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you’ve all heard of ghost hunger, now get ready for ghost dining, ghost snacking, ghost feasting. Ghost products and services. Ghost consumerism. Mass ghost food corporations. Ghost capitalism


Oh dear

Merry Christmas, @ectoplasmicavatar! Hope you like this crossover with ATLA :D sorry I’m so late, but I was very sick, so I couldn’t post it before ç_ç

(in this AU Aang died, the fire nation won and every Avatar is killed as soon as he/she is discovered- so basically, children. In this grim scenario, the Fentons are Avatar Hunters from the water tribe. Danny’s hair bacome White when he enters the avatar state and stay like that for a while, so he uses it to hide his identity :->)

Finally! I present you some of the most important characters in DP beside the ones that I had already done xD I have worked on this since the last year but I could only finish it now .D

I’ll draw a second part soon! Who would you like to see? .D
Por fin! Les presento a algunos de los personajes más importantes de DP en genderbend además de los que ya estaban hechos! xD Este dibujo lo llevo haciendo desde el año pasado! Pero recién pude terminarlo! .D

Dibujaré una segunda parte pronto! A quiénes les gustaría ver? .D

Danny Phantom © Butch Hartman

Ok but like…Maddie finds out her son is Phantom through whatever means.

And like, of course, she’s freaking out because who wouldn’t when your son is DEAD and maybe she tries to rationalize it? Like “Phantom was using a trick” or whatever but after way too many signs she has to accept it. 

And she keeps it from Jack. Hell, she keeps it from her kids too. One, because she’s still trying to grasp that her kid is a ghost and two, it’s not her secret to tell. 

And maybe she starts out acting like Jazz did. Helping out from the sidelines, “missing” her shots so it hits the ghost Phantom is fighting, suddenly retreating when they’re alone, “conveniently” leaving out inventions that would help him fight, etc. 

But I’m sure she slips up because how can she not? She’s a mother, and when she sees the Wisconsin ghost beating her son to the ground how can she not interfere? 

Oh and the hell that was brought down on the Wisconsin ghost that day and the fear in Danny’s eyes when he realizes his mom knows. 

But then…she hugs him. (Is she crying?) And she was so scared for him. She thought she lost her baby. And now Danny is crying because he thought he was going to get a gun to his head but instead his mom is hugging him because somehow she found out. 

From that day on she’s a part of Team Phantom but not with a field work role (no matter how much she wants to be but how would she hide that from Jack?) Nope she’s making weapons and watching Danny to test his powers and their strengths and handing excuses to the school when he suddenly has to leave.

But there’s no way in hell Danny and his friends are doing this alone. 

There’s no way his mother would let him.

Do not remove my description or I will find you.

Okay, but two things here.

First, Jack and Maddie are actually adorable and hilarious in this episode. There are a lot of good scenes with them, but this is my favorite.

Like, this is one of the few episodes where they aren’t really obsessing over ghosts much at all. They’re both entirely focused on Jazz’s well being, and rightfully so. The boy trying to woo her really is no good, and the entire family is teaming up to protect her. Jack and Maddie are still as dorky as ever, but they’re a really endearing kind of dorky in this. Concerned for Jazz and incredibly proud of Danny for looking out for her as well.

Second, the voice acting in this show is so top notch? I was gonna talk about this with David Kauffman, because I think it’s amazing how he’s able to make Danny’s voice sound like it’s cracking and stuff, but this moment is amazing as well. Seriously, props to this voice cast. They do an amazing job and I love them all.

The worst thing about Phantom Planet – worse than Vlad turning petty villain, or Valerie getting stiffed, or the final boss turning out to be a great big glowing meteor – The worst thing about Phantom Planet was the fact that it showed that the Fenton Portal could be turned off.

At least Vlad’s growing megalomania had been a trend foreshadowed by season 3. The Disasteroid hearkened back to Danny’s desire to be an Astronaut. And Valerie? We were used to the narrative forgetting about her. It’s all disappointing, but typical.

But the Portal? The device that turned Danny half ghost in the first place? The door through which the ghosts swarmed into Amity Park, causing Danny to take up his cause? The rip in space-time that started it all?

Eh, flip a switch. Turn it off. It isn’t permanent, after all.

It ~completely~ invalidates the entire show that came before it. All of Danny’s hard work, late nights, failing grades… all the battles he fought, injuries he accumulated, all the growth he went through–what was it for? Why struggle when they could’ve just turned it off?

Amity Park faced massive damages from ghost attacks. Ghosts nearly took over the world multiple times. People’s lives were in danger.

The narrative set it up that this was an unfortunate side effect of the portal’s creation. Logically, a rip in the dimensions doesn’t seem fixable, and once it was opened, a mess followed… a mess that Danny took one glance at and said, “Well, someone has to help,” – and then he did. That’s what made him a hero.

And you’re telling me that all of it could’ve been achieved by just… turning it off?

…Phantom Planet is the worst.