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Character Analysis 3: Maddie Fenton

following up with another one of my favorite ladies: maddie fenton. i have a few posts about her already: x x x x

maddie is such a mom and she loves being a mom - she has her own life and hobbies, don’t get me wrong, but she’s there for her kids. there’s actual evidence from the show that she was involved in her kids lives and stepped back as they became more independent. she knows how balance her own life and her family life and also knows how much interaction each family member can tolerate. (jack needs constant interaction, jazz wants minimal interaction, and danny wants almost none.) 

she’s crazy intelligent, hard working, and humble. she knows jack sometimes takes credit for the things she designs or makes, but she also knows he does it for attention not for the actual credit. she still gets annoyed about it and talked to him about it, but she doesn’t openly correct him anymore. but when jazz suggested that she try for that article of genius monthly (or whatever it’s called), she was completely surprised by the idea that she would talk about herself like that (and was extremely pleased when danny got a highlight instead). she doesn’t do the work for credit or acknowledgement, she does the work for her own personal reasons (whatever they may be). 

she also has an interesting range of skills including martial arts, mechanical and electrical engineering and design (in multiple fields), theoretical physics, medical emergency response, and so on. she never stops learning and finds a way to make everything relevant to her work.

another she, that woman is patient and you can see that come across in everything she does. she doesn’t get frustrated when a project isn’t working out right - she keeps working on it or steps back. she is patient with her family and her kids’ friends and she listens to them. she may dismiss an idea but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t hear it in the first place.

she’s also forgiving - but only if it’s deserved. maddie didn’t forgive vlad for his actions in maternal instinct (even if she never told jack about it) until after he saved danny’s life in reign storm. even after that, she was wary of vlad and her relationship with him was never the same - but she still forgave him.

jack and maddie also have a very loving relationship - it’s actually the only relationship in the show that is actually mostly healthy. they have their issues (who doesn’t) but they know how to give and take and they also know how to communicate. 

maddie is a naturally kind person who doesn’t let herself get taken advantage of and puts effort in all of her interests. she has faults - she can get sucked into whatever she’s doing to the point where she checks out, or she can get a little too protective when fighting ghosts, but she’s mostly a good person. i’m a little surprised that a lot of people want to display her as the one who experiments on ghosts because usually it’s jack who is doing that (but she is the scarier one so i get that i guess).

Merry Christmas, @ectoplasmicavatar! Hope you like this crossover with ATLA :D sorry I’m so late, but I was very sick, so I couldn’t post it before ç_ç

(in this AU Aang died, the fire nation won and every Avatar is killed as soon as he/she is discovered- so basically, children. In this grim scenario, the Fentons are Avatar Hunters from the water tribe. Danny’s hair bacome White when he enters the avatar state and stay like that for a while, so he uses it to hide his identity :->)

The Fentons actually spend a lot of time with their children but they usually focus on defensive training and going over the various systems they have installed. Jack and Maddie focus so much on their kids being physically protected that they often forget about mental and emotional support. That’s why Jazz turned to psychology - to find coping techniques for herself and to support Danny.

What if Maddie and Jack were to somehow ‘adopt’ Phantom. Like maybe they capture him and come to realize that “hey this is just a kid he’s like the same age as our son and even though he’s a ghost he has emotions and all that maybe he’s a rare breed or something” and they in a sense adopt him. They know (think) that they’re the only source for ectoplasm in town and they have the ghost portal so they give Phantom access to the portal to throw ghosts back in and when he’s had a particular nasty battle he can go grab some ectoplasm from there to help refuel. Maybe they even start building new weapons and gadgets for him to use and test out for them. Maddie may even offer to teach Phantom more proper fighting techniques. 
Of course, they don’t know that Phantom is their son but Danny is not complaining at this point. They’re helping him improve in fighting and heal after being injured. Also he no longer has to fear his own parents. Jazz is ecstatic.

Okay but let’s take it to a more angsty angle (the motto of the Phandom is basically “let’s add more angst” at this point). What if they were just gaining his trust just to use it to capture and experiment on him easier. They saw that Phantom was able to mimic human emotions and wanted to take advantage of that so they could keep a close eye on him and study him better. It goes on for awhile and he trusts them fully only to one day have them suddenly turn on him and strap him to a table ready to dissect. He was still a ghost to them, but an intriguing ghost so they wanted to see what made him so different. They used his trust in the name of science.

Cause and Effect

Show: Danny Phantom

Characters Featured: Mostly Danny-centric but some Maddie, Jack, Jazz, Tucker, and Sam.

When he was a toddler, his mom used to let him sit in the lab while she and his dad worked. They gave him his toys and stuffed animals in hopes that he would stay satisfied. Unfortunately, he was a toddler and toddlers usually didn’t sit still. And the lab was full of fun things to touch.

His mom usually broke away from her work to stop him from touching anything and gave him one of his toys, which distracted him for a few minutes before he found something interesting and got into it as well. The cycle would repeat.

A few days prior to his 3rd birthday, his mom was away visiting some cousins that were in town. His dad was “watching” him. Watching meant being in the same room as him. He was too distracted by his work to notice the toddler creeping towards a strangely shaped object lying next to the workbench. 

There was a large green button on the top of the object, glowing with a pulsing light. With a laugh, the toddler reached out towards it.

He pressed the button.

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There needs to be more “Danny gets captured by the Guys in White post-Phantom Planet” ‘fics that include the kids in Amity Park.

‘Cause we all know that Sam and Tucker would be more than willing to incapacitate a couple of fools for their buddy, not to mention they’re adept and capable in battle, and Jazz would totally help. They’d have no issue with disappearing into the Ghost Zone and letting idiot soldiers try and fight them despite the fact that all of them (minus Jazz, but only by a little) are extremely adapted to the terrain and know most of the nearby nooks and crannies. Ghosts would be helping for the single fact that they hate the Guys in White.

On the flip side you’ve got all of the teens in Amity Park protesting. They don’t really know how the whole Halfa thing works but they know that Phantom has saved their lives a bunch times over and they aren’t letting him become some random group’s experimental pet.

Then, of course, the parents would get involved. Mr. and Mrs. Manson are no fans of Danny, but they DO want their daughter back from the hellscape she’s decided to run away into, so they organize peaceful protests where they all stand before the ghost portal and refuse to let soldiers through. Jack and Maddie are at the very front of the line.

Torture and recovery ‘fics are interesting and they’re really good at exploring the mental thresholds of characters but at the same time just imagine the Guys in White swaggering out of their trucks hoping to finally nab the Halfa because he isn’t legally a citizen and therefore has no rights (ghosts aren’t considered people, and Danny’s heartbeat is too slow to count as a human) only for them to meet an absolute WALL of kids and adults and even ghosts and feeling completely attacked when trying to just have a good time.

Two weeks later Danny pokes out of the portal all invisible only to find out that all the baddies have cleared out and they’re more or less on a form of camping trip at this point.