DM Updates: Feb 26th

1. Mackenzie with a swan! All of the girls, their moms, Abby and Gianna are now in Ireland and they went to the park and then went for some afternoon tea.

2. Maddie was on Good Morning America! Click here to see the clip of her interview. Abby also announced that Maddie recorded her first single! She will sing broadway type of songs though.

3. The ALDC had their first meet and greet today! Some of the dances performed were; Stomp the Yard, Collateral Damage, Wear Em’ Out, All God’s Creatures, Rise & Fall, Take That and Looking Through the Glass Darkly. 

4. JoJo also recorded her first single! It is called “I Can Make You Dance” and it will be released April 24th. See the article about it here. This makes Kalani the only girl in the elite team without a music career.

Abby will ruin Maddie if she tries to make her a singer.

Maddie wants to be on broadway, so let her leave her voice for that instead of some stupid single that will be flooded with autotune and be ridiculed by the world. She has so much respect right now, and it is not the time for her to be hated on and made fun of for something else again.

All of the girls are the best.

Maddie and her talent, performance, and passion.
Mackenzie and her self-reliance and confidence.
Paige and her beauty, in and out.
Brooke and her discretion, her amazing sense of control.
Kendall and her humor and magnetism.
Nia and her courage, morality, and integrity.
Chloe and her grace, not to mention the astounding strength of her character despite everything.
All the girls are special.
All of them are the best.
All of them deserve appreciation.

I honestly think that Jill stays because she wants her child attached to Maddie, not Abby. That's why she pulled Kendall from the video, she didn't want to go against Abby and Melissa, even though it was literally the dumbest decision ever. I don't think she gives a crap about Abby...I think she knows at this point that Abby isn't the answer to Kendall having any success...but being close to Maddie, having Kendall dance with Maddie...that is going to do more for Kendall reputation wise than Abby ever could. People outside of the show may search for Maddie and come across Kendall. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this, the girls are friends...but I honestly don't think that Jill actually believes Abby is doing her child any favors.

Why is everyone assuming that Maddie never wanted to sing and that Abby is forcing her to? Maddie has a mouth and if she didn’t want to sing she wouldn’t. She stated herself that she wanted to dance,sing and act. Let the girl sing if she wants to.

Do people realize Maddie wasn't named best dressed?

They call her a “prop” and “accessory” to the girl she is with’s outfit. (Which I think is weird and wrong she is a child not a prop or accessory)

Like imo its a insult. Maddie was dressed very nice but they don’t comment on that they comment on how she is a prop to the girl she is with.