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Riverdale Nighthawks Thoughts

I have so many thoughts and I can’t even but them all together cohesively, but here goes:


I don’t think I have to talk about each actor individually much. The entire cast was really fantastic for the first time ever. This includes LR and Cami which I really wasn’t expecting. KJ and Cole both get extra mentions cause they really went above and beyond as well as Madchen. I think she was by far one of the strongest of the night.


Archie - I’m terrified for this kid, but I really like the PTSD route they are going. I like how much of a slow build it is and how we are watching him fall apart piece by piece. The gun storyline is going to be really interesting. I’m excited to see where that goes. I also love how protective he is. Side note, that photo KJ took of Skeet was likely from this episode, he wasn’t in that scene at all, so he watched Skeet and Cole filming that scene and I think that’s really cute.

Jughead - It was nice to have full confirmation that Archie is always Jughead’s first call. I’d LOVE to know why Archie didn’t hold him, cause even as brothers, that should have happened, but I guess Cole and KJ’s chemistry would have been too much for that to happen or whatever. Betty is the person Jughead takes action with, but when it has to do with emotion, he’ll always go to Archie. Archie is his rock even when he isn’t stable himself.

The serpent thing is really interesting. It’s like we as the audience can see the rabbit hole Jughead is going down, but he’s completely blind to it. He’s starting to use the Serpents as a crutch and that’s terrifying. He’s spiraling just like Archie, but Archie already has people worried about him, Jughead’s spiral is flying pretty clearly under the radar. Neither Archie nor Betty seem to notice.

Betty - I actually really liked her this episode, mostly because she was so evil. Her “dark side” is DARK. As Cheryl said she’s a “stone cold bitch.” I think the good girl is just an act, and one she knows she’s putting on. The casting seems kind of perfect now…

Betty is very brainwashed not by Jughead but for Jughead. Like the world will crumble is he’s not her first priority and she will do ANYTHING to make him happy. After this episode, I think even murder qualifies. It’s frankly scary. And makes me even more uncomfortable with Lice.

Veronica - She’s still oblivious to how the world works and I’m getting pretty sick of the rich girl act. I feel like someone needs to get her to stop. After tonight I’d love that person to be Jughead. I don’t ship Vughead at all, but they had super easy chemistry and I think that friendship needs to be explored a lot more. He could easily be the one to call her on her shit, and she needs someone like that.

In terms of her parents, I think Jughead made a grave error. I think giving her that inkling of hope about Hiram is going to end really badly, especially after the Hermione/ Hiram scene in Pops. They are evil. Period. And when everything blows up, Veronica is going to be the one worst off.

Cheryl - We saw a vulnerability tonight that I really really liked. She was scared and though she didn’t show it outright, it was very much there. I would love to see Betty surpass her as HBIC. And I think we are well on our way. Cheryl is going to be Betty’s bitch soon, it seems.

Reggie - He’s pretty one dimensional so far, but Melton is great. I like the drug storyline but it can get lame pretty quickly. I like how it’s clear he’s looking out for Archie. Since Jughead is in his own tailspin, it’s good to know Archie has someone keeping an eye on his spiral.

Alice - Holy shit. I don’t have much more to say. We see a lot of motive as far as the town is concerned, but not much internally. I’d really like for us to get to know her better.

The Pussycats - If this keeps up they shouldn’t exist at all. GIVE MELODY LINES and her and Josie need storylines SEPARATE FROM THE CATS.

The Lodges - I’m scared. They aren’t messing around. Hermione is Hiram’s sub in every way and will do his bidding at a drop of the hat. I kind of see a lot of similarities between her and Betty, at least as far as this episode is concerned.

I ship it! 

David Lynch as Agent Gordon Cole (named after North Dakota’s own multi-homicidal Gordon Kahl), stone deaf FBI agent.  Cole’s first few appearances on the show were jokey and even a little annoying, but toward the end of the show they figured out a way to use him.  Cole’s innocent crush on long-suffering Shelley Johnson, who is the only person he can hear, has that perfect combination of whimsey and supernatural that the show did so well. The scene where Cole kisses Shelley in front jerkface Bobby Briggs almost makes up for later scenes in which the increasingly ridiculous Windom Earle paper maches a “heavy metal youth” into a giant chess piece and then shoots him with a cross bow.