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On the weekend of May 31 and June 1, there will be a FREE ADOPTION WEEKEND sponsored by the above foundations/companies!

If you’re in the participating areas and have been looking to add a pet to your life, you should seriously consider stopping by one of the participating locations to see who’s available and if you qualify!

Plus this isn’t JUST dog and cat rescues included, several of these groups also have various exotics available (birds, small animals, reptiles, etc.) as well!  

This is a GREAT opportunity to get some exposure for the animals in their care as well as open up some free space in the shelters/homes these animals are currently being kept WITHOUT resorting to euthenasia!

To see what areas are joining in, which rescues are participating and where they’ll be, head over to the Maddie’s Fund website.


Khoshekh and Maddy the American Alsatians ready to go home after a fun day at the park.  Best dogs I’ve ever owned, bred for health and temperament over looks, although looking like a Dire Wolf is a tertiary goal to the breed.

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