hello fam i know i haven’t posted full color things here in a while but just know they exist and once i finish lining adn coloring all the things i want they’ll all be posted here this is just to show u i’m nOT DEAD W/MY FULLY COLORED ARTS

Help me win $10,000!! Vote for my Koi Fish Oil Painting!# 2117

For those who don’t know me, I go to an art school and that can be VERY expensive. I entered this Create-a-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest. 

I need a LOT of votes to win. Please take the two seconds to vote for my piece, # 2117. I only have 10 right now, and a person is beating me with under 50. So PLEASE HELP ME WIN MONEY TO FUND MY EXPENSIVE COLLEGE FUND! I thank all those who vote for me and please spread this! Link is above. The piece is below the ‘Keep Reading’ line.

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