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leepace-daily, I give to you these gifts of doodles. One for each of the 9 of you. I didn’t really draw one for one specific person, but assumed you all liked Lee Pace’s many characters. Thank you for answering all my questions and keep being the best blog! ~Maddie 

This is my my second Knights of Sidonia OC. Her name is Nakami (meaning Inner Beauty) (I pronounce it ‘nahkahmii’ if that makes sense). I wanted to give her a Japanese name since everyone else in the manga and anime have one (trying to stay consistent) I had her to be a squad leader from years previously and then joined in the battles against the Guana in the present day of the anime/manga. I ship her with Ichirou Sei-i. She and he trained together as cadets and were in the same squad unit. She moved up to be squad leader while he went to be the lieutenant commander. She always was avoiding a relationship, believing it was pointless with their lifestyles and how she could die anytime while in battle. She always did truly care and sometimes while they are alone, she warms up to him a little for a few tender moments. With her position and reputation for being rather cold and strict, she could never settle down with Sei-i or anyone. I hope you enjoy her! I will draw up sketches for my other OC in a few days :)

Hey! Just wanted to say that today in my Intro to Illustration class, I began to do my Galadriel stipple piece! Our project is horoscope themed and mine is Virgo since my bday is Sept 22! Woot! So *insert long explanation as to how Galadriel relates to Virgo* I chose her. When more ‘noticeable’ signs of progress is done, I will begin posting some progress photos of her!