“What ? What are you looking at ?”
“You.” He said
“What- ? Why ?” She blushed
“‘Cause you’re beautiful, love.”
“Stop calling me love, Draco.”
“Okay, love.” He said in a smile
She smiled too, blushing more and more, trying to cover her smile. But it was too late, he already saw her.
“I love you Granger.” He said “You make me go mad everytime you smile like-” he touched her lips. “Like that…” And as maddly as if je couldn’t even breath without her touch, he kissed her.
“Your father will hear about this.” She said with à little smile.
“Oh yeah, he will and I don’t care, love.”

Blood |Dramione| (Wattpad) by Fault_Moons
“What do real people have in their real lives?”

That was Sherlock’s way to answer what the nature of his relationship with Mycroft was.

Because apparently he expected John to say “family, siblings etc”. 

But what John Watson said was “friends, people we like, people we don’t like, girlfriends, boyfriends…”

This tells us that John initially thought that this bad guy, who kidnapped him to learn what his connection to Sherlock was, was actually either a maddly jealous ex-boyfriend or a creepy pining guy with unrequited feelings for Sherlock. 

Interested in Sherlock, why? I am guessing you are not friends.”

Apart from the fact that John was protective (and jealous) of his boyfriend Sherlock before he even realized he had such feelings for him, let’s also admire how spot on John Watson was once again.

He thought that Sherlock’s archenemy was in fact a maddly jealous pining guy.

John Watson