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I’ve only been here for about 18 months now and I’ve made more friends than I have in 22 years of regular everyday life. Bolds are bae’s the first time around the whole thing was bold so I had to narrow it down a bit. (and then britt’s just got some italics as well because I hate you) 

You all make the internet a better place and I love you all very much <3 Happy Blogging!


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Birthday Cards

Title: Birthday Cards

Ship: AHOT6

Warnings: nah, not really, just cussing, if there’s even any of that.

AN: this is the first fic I’ve ever posted on here so if you see any mistakes, let me know please! And feedback is always appreciated! This fic is dedicated to madcowedgar, fuckthenaysayers, and iamtheoneinthehole for being patient lovelies and teaching me how to use “read mores!”

Preview: Ray woke up on September 15th, dissapointed in every sense of the word.

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Grape- People like Grapes. Grape is, well. Grape is the best twin I could ever ask for. There’s no one word way to describe her. I can relate to a lot of what she’s been through- and what she’s going through, and I really hope that I can help in even the tiniest of ways because it’s hard. I adore Grape so much. I adore her kindness, I adore her smile, I adore her sense of humor, I adore her stories, I adore her everything. I’ll stop rambling now though, because you asked for several others too and I don’t want this to be too long of a post.

Chu- Chu regret this now that it’s clogging your dash, don’t chu? Chu/Mummie is simply amazing. She puts up with a lot of shit from me. She’s sweethearted, supremely kind, caring, smart, amazing at everything she does, and she makes me happy a lot. I feel bad because I know I’m a worry wart, and I must be bothering her with how much I worry over even the tiniest things. But I’m very blessed to have Chu as part of my family and part of my life.

Chao- Ciao, Bella! That was terrible. I apologize. So, I haven’t known Chao for very long- but we talk a lot! She’s really cute, supremely supportive, lots of fun to talk to, and I think she may be a part of Davie’s Army(Created by Jyoti, it’s name is now Jack’s Dicks). She reminds me of someone I used to roleplay with back when I roleplayed Hetalia, and it’s very calming. Chao is extremely funny with a wonderous mind that I’d love to go exploring someday. She’s got beautiful headcanons.

K- Oh, K, Go! ….These jokes are just getting worse by the minute. K is an experience. She’s fun to talk to, and her headcanons will always make me just kind of melt inside because they’re either wonderfully fluffy or beautifully tragic. There is no inbetween. She’s kind, patient, very sweet, and makes me feel extremely happy with how far she’ll go just to be able to talk to me. Her writing is absolutely wonderful and I love being in a trio and team with her. Team Asi9 and Bad End Trio forever. I mean it, forever. You fuckers are stuck with me now. <3

Dregs- Are you dregging this post yet? Ahh? Ahhh? Okay, I’ll admit that’s probably the worst one I will make. Let me get REALLY honest here for a second- I’m absolutely bewildered by Dregs. They’re an absolute sweetheart, and one of the most fun people to talk to because they don’t mind playfully pushing at each other. Why I’m bewildered though is this: I’m a big fan of them. No, I don’t think you understand, I’m a huuuuuge fan of their work and to be able to get to talk to them on that chat last night was so amazing I literally wish I had had more to say because that was probably the shittiest impression. But, I’m glad we have a team and trio. Because they just are amazing. Team D&D and Bad End Trio, may they never die. Because I’ll haunt your ass, we are stuck together.

Emily- I’m giving these jokes all I’ve got, Captain! Okay, to be fair, that was more of a reference than a joke. Emily is adorable. She’s a lovely person to talk to, and I hope that I get the honor of calling her friend. She’s kind, sweet, hilarious, and extremely cute. Her writing is pretty fucking fabulous too. Emily will always be my little Trekkie, and I feel like I should finally explain why I call her that. She gave me a prompt a while ago on my writing blog and I went “Oh my gosh, It’s another Trekkie!”. Outloud. While my Mum was sitting on the other bed. I think Mama ignored me though. Anyways, I filled her prompt and asked whether she was a TOS or AOS fan, she answered and that was the first impression I ever had of her. So my mind will always associated Emily with My Little Trekkie. (It doesn’t help that I was watching TOS Star Trek the entire time I was filling her prompt.)

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Do you guys have Skype? I’m feeling the need for group convos to happen.

(Also benefits include 1. roleplay possibilities, 2. ease of sending reference photos for fanart without having to post em to the interwebs, 3. general crazy shizzlewizzle)

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