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Punk/Rock/Screamo Band Member Heights:

-Patrick Stump: 5″4
-Pete Wentz: 5″6
-Gerard Way: 5″8
-Mitch Lucker: 6″2
-Alex Gaskarth: 6″
-Jack Barakat: 6″2
-Kellin Quinn: 5″8
-Hayley Williams: 5″1
-Halsey: 5″4
-Amy Lee: 5″3
-Billie Joe Armstrong: 5″6
-Mark Hoppus: 5″10
-Joel Madden: 5″6
-Benji Madden: 5″6
-Brendon Urie: 5″8
-Ryan Ross: 5″10
-Vic Fuentes: 5″6
-Tyler Joseph: 5″9
-Josh Dun: 5″5
-Andy Biersack: 6″3


finding each other in different universes


top 10 movies: #7 → A Promise (2013)

“we are parted by distance, but also by time. little by little, the past feels more and more like a foreign country. your letters are all that I have to keep it alive inside of me.”

12 Must-Have Fashion Items for Coachella

Coachella (where clothing sometimes seems to be borderline optional) is coming up.  Here are some pieces you can mix and match to blend in with the folky, hipster, hippie crowd you’re sure to be surrounded by.

1. Crop Top

Splurge: ASTR Crocheted Floral Crop Top
Save: Charlotte Russe Crochet Trim Racerback Crop Top

2. Maxi Skirt

Splurge: Jay Ahr Long Draped Skirt
Save: Forever 21 Slit Maxi Skirt

3. High-Waisted Shorts

Splurge: Mother High Waisted Cutoffs
Save: Topshop MOTO Hallie Denim Hotpants

4. Kimono

Splurge: Topshop Black Wetlook Fringe Kimono
Save: Pacsun Kendall & Kylie Fringe Kimono

5. Stacking Rings

Splurge: Elizabeth and James Summa 4 Finger Ring
Save: Topshop Mixed Embellished Ring Pack

6. Chunky Necklaces for Layering

Splurge: Vanessa Mooney The Sheba Necklace
Save: Topshop Curved Bar Coin Necklace

7. Body Chain

Splurge: Vanessa Mooney L'Orfeo Body Chain
Save: Nasty Gal Fallen Light Body Chain

8. Bracelet Cuffs

Splurge: Kenneth Jay Lane Open Cuff Bracelet
Save: Topshop Triangular Cut Out Open Cuff

9. Strappy Sandals

Splurge: Henry Beguelin Suoio Strappy Flat Leather Sandal
Save: Steve Madden Praisse 

10. Combat Boots

Splurge: Steve Madden Troopa
Save: Charlotte Russe Lace-Up PU Combat Boot

11. Backpack/Rucksack

Splurge: Madewell The Transport Rucksack
Save: Under One Sky Faux Leather Backpack

12. Statement Sunglasses

Splurge: Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses
Save: Topshop Mike Brow Round Sunglasses

This fashion post lovingly crafted for you by:
Rosalyn L. 
Fashion Marketing Contributor at Wantering
Currently coveting this breezy Daftbird Low Back Tank Dress

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Student Discount List

J. Crew- 15%

Vineyard Vines- 15%

Kate Spade- 15%

Ann Taylor- 20%

Ann Taylor Loft- 15%

Banana Republic- 15%

Barbour (jackets only)- 15%

Juicy Couture- 15%

Madewell- 15%

Ralph Lauren Rugby- 15%

Topshop- 10%

Steve Madden- 10%

Lots of vinyl albums used lock grooves. That’s when the needle reaches the end of the album and instead of, you know, ending, it keeps playing the last part in a loop. The Beatles did it with Sgt. Pepper’s, which ended with a “sound designed to annoy your dog” and an endless loop of laughter and gibberish.

But then there are double grooves, which is when the album’s grooves are pressed in a way that makes it so you get a completely different set of tracks depending on where the needle lands. That’s what Monty Python did, and the best part is that they didn’t bother to tell anyone about it, creating real confusion in the audience. Also, the record sleeve didn’t even list the album’s tracks, presumably so that there was no fucking way you could prove to your friends that you weren’t lying about what you heard. On top of that, both sides were labeled “Side 2,” making things even more maddening.

10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums