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Could you please write father headcanons for 2p italy? (With a fem child pls) thanks a lot! A

sure! you said headcanons, but i think you might mean scenario, but im writing hcs anyways. You can ask for a scenario if you want later to!!

  • he can be strict if he needs to
  • but really he lOVES to spoil her a lot with presents and pretty dresses
  • he isn’t very good with girl’s fashion, so he lets his s/o or his brother help him
  • she gets meals from him all the time
  • ^^^like breakfast for when she wakes up or dinner/snack when she comes home from school
  • when he gets upset though he’s one of the fathers I feel to believe in physical punishment- nothing serious lmao but like spanking
  • ^it doesnt happen often though
  • He would never EVER admit this to anyone, ever, but he actually does some pretty nice braids
  • so before his daughter goes to school he does all these really cute hairdos for her
  • he is not good with makeup though so thats something she would have to learn on her own, or be okay without
  • he is totally willing to buy things for her though like anything
  • hes also pretty supportive with anything his daughter does except animals
  • Luciano wont be able to stand if she brought home a frog or something
  • but then again the household/manner that I feel Luciano would raise her in would be something really nice and almost princess-ish
  • he would def call his daughter “princess” or like “sweetheart” or something soft and warm like that

Sick Of Crying,Tired of Trying. Yes,Im smiling but inside im Dying..

Long Time No see.Work has been drowning me and my Grandma is still in the Hospital and I honestly dont know if i can be happy all the time anymore.. But at least im going to italy soon to meet my grandpa,HE always keeps me smiling so going there will clear my mind a bit and then i’ll come back to being happy maddie again. I just thought to let you guys know im not dead.. yet. (and yes these are extensions in my hair)

Is this Happening? Chapter 9

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


Hey! So it took me a while to figure out how to put this chapter together and make it readable! It’s a tad-bit long, so I hope you like it!

Chapter 9: The Story of My Life

Your POV

The Tuesday after I got back from Milan was very exhausting. I was jet-lagged, so staying awake during class and during work was a struggle. I had at least 10… okay maybe 15 cups of coffee through out the day.

After tutoring, Oliver came over to study and to let me listen to the lecture he recorded for me.

“So I see that you’re famous now… Harry Styles’ new girlfriend?” Oliver smirked as he showed me a picture of Harry and I kissing.

I rolled my eyes, “Shut up Ollie. I’m not his girlfriend and I’m not famous!” I took his phone and closed out the pictures.

“Social media says other wise.” He teased and grabbed his phone out of my hand, “I still can’t believe you and Maddie just went to Italy and left me here in New York to die.”

“Such a drama queen. I told you, it was a spontaneous trip. Harry surprised us.“ 

“Right… Harry. Well you didn’t miss much during class, that’s for sure. Except…” Ollie trailed off.

“Except what?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Except the fact that people around campus recognized you in the pictures and wouldn’t stop talking about you.” He admitted.

I immediately turned toward Oliver, “What? Seriously?”

“Yeah it was kinda interesting. Don’t be surprised if there’s paparazzi at school tomorrow.”

Shit. Damn it. I knew this was going to happen, why am I even surprised.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, it’s just that most of the time when I’m hanging out them, they are just like normal guys. They don’t act like big shots. I think they forget they are famous sometimes, they are really down to earth and chill, you would like them Ollie.”

He just nodded his head, and then I shrugged it off; I began listening to the lecture and typing notes as Oliver studied for a test he had tomorrow.

About 20 minutes into the lecture, I started getting a call from Harry though Skype.

Harry: Hi there gorgeous!

Me: Hey Harry!

Harry: How are you feeling? What are you doing? I just got back to the UK..

Me: That’s nice, I bet you’re tired. I’m still jet-legged.. and I’m just listening to the lecture I missed yesterday, copying notes from a friend. Say hi to Ollie!

*turns screen towards Ollie*

Ollie: Hey there.

Harry: Oh hi, nice to meet you.

Me: Anyways, what are you doing back in the UK? I thought you are suppose to be in Germany or something in a few days?

Harry: We have interviews lined up and meetings, getting ready to release our autobiography, book signings. Oh I didn’t tell you, we are going to be performing on the Royal Variety Show… then heading back to the U.S. for some gigs and for the AMA’s.

Me: Oh damn busy busy busy! I wish I was there, I would be the first in line at that book signing!  Dang that’s so exciting, I love the AMA’s! I voted for you guys by the way! But hey, can I call you a little later? If you’re awake… I know we have a 5 hour time difference.

Harry: Yeah definitely, I’ll be awake pretty late, just going to grab dinner and rehearse with the guys. Study hard! Bye love!

“So if you’re not his girlfriend… are you guys dating? Cause it sure seems like it…” Oliver asked as I continue to listen to the lecture.

“I don’t know… we didn’t really SAY that we are…" 

"How do you feel about him?” Ollie’s voice was soft this time and genuine.

“I like him a lot, but our lives are completely different. He’s an international star. I’m just trying to make it through college, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life.” I sighed.

“I see. Well I just want you to be happy Y/N, so whatever you do, I support you 100%.” Oliver smiled and patted me on the shoulder.

“Thanks Ollie. Okay let me finish this stupid lecture then I’ll make us some dinner, Maddy should be home in an hour.”

- - - - - 

After dinner, Oliver went back to his dorm on campus and I finally climbed into bed.

10pm in New York is 3am in London. Shit I wonder if it’s too late.

I called Harry anyway because I said I would, wondering if he would pick up and was thinking of hanging up, sure enough a very sleepy sounding Harry answered.

Harry: Ello?

Me: Sorry did I wake you?

Harry: No, I was awake…

Me: Don’t lie 

Harry: Fine you woke me up, but it’s okay! I want to talk to you.

Me: I feel bad now.

Harry: Shush. How was studying?

Me: It was okay, I’m caught up now.

Harry: Is that Oliver a friend of yours?

Me: Yeah… He goes to Columbia with me…

Harry: Hrmm. Interesting.

Me: What? Why?

Harry: Nothing. I miss you.

Me: I miss you too Harry.

Harry: I want to see you again…

Me: I just saw you not even two days ago.

Harry: Yeah but I missed you even before you left…

Me: Awww… well maybe I can come visit you when school’s over. I only have six weeks left until Christmas break.

Harry: Really? You would come to the UK or wherever the hell I am?!

Me: I mean… if you want me to-

Harry: OF COURSE! I would LOVE it if you did.

After about 15 more minutes of talking I realized that it was almost 3:30am in London.

Me: Haha okay Harry… You need to get some sleep, and so do I! Go back to sleep! Text me in the morning okay?

Harry: Okay… good night Y/N.

Me: Good night!

- - - - - 

The week past by quickly, and sure enough the day my parents were flying into New York City was here.

“Y/N! My beautiful daughter, I’ve missed you so much!” My mom hugged me as soon as she saw me.

“Mom… I’ve missed you too.”

“Hi baby girl.” My dad hugged me.

“How long are you here for?” I asked my parents.

“Just a few days, maybe. Not sure yet.” My dad said as he checked the time on the watch which I had bought him last Christmas.

“Let’s go get some dinner, I’m starving.” My mother said as we waited for their luggage.

“Oh yeah, there’s a restaurant I wanted to take you both too!” I smiled.

“Lovely!” My mom hugged me again.

I took my parents to Junoon, which is a popular Indian restaurant; my parents and I loved exotic foods, so I knew they would love it here.

After we ordered our food, my father spoke, “Y/N. Your mother and I saw the pictures of you and that boy all over the news.”

“You did? I’m so sorry Dad. I didn’t know that was going to happen…”

“Y/N. That’s not an excuse. You know that you have to be careful. If people find out that you’re our daughter, what would they say? Our company’s produced some of their music videos. Why are you mixing yourself with him?”

“Honey,” My mother patted my father on his arm to remind him to not to raise his voice.

“It just happened, I didn’t plan on meeting him, it was just a coincidence. I’m sorry Dad, but he isn’t a bad person." 

"But he is a musician, nevertheless.” He scoffed.

“Dad, you work with musicians every day! Your company focuses on MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT. How are you going to tell me not to mix myself with that world?” I was trying really hard not to raise my voice.

“That’s why I wanted you to go to college, so that you wouldn’t! Did you learn nothing from that other fool you dated?” I heard a little anger in my dad’s voice. His words made me flinch, it hurt that he brought my ex-boyfriend up.

“Honey, we can talk to Y/N about this tomorrow. Can we please just have a nice dinner together as a family? I haven’t seen her since June, that’s five months!” My mom started getting frustrated.

“Okay I’m sorry sweetheart.” My dad kissed my mom’s hand.

“Y/N. I don’t want you to get hurt again. I want you to focus on school and graduate. I already didn’t like the fact that you set up that YouTube account, but I know you have talent, so I let it go. But you have to promise me you’ll finish school.” My dad said calmly and with concern.

“Okay I promise.”

“Don’t mix yourself in with celebrities, their life is not the life you want.”

“Dad! It’s the life you don’t want me to have.”

The waiter came with our food before he could argue, so he decided to let it go.

- - - - -

“Hey how was dinner with your parents?” Madeline asked as I came back, she was sitting on the couch watching Supernatural with a glass of wine in hand.

“It was tense.” I sighed as I sat down next to her.

“What happened?" 

"My dad doesn’t want me to date Harry. He doesn’t want a repeat of what happened to me and Martin. Also he made me promise to graduate…”

“He actually brought up Martin? Wow. In my opinion, if Harry makes you happy, you should continue seeing him. You and him haven’t even established anything, and until you do, your parents don’t need to know anything.”

“Oh trust me, they know alright. I’m pretty sure he has his secretary scouring the internet for information on me and Harry every single day. He told me he saw the damn pictures in Italy.” I took her glass of wine and finished it in one gulp.

“Damn. Well you’re not a kid anymore. You can make your own decisions. Trust me, I don’t think Harry is anything like Martin, he wouldn’t drop you like that asshole did.”

“Martin…Martin Johnson. He played me big time.” I sighed as I recalled the year I dated him.

“Y/N. He used you to get famous. When he found out your dad was the CEO of Sony, he basically did everything he could to win you over and get you to talk your dad into getting him a contract.”

“Yep. I know…And then… he dropped me the minute his album hit the top of the charts.” A lump in my throat formed as I thought back to four years ago.

“Exactly. Asshole. Harry doesn’t care for any of that. Niall and I talked about it. Harry really really likes you and it was pretty clear in Italty.”

“Yeah I know, I don’t doubt his feelings for me Maddy… It’s just hard for me to trust someone like that again. Plus Harry flies all over the world constantly, I just don’t see how it would work.” I leaned on her and put my head on her shoulder.

“Hey. If Eleanor, Sophia, and Perrie can make it work, so can you. If someone is worth it, you will make it work. To Harry, you’re worth it, he told Niall he was willing to make it work. Is he worth it to you?”

“I don’t know. I think a part of me is trying really hard not to let my walls down and catch myself from falling because I’m not sure how I would handle being ‘his girlfriend.’ I mean just think about how crazy the fans would get, the hate I would receive if I were to date him… if that’s what he even wants…”

“Stop over thinking. Just let it flow. Whatever happens, will happens. I understand that you have your walls up, and you’re scared to get hurt but don’t let it stop you from falling for someone that actually cares about you. Okay babe?” Madeline hugged me and then stood up to grab me a glass of wine, and the bottle that was on the counter.

“Let’s just watch Jensen and Jared be sexy and kill demons for the next few hours and forget everything for a while.” I said as she handed me my glass.


- - - - - -

The next day, Madeline and I invited my parents over for dinner at our condo. My parents loved Madeline and considered her their second daughter, and Madeline’s parents felt the same way about me, our parents were forced to become friends over the years since Madeline and I spent the night at each other’s houses so much during high school.

“Madeline! It is so good to see you! Thank you so much for taking care of my daughter the last few months.” My mom joked as she hugged Madeline.

“You mean I take care of Madeline?” I teased.

“Hi Maddy,” My dad said as he gave Madeline a side hug.

“I’ve missed you both so much! My parents send their love from Germany.” Madeline said as she ushered both my parents to sit down.

As we all ate dinner, my parents caught up with Madeline and I, asking us all kinds of questions about school and our jobs.

“So I saw that you went to Italy with Y/N! Did you have fun?” My mom asked.

Madeline and I looked at each other for a split second, “Yes, I loved it, I had so much fun!”

“Do you know these boys that Y/N has been hanging out with?” My dad asked.

“Yes. I’ve been hanging out with them too. They are all really nice.” Madeline took a bite.

“You girls should really concentrate on school and forget these boys.” My dad said.

“Honey, please, they are just expanding their social network.” My mom tried to defend us.

“Mr. Y/L/N, you know that Y/N is very smart. I think she is capable of handling herself.” Madeline spoke up.

“I know she’s smart. I just don’t want her to lose her head in the clouds.” My dad said with concern, I knew that he just didn’t want me to get hurt again.

“I promise you, I won’t let her. I already gave that guy a talk.” Madeline slipped, I kicked her under the table.

My dad gave us both a look and decided to let it go. After dinner, I gave both my parents their presents from Italy and they went back to their hotel.

“Wow, your dad really doesn’t want you to date Harry or even be friends with the guys.” Madeline said as we cleaned up the kitchen.

“Yeah he really doesn’t. But I really miss him… He wants me to visit him after the semster’s over. Oh yeah and they are coming to L.A. for the AMA’s in a couple weeks.” I told Madeline.

“Oh sweet! Do you want to go there for the weekend to see them?” She asked.

“Yeah I want to surprise him.” I smiled at Madeline.

“YEAH! Let me call Niall, we can plan a surprise for Harry!”

“OH so you have Niall’s number huh?” I teased her, knowing that she was starting to crush on him.

“Oh shush we both have all of their numbers." 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope you guys liked it! Let me know what you think! You guys are all amazing and lovely! 

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He knew it was over. Lovino inhaled deeply. He held his breath and counted as he waited for the command. He thought of Maddie, the only thing to keep him from panicking. He knew this was going to happen. He yelped as he was hit by a bat to the back. He growled lowly as they continued to hit him. He didn’t care. He just wanted to get home to call Maddie. They met in Italy. That day he knew that it was going to be different. “You may have my number. You can take my name.” His boss growled at him. “But you’ll never have my heart.” And with that sentence, he heard the thundering sound of the gun. He winced as it hit his shoulder. He felt another painful rip in his side as he took off running. He was trying to make it to his house and as soon as he hit the doorstep, he collapsed. ‘Where you go, I go.’ He crawled into his house. 'I know I’d never be me without the security of your loving arms keeping me from harm.’ Her words ran through his mind as he continued to crawl into his house. He started to reach for the phone. Another bullet ripped through his leg. He hissed at the feeling as he dialed Maddie’s number. It rang a few times before he slipped into unconsciousness. As he did so, he heard a faint, 'Hello?’