maddy pfeiffer

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maddy Pfeiffer has been released from prison!

Maddy was the last of three anarchists, known as the Grand Jury Resisters, being held in prison without charge for refusing to speak to a grand jury.

In a grand jury trial, when court can grants you ‘immunity’ your 5th amendment right to remain silent is suspended. If you refuse to remain silent, you can be jailed for up to 18 months with are charge.

This is exactly what happened to the resisters. To be clear, theywere charged with a crime, there was no evidence to convict them of a crime. Maddy was held in prison since December 26th solely for refusing to speak about a vandalism that occurred last May Day in Seattle.

Most of the time Maddy spent in prison was in solitary confinement. This was in attempt to make them speak against their comrades but evidently it failed. Love and solidarity with Maddy for staying strong and refusing to cooperate with the state.

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