Part 4 of 5 of the Ham4Pamphlet

“Schuyler Defeated” by Kellye Perdue

“Cabinet Battle #2” by Karen Reznick

“Washington On Your Side” by Christina “Steenz” Stewart

“One Last Time” by Maddi Gonzalez

“I Know Him” by Mister Loki

“The Adams Administration” by David Bednar

“We Know” by Jasmine J. Batista

“Hurricane” by Seraphina Bell

“The Reynolds Pamphlet” by Ellen Alsop

“Burn” by Arielle Jovellanos

To Maddi

Maddi, you are incredibly, absolutely amazing. Seeing your things, I feel like I can relate so much with you. I’m happy that you’re picking up and things are going better for you and you’re a bit happier than you used to be. I wish I was as lucky as you were to have so many people so supportive and great when you needed it the most, but I guess not everyone can have that, right?

That’s beside the point. I’m just saying that you’re really awesome, and I’m glad I came across your blog because it really is nice seeing stuff from you, and I really do like your things whether you realize that I exist of not. I might be faceless and nameless to you but don’t let that stop you from accepting and appreciating the respect and adoration and marvel and love and admiration and wonder and veneration and applause and awe and regard and recognition and all of this esteem that I have been giving you, am giving you, am still giving you, and will give you. Nothing should be a hurdle to the great amount of praise you should rightfully get, because you’ve been through very hard times and I know it.

Keep smiling that dazzling smile of yours. You rock, girl!

BURY ME STANDING: A night of comics & stories in MPLS

Friday, May 16 @ 7pm

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave. S.


FB event:

Annie Mok, Anna Bongiovanni, and Maddi Gonzalez read comics via projector; and Tommy Takezawa shows her brilliant, grimy GIF loop animations. Alec Berry moderates a short discussion between the panelists following the presentations, before opening up to a Q&A, and comic signing. Annie Mok emcees this special night of comics & stories at Boneshaker!

Anna Bongiovanni

Out of Hollow Water, Grease Rats on Autostraddle, A Cheap and Easy Introduction to They/Them Pronouns


Tommy Takezawa

maker of asinine gifs

Maddi Gonzalez

I Am Not Sad, I Am Not Sick


Annie Mok

Screentests, Vertigo’s CMYK / / @HeyAnnieMok

//Figure drawing by AB // Poster design by AM//