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Kill Switch - Episode 108. Like the Stephen King episode before it, this story was written by famous names in literature - this time cyberpunk pioneers William Gibson and Tom Maddox. I wanted to give this poster a late 80′s/early 90′s cyberpunk quality.

Error: Phil.exe

Title:  Error: Phil.exe

Genre: dark (or angst as it’s apparently called; I just don’t think it’s accurate though)

Summary: Computer viruses are a code that copies itself and destroys a computer system and its information. At the most, someone could loose their device. But the virus called Phil.exe wasn’t interested in corrupting a computer and then dying along with it. It was a sentient virus, and it had bigger plans that expanded beyond the computer world. All it needed was a host.

Word Count: 1500+ (this is just an introduction; I normally will aim for 3000-4000 words)

Additional Note: This comes from the virus!phan au which was designed by @maddox-rider! This is my own interpretation of it; it may not line up with other stories later but I will try and keep it close to what she has designed. Go check out her art!

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Sweet Amoris Baseball Team:

Sign ups are closed.

I will draw a team photo after a game of all our teammates and extras! ♥

17 teammates

Fulfilled positions:

Boris: Coach

On field positions:

River Stewart: Captain/Pitcher/Center Field

Naomi Green: Catcher/Pitcher

Luce Lovelace: Short Stop/Third Base

Mika Doyle: Second Base/Pitcher

Ruby Casteel: Catcher/Third Base

Liana Maddox: First Base/Designated Hitter

Danielle Ashton: Third Base/Short Stop

Annabeth Jackson: Left Field/First Base

Penny (Poyo) Bacon: Right Field/Second Base

Leo Carrion: Left Field/Second Base

Kayla Trois: Third Base/Catcher

Kaorieh Peterson: Batter/Right Field

Dark(lyn) Magic: Center Field

Chi Deville: Short Stop/Left Field

Nautia Brosca: First base/Right Field

Autumn Ellington: Center Field/Short Stop

Mimi Aiko: Center Field

Off field positions:

7 Off Fielders

Aleksandra Blue: Team Manager

Luna Stellato: Water Girl

Sasha Abbot: Mascot (back up: Luna Stellato/Starlenne Adams)

April Wilson, Yue Candemir: Bench Warmer(will both play Center) (back up: Sasha Abbot)

Delasa (AKA Dels) Moraine: Official Fan Club President

Positions no longer available:

Pitcher, Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Short Stop, Third Base, Right Field, Left Field, Team Manager, Water Girl, Mascot

This is a first come first serve basis.

All field positions:

Teammate blogs: @wandering-sucrette, @mikamycandylove, @itsonlyruby, @mcl-the-lovelaces, @kame-kame-kame, @le-candy, @shutuprainbow, @adluna, @courtdrawsshet, @candied-skins, @lovelydiamondseverywhere, @bubblespoyopoyo, @mcl-rando, @otaku-panda-g-25, @zombiefromfinland, @the-royal-runnaways, @chi-mcl, @mclzoeuchina, @mclovelies, @mcl-wish, @mcl-mimi, @candydelasia, @cielem, @ifyouwishuponastar-mcl