over the book again while Jack began rambling about he and Danny teaming up to be a dynamic duo of sorts.
Through all of the questions that his notebook had left her with, one thing was clear to Maddie when she finally left the lab that evening; she had really only just begun to learn the double-life her son had been leading for the past year and a half.

And she was more than ready to continue learning, as any good scientist would be.

Binary Star (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 4,270

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

Originally posted by j-miki

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I just witnessed a man carrying a garbage bag and lifting it up into his pickup truck just for the bag to break, and EVERYTHING spilled out. He looked at me like a defeated man and boi oh boi did I feel bad. I didn't know what to do with this information lol I'm sorry this is so random ~


victuuri au where yuuri is putting groceries in his car and the bag breaks and oranges (or something) spill everywhere. victor decides to sprint and try and grab every single one while yuuri watches in shock as victor is almost hit by a car in the process

Not Worth the Tears // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1064


Hey!! Can I request an imagine? Can you do a Jack Maynard imagine where he and the reader go to a YouTube party and Jack’s ex is there and makes the readers night hell. Jack is also drunk as this is happening and the reader feels like they wanna give up on the relationship due to the one night?? Thanks xx

A/N- for anyone who doesn’t know Maddie is Caspar’s gf.


You had been at the Gleam party for a total of 5 minutes before everything went to hell. You were sat at a table with the boys and Maddie. Caspar, Conor and Josh headed straight for the dance floor; Jack, Mikey and Joe decided the bar was the better option.

So there you were, sitting with Maddie talking about future vacations when you saw her. You weren’t surprised seeing as she was a YouTuber. But you couldn’t help but feel lesser around her.

She was the one who dumped Jack, meaning it took him forever to get over her. Part of you still felt like he hadn’t fully gotten over her.

But you pushed those thoughts down. You knew Jack loved you, you two had just celebrated your one year.

You had manage to go a whole 3 minutes before she noticed you. You knew she hated you, who wouldn’t hate their ex’s new partner. But most people didn’t go out of their way to make their exes new partner’s night hell, sadly, she did.

“Y/n?” Maddie put a hand on yours, concern written across her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you broke eye contact with her and gave Maddie a smile.

“Don’t do that. Don’t lie to me,” she had shut her phone off, attention fully on you.

“It’s just…” you sighed. “She’s here.”

“Who?” she asked.

“Jack’s ex.” You were looking at the ground. “She hates me.”

“Oh,” she gave you a soft smile. “Well, she needs to get over the fact that Jack chose you. Let’s go show her who she’s messing with.” With that, she stood and held out a hand.

You smiled, grabbing her hand. She led you two to the dance floor. Maddie quickly found Caspar and you danced with Joe and Josh. But you really wanted to dance with your boyfriend.

You began to look for him. You weaved your way through the dancing people towards the bar. But then she stopped in front of you.

“Hey Y/n! It’s so good to see you!” she smiled and lightly touched your arm, you jerked back knowing it was fueled by hate.

“Hi.” You said quietly, trying to get around her.

“Who ya looking for?” she asked, turning her head. “Cuz if you’re looking for Jack, I saw him a  few minutes ago… when he kissed me.” And with that she sauntered away like nothing happened.

You stomped over to your boyfriend and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey babyyyy.” He slurred, obviously drunk.

“Really?” you asked, taking the beer from his hand.

“Hey! That’s mine!” he reached for it but you handed it to Mikey, who quickly chugged it.

“You kissed her?” hurt evident in your voice, you wanted nothing more than to slap him right now.

“What?” he gave you a confused look? “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Now you’re lying?” you scoffed. “Tell me why or I’m leaving. Without you.”

He put his hands up defensively, “Seriously calm down. You’re kind of being a bitch right now. Stop accusing me of shit I didn’t do.”

“Wow. I guess that’s how you truly feel. Goodbye Jack.” You turned around and left. You wanted so badly to go back and kiss him, but he clearly didn’t want to be with you. You sent a text to Josh saying you were going to spend the night at his house, and ordered an Uber.

Maybe Jack Maynard wasn’t worth your tears.


It had been 2 days since you and Jack had fought. You made Josh promise to not tell Jack you were staying with him. He had nonstop texted, called, snapchatted you.

But you two needed a break, to think about what this relationship was really about.

Did he truly love you? Did you truly love him?

Yes. A thousand times yes. You loved him more than words could explain. But you weren’t going to give 100% if he wasn’t. You weren’t going to go in head first if he was only sticking a foot it. That’s not how relationships worked.

You were currently sitting in behind the camera as Josh filmed a Q&A. You would occasionally add a snarky comment or help explain a funny story.

Josh asked you to help, so there you were explaining the meaning behind an ugly picture of you on his phone, when the door bursts open.

Jack had looked rather upset, but when he noticed you he fell onto his knees.

“Y/n…” he said, tears falling down his cheeks.

You stood up and walked toward him while Josh stopped the camera then left the room.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it, any of it. I love you so much.” He cried, grabbing onto your waist. “Please forgive me.”

You put your hands in his hair as he sobbed into your shirt, “Jack.”

“Yeah?” he looked up at you, eyes full of hope.

“Why did you kiss her?” you had tears welling in your eyes.

“I didn’t! I swear I didn’t! She lied to you, I promise you. Just never listen to her, she’s not worth listening to. I would never hurt you,” he stood up, cupping your face.

“I’m sorry,” you said, eyes locked onto his.

“Don’t be, love.” He smiled, and brought his lips to yours. The kiss was perfect. Any kiss with Jack was, but this one was pure love. He dropped his hands to your waist, pulling you closer.

“I love you, Y/n.” he whispered against your lips.

“I love you too Jack.” You smiled, capturing his lips once again.

“Well now that that’s done, can we finish our video?” Josh asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“Sure,” you laughed, going back to the couch you were previously sat at.

“Thanks mate,” Jack said, clapping his hand Josh on his shoulder.

“Anytime bro. But seriously, leave. We’re busy.” Josh said, shoving jack towards the door.

Once Jack left and Josh sat back down you slapped him, “You told him?!?”

“Sorry, love, but he’s one of my best mates. Couldn’t not tell him where his girl was.” He shrugged, unlocking his phone.

“Thank you,” you hugged him.

He chuckled, “Anytime.”

You two finished your video and then you rushed home. You spent the rest of the night tangled in the sheets of your and Jacks shared bed, showing each other just how much you loved each other.


This is the first one-shot for the DP short story collection I just posted about. Link for that here

This is kinda old, but I really enjoyed it. Enjoy!

It took Maddie Fenton almost a year to notice something odd about Danny.

That’s not to say she didn’t notice his odd behaviour, slipping grades, breaking curfews, and the laundry list of other problems he suddenly developed after the accident with the Ghost Portal. Maddie noticed, and tried to tell Danny that she was there when he wanted to talk.

However, a year on, she finally noticed something else: Danny rarely wore anything that could be considered revealing. No tank tops, no shorts, no t-shirts. Just long pants and long sleeves.

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Recipe Day - Jamie Benn

Originally posted by puckducky

Note: So! When I was in senior kindergarten, we did this thing where everyone in the class wrote their favourite recipe from memory, and all the recipes went in a book, so when I got this request that’s legit all I could think about, so I hope you enjoy Jamie and kids!

Mentions: Tyler Seguin

Warnings: None

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Connor McDavid

Teaser: “Mr. Benn said I can’t put sugar in my mashed potatoes!” Your student cried, staring up at you with tears in her eyes while you looked around to see Jamie staring back and laughing.

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