“I wasn’t even gonna tell him but then I did… tell him. And he went out and bought this insane Yankee’s onesie and a calendar and marked the due date, which I should mention is today.”

[for Queen Maddison shipper: heathenn]

remember during the internship quest how Bianca was such a bitch to Addison and how she over worked Addi to the point of exhaustion only for Addison to find out later that what she’d been working so hard on was actually fake and not real? yeah, I remember. i have this headcanon that my MC went to go see Addison after she left Marianne’s party and they just cuddled.


“I can see it now. Your going to be one of those dads that can never say no, and she’s going to be one of those kids who are to smart for their own good.”

“And if she looks like you she’s going to break a lot of hearts.”

“You mean when you scare her boyfriends away.”

“Or girlfriends. But I’ll be fine with whoever she dates…as long as they support the Yankees that is.”

“Ella Montgomery - the girl with two crazy parents and - ”

“Ella Montgomery Sloan. And hey, maybe one day there’ll be a doctor in front of that.”