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Seriously will no one write the Home Alone 5: Forgot About Dre AU where the vacationing Capitals miscommunicate and accidentally forget Andre Burakovsky back in DC during the bye week, and he has a madcap adventure filled with many hijinks where he jumps into random Uber cars and fights off bumbling home invader Gary Bettman with a series of ingenious homemade booby traps?

'Psych' stars talk the movie's ending — and a possible return

Spoiler alert! Psych: The Movie ended on a promising cliffhanger. Before Shawn (James Roday) could head out for his honeymoon with Juliet (Maggie Lawson) — with Gus (Dulé Hill) and his new love, Selene (Hill’s real-life fiancée, Jazmyn Simon) in tow, naturally — the boys got a visit from Ewan O’Hara (John Cena), Juliet’s brother, who’s now on the run. Does that mean we’re getting a second Psych movie?

“It was always our intention to set up the next movie at the end of the first movie,” Roday tells Yahoo Entertainment. “Whether there is a next movie or not, it’s important to us to always give the fans a glimpse of what Shawn and Gus’ next adventure is, so that, even if we don’t get to make any more movies, you know that they are out there caught up in another madcap adventure. Whether it is the Cena story that we take forward, if we get to do it again, or we shift gears and do something else, you at the very least know that now Shawn and Gus got caught up in a crazy adventure with Ewan O’Hara that probably took them to Oslo.”

“And, what better way to end the Psych movie than with John Cena,” Hill adds. “Like a cherry on top for the Psych movie, we have Ewan O’Hara come in at the end.”

Below, Roday and Hill answer a few more of our questions about Psych: The Movie. (Read what they had to say about that epic “suck it” sequence and Zachary Levi’s David Bowie tribute here.)

Yahoo Entertainment: Was that sequence with Shawn and Gus applauding the “black gentleman ninja” who wanted to kill them — while also having a heart-to-heart about the women in their lives before admitting it was time to do what they do best, scream and run — the quintessential Psych moment?

James Roday: The running and screaming thing is something that has become synonymous with Shawn and Gus’s version of heroism. But, you know, we were so tickled because we could visualize that sequence from pretty early on in the prep stages of this, the two of them having this serious conversation while this acrobatic ninja showed off in the background. And then he literally had to get their attention back and say, “Excuse me, I’m going to kill you.”

Dulé Hill: A funny thing is, I was still recovering from my torn achilles during that time. So, you know, I did not get a chance to run as fast as I normally would.

Roday: It was a delicate run.

Hill: Delicate hightail.

There is that moment in the movie when Gus, like, power walks. Was that walk scripted, or something you came up with in the moment, Dulé?

Hill: That one came up in the moment. That was the type of thing where you’re trying to get out of there but you don’t want to make it too obvious that you’re trying to get out of there. You’re just walking fast. It was like, let’s try to be as cool as we can, try to act natural.

Jazmyn Simon as Selene, Hill as Gus (Photo: Alan Zenuk/USA Network)

How did you all decide on the perfect woman for Gus?

Roday: The idea was really simple. It was like, what happens if Gus meets Gus? How would he react to the same sort of blanket of shenanigans that he lays on others when he’s attempting to hook up? What if they all happened to him?

Hill: When they first pitched me the idea of Gus getting Gus-ed, I thought it was hilarious. Especially the fact that Gus doesn’t like it, but when he does it to other people, he thinks it’s the smoothest thing in the world. It’s like, now you realize why women walked away from you so much. … [Casting is] where I had a little bit more insight and input. Because why would I go and try to fabricate some attraction when there’s a wonderful actress that I live with every day. We crack each other up all the time, and I just knew that she would come in and really knock that role out. Over the years we always had issues finding the right match for Gus, someone who could come in and really meet Gus where he is, in terms of all his nuttiness and wackiness that he does, who would be able to be a nice counterpart to him. And I had no doubt that Jazmyn would be good at coming in and doing Gus to Gus.

Shawn and Juliet were finally wed, three years after they got engaged. James, how important was it to give that moment to fans?

Roday: You know, we did the will-they-or-won’t-they thing for a really, really long time. And I think that there are a lot of fans that were probably expecting a wedding at the end of the series. And [series creator Steve Franks] and I just weren’t ready — it just felt a little obvious and it felt a little derivative of things that have happened on finales of other shows. And it also didn’t feel true to that relationship to have them get married just because it was the last episode. So we did what felt right, which was have him propose and then who knows what happened. Because we have the opportunity to come back and do this again, and because this is, more than anything, a love letter and a thank you letter to our fans, it felt cruel to make them wait any longer.

Hill: They waited long enough.

We have to talk about the joke that the manifesto “The Crimes of Juliet O’Hara” sounds like a killer title for a Hallmark movie. “Gus, don’t be ridiculous. Jules would never do a Hallmark movie.” [Roday and Hill both laugh.] As someone who enjoys Hallmark movies, I know Maggie Lawson recently starred in one [2017’s My Favorite Wedding].

Roday: We’ve kind of made a point to make fun of all of ourselves over the course of that show. We’ve poked fun at other stuff that we’ve done in our careers. None of us have too much pride about that kind of stuff. Maggie laughed out loud when she read that. The other joke we have in there that, you know, six people will appreciate, is Kurt Fuller’s lifelong career nemesis is Stephen Tobolowsky. They’ve been up for the same parts for 30 years. So, when the Thin White Duke says, “Get in the boat, Tobolowsky,” and [Woody Strode]’s response is frozen — “You just called me Tobolowsky, that is a deep cut and now I am very rattled” — that’s art imitating life.

How did you decide to bring back Allison Crowley (Mena Suvari) as the puppetmaster for the Thin White Duke?

Roday: We had a decent chunk of the story in place, but the thread that we knew we needed in order to get the band back together was something from the past. What’s the cleanest, direct line to something that would have affected all of us? The only mini franchise that we did that involved a super villain in Psych was Yin-Yang, and Yin and Yang are both dead. So it was pretty simple, once we did the math, who it would have to be. And I reached out to Mena and was like, “Would you be up for this?” And she was like, “Are you kidding? That’s the most fun I’ve ever had.” And once we knew that she was on board, we all sighed collectively in relief and knew that we had all the pieces.

And you knew you needed a musical number, I’m sure, which we got with the return of Jimmi Simpson as Mary Lightly.

Roday: We knew we wanted to get Jimmi back. Just because the challenge of continuously appearing even though he’s no longer alive is something that we always want to embrace. For the most part, I feel like this movie is sort of a throwback to early Psych and the things that put us on the map, and the Shawn-Gus relationship. So, you know, we didn’t want to go too far outside of our sweet spot. But I did say it from the very beginning to Steve, “I just need one dream sequence. Just give me one scene where I can be weird, and that’s also how we’ll get Mary Lightly back.” And he was like, “Absolutely, you got it.” And then, you know, the song ties in to who the bad guy ultimately is, so we wanted something with Allison in the title, and we thought, Costello was a little too on the nose and probably way more expensive. So, enter Gin Blossoms [and “Allison Road”]. And, Jimmi had about three days to learn it on the ukulele.

Hill: And for me, I mean, the fact that early on in the series I got to dress up as Michael Jackson, it only seems right that as we are doing this special, I get to dress up as Prince. I mean, c’mon, you’ve got to have Michael and Prince.

Kirsten Nelson as Chief Karen Vick, Zachary Levi as The Thin White Duke (Photo: Alan Zenuk/USA Network)

You make us think we’re finally going to meet the Chief’s husband, but then we don’t. What’s the story there? Did you have any casting in mind?

Roday: There are a lot of Easter eggs in this movie, and as with any movie, once you get into it and numbers start getting crunched, you always end of having to turn down things and make sacrifices so that you can get the budget down to where it needs to live. And meeting Mr. Vick was a baby that we had to let go of. But hopefully we will be able to revisit it if we get to do another one.

Fans will have been very happy to see that call Juliet makes to Lassiter (Timothy Omundson, who suffered a stroke last spring). How important was it for you guys to have that moment in the movie?

Roday: It was the most important thing, honestly. It’s something that we shot later. It wasn’t part of the body of the original movie because we wanted to give Tim as much time as possible in his rehab and to be as comfortable as he possibly could. But, I think I can speak for everybody when I say, if we hadn’t been able to get that, the movie would not have felt complete.

Hill: Right.

Roday: It just wouldn’t have felt right. So thank God, thank whoever you pray to, that it was able to come together and we were able to include him. And that is probably my favorite scene in the movie.

Hill: You can’t have a Psych movie without Lassie.

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Oh my god Bruno is too hot, will he ever find someone to appreciate his big self as much as the rest of us do??

Dang, Bruno, leave your baggage at the door! The shorter answer is that he’ll probably find someone soon enough, but not before freaking out about it (Maybe it’s secretly a commitment thing, who knows!)

i’m all for defending pirates 5 against the critics to no end because it is a damn good film HOWEVER amongst all the little criticism we’ve had online, nobody’s pointed out the one huge glaring plothole

you’re seriously telling me that elizabeth swann wouldn’t have been by her son’s side on this madcap adventure to free will from the dutchman?

you’re seriously telling me that elizabeth swann was just sitting doing nothing for 18 years, and wouldn’t have been researching the trident WITH henry, putting all her determination into finding it and freeing will, the man she has fought against everyone for over and over and over again? 

you’re seriously telling me that elizabeth swann wouldn’t have told henry stories of jack sparrow, remembering how jack had an uncanny way of accidentally solving many seemingly unsolveable mysteries? the king of the brethren court wouldn’t have dragged together the knowledge of all the pirates into freeing her husband?

do remember that this woman, to rescue will in dead man’s chest alone, threatened cutler beckett by shoving a gun to his face, dressed up as a man to hide in broad daylight on a ship, persuaded an entire crew of noble sailors of said ship to dock at tortuga, quite literally smacked men out of the way, and later chained jack to the pearl so she, will, and the crew could escape, and just generally showed all the elements of being a ruthless, fierce, knowledgable, determined pirate in order to gain and save those who she loved. 

so yeah, i adore pirates 5, don’t get me wrong. but the elizabeth swann i know and love would have been with henry, jack, carina, and barbossa on this mad adventure; because the elizabeth swann i know and love probably would have been the one to put the idea of the trident into henry’s head in the first place.

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indulge my slutty, slutty ass and do some headcanons of the lost light crew finding out about the liaison having a twin. bonus cookies if the twin hates cybertornians and is protective of their sib lmao.


✦ If the liaison has a good relationship with the crew - which would be the case, considering their whole job and all - it won’t take the ‘bots too long to learn about the liaison’s status as a twin. More likely than not the liaison will have photos or mementos of their loved ones on their desk, the photos out on display and for anyone to look at when they drop by the liaison’s office. There’s a good chance that that’s how they learn about their sibling though there is a possibility of the liaison bringing their family up themselves during chats at Swerve’s or during their time off of work.

✦ The ‘bots are more than welcome to ask questions about the liaison’s twin. They’re clearly close with how the liaison lights up in joy every time the topic of their sibling is brought up. Swerve, thanks to his talkative and inquisitive nature, and Nautica, her curiosity over the concept of human twins, are the ones who will learn the most about the liaison’s sibling. The liaison is pretty open to any and all questions sent their way in regards to their beloved sibling since it’s nice to talk about home even if it makes them a bit homesick. (The question of whether or not a threesome is possible has been banned thanks to Whirl tho. Never mind the fact the ‘threesome?’ thought is the most the prevalent thought for majority of the crew. Guys please.)

✦ So when news comes that the Lost Light will be making a pitstop over Earth to get supplies and help around there for maybe a month or so, it doesn’t take too much convincing of the officers to let the liaison’s twin on board while they’re there. It’ll be a nice way for the liaison to catch up with their sibling and the crew finally gets to meet this hyped up relative of the liaison. It’ll be cute to the crew if the liaison expresses excitement and anticipation of seeing their sibling again. Swerve and Nautica will hear nothing but praise and promises that their twin will be the nicest, neatest person they’ll ever come across during their time on Earth. They’re pretty excited!

✦ … and then they do meet the twin. Don’t get them wrong- The twin is nice. To the liaison that is. It doesn’t take long for the crew to realise the liaison’s twin is basically going to be ‘No Fun Allowed Zone’ incarnate when it comes to their sibling, acting as a sort of buffer between them and the liaison by always being there. They have a lot of distrust in regards to Cybertronians, seeing as how getting dragged into a centuries-long civil war and having your planet fucked up because of said war is kind of a faux pas.

✦ They won’t go out of their way to start a fight or argue with the ‘bots but they sure as hell won’t leave their sibling alone with them while they’re here. The twin is like a second shadow to the liaison, sticking to their side while they go about their day on the ship and always, always with them when they’re chatting with someone. If asked to give them private space, the twin is juuuuuust far away enough to be considered socially acceptable while near enough to get back in the conversation if flirting starts up. Because, by Gods, they can and they will they cockblock their sibling’s attempts to flirt or play along with the ‘bots if that stuff happens around them. Blocked. Blocked. Blocked. None of them are free from sin.

✦ The only one the twin seems to like in the crew is Rung. He is one of the few individuals who seems to have his shit together. He’s quiet, mild-manngered, and polite; he’s unlikely to get into a fight or trigger some sort of madcap adventure with the crew’s ship/lives/karaoke night at stake. He would be considered boring to most but a delight to the liaison’s twin since it means they don’t have to worry about their beloved sibling losing a limb if they’re around him. He’s the only individual on the ship allowed to be alone with the liaison but there better be no cutesy/flirty moments. The twin almost has these sixth sense for dirty-robot-fucking ways and will barge through the door the second a Meaningful Look™ is passed along the two. Complete with sudden yelling to ensure the mood is spoiled. Please don’t do this to Rung he’s so old his spark-

What’s Happening Wednesday:  Hey USA

Last week at New Fronts, Astronauts Wanted announced that the third season of Hey USA will take place this summer.

This week, Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart filmed  their Good Mythical Summer/Morning.

Mamrie’s second book, I’ve Got This Round, will be released on February 6, 2018.

The description reads:  

The Year of Yes for the millennial set: in I’ve Got This Round, actress, writer, and YouTube sensation Mamrie Hart returns with even more spirit, adventure, and heart as she decides to live life at full-tilt.

When Mamrie simultaneously enters her 30s and finds herself single for the first time since college, the world is suddenly full of possibilities. Emboldened by the cool confidence that comes with the end of one’s 20s plus the newfound independence of an attachment-free lifestyle, Mamrie commits herself to living life as fully as possible. She seeks out once-in-a-lifetime experiences (like meeting Dolly Parton), bucket-list goals (like visiting the Moulin Rouge), and madcap adventures (like going anchors-away on a Backstreet Boys cruise)–all while diving back into the dating world for the first time in a decade.

In I’ve Got This Round, readers will find the same shameless honesty and I’ll-try-anything-once spirit they loved in You Deserve a Drink. Mamrie doubles down on her strong female friendships, her willingness to engage in shenanigans, and her inimitable candor, taking the reader along for a wild and unforgettable journey through adulting.

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17 BunsenBeaker

17. last dance

So of course, I was inspired by The Drifters’ Save The Last Dance for Me. Original Muppet Show ‘verse.

Honestly, Beaker owed Kermit an awful lot. His life with the Muppets had had a rocky start, but that wild and weird and lovely little company had become the family he hadn’t even known he was looking for, and he’d only found them because Kermit had given him a chance. And really, Kermit had never asked that much in return, so on the rare occasion that Kermit asked him for a favor, Beaker almost always agreed.

Beaker tried not to squint at the face of the woman whose hand was currently clamped onto his shoulder. Filling in for a stray dancer during At The Dance was probably the least terrifying job he’d ever had at The Muppet Show, but that didn’t make it any less awkward. He didn’t have a lot of experience waltzing, and he kept glancing down at his feet, half-petrified with the fear that he’d mangle his dance partners’ feet. And for the life of him, he couldn’t seem to remember this woman’s name!

“So Beaker,” she asked, coyly glancing over his shoulder towards the audience, “Did you hear about the two criminals who raided the calendar store?”

“No.” He internally counted 1-2-3-4-1, and on 2, he asked, “What happened?”

“They each got six months!”

“Oh,” he said, twirling them around. “Well, do you know why it’s great to go shopping with a neutron?”

She looked at him blankly.

“Because there’s never any charge!”

Her grip tightened incrementally. “Uh…”

But she was saved by the bell, or rather the belle of the ball. He’d never seen a woman look so relieved to be cut in on.

Beaker stumbled into Muppet Labs a half hour later, tie loosened and feet all danced out.

Bunsen looked up from his calculations at the clatter. “Oh, Beaker! Is Mr. Kermit finished with you already?” he asked.


Bunsen put his dry erase marker down. “Is something wrong, Beaky?”

Beaker poured himself into his desk chair. “It didn’t exactly go that well,” he admitted.

“What?” And then Bunsen was right beside him in a way that Beaker would never admit made him jump. “But you’re such a lovely dancer, Beaker.”

Beaker summoned up a tired grin, small and self-deprecating. “I stepped on three women’s feet,” he said, “And none of them got my jokes.”

It was really up for debate whether it had been the subject matter or the delivery. Either way, Beaker had nearly disappeared inside his pressed collar by the end of the segment, and it was only that self-consciousness that prevented the audience from seeing his blush. Small blessings.

Bunsen frowned at him, and it was the irked, distracted frown that he only seemed to get when a particularly annoying puzzle was niggling at him. “Perhaps you just didn’t have the right partner.”

Beaker felt his lips twist. “Maybe.”

“What do you say we fix that?” Bunsen asked, and his face was already smoothing out again.

That was the expression of a scientist who thought he had a new solution to a problem, and Beaker shrank back in his seat. That look had never boded well for him, not on Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s face. “What do you mean?”

Bunsen leaned in until he was all Beaker could see, and Beaker squeezed his eyes shut. It wasn’t until he felt Bunsen’s hands on his, warm and gentle and stroking the back of his knuckles just so, that he opened them again.

Bunsen smiled at him with a sweetness that Beaker was quite sure he did not actually possess. “Do you have one last dance left in you, my dear?”

“I–I guess?” Beaker said, but before he could ask what the catch was, Bunsen was pulling him up out of his chair and out to a clearing in the middle of their lab.

(And last he’d checked, there’d been an invention sitting there. He wasn’t going to ask. He just wasn’t.)

“Come on now, Beaky, I know you know how to dance,” Bunsen cajoled.

Beaker huffed a little, but he still took a step closer to Bunsen, and sighed in relief when Bunsen immediately placed a hand on his shoulder. At least he wasn’t going to have to struggle through the shorter role while a solid foot taller than his partner.

He placed his own hand at Bunsen’s waist, and he felt a sort of shyness he hadn’t felt in a long time. This close, he could hear Bunsen’s steady breaths and feel the warmth emanating from beneath business casual. It made him feel unsteady and awkward, like his legs weren’t quite the same length and his clothes were a size too small.

But Bunsen went right ahead as if Beaker were strong and ready in his arms. “Computer, could you please play us a nice waltz? Better than the elevator music they play on stage,” he added.

Immediately, a song started playing, and Beaker wasn’t even sure when Bunsen had programmed their computer to do that. But Bunsen was moving, and so was he, apparently. He stepped in time to the music, feeling drawn along even though he was quite sure that he was supposed to be leading. Bunsen always seemed to have that effect on him, though, dragging him along on madcap adventure after adventure with the power of simple charisma.

The worst part, Beaker reflected as Bunsen laid his head against his chest with a little sigh, was that he thought he liked it. He stepped in closer, let himself hold Bunsen a little tighter. Then he dipped his head a little so he could speak, not to any microphone or audience member, but right in Bunsen’s ear. “Did you hear that oxygen went on a date with potassium?”

He could feel Bunsen’s lips turn up against his skin. “No, I didn’t.”

He leaned impossibly closer, until he wasn’t even sure if his lips were brushing against Bunsen’s ear or if it was just, as always, his imagination. “It went okay.”

He felt rather than heard Bunsen snicker, and he felt his own lips go up in an answer grin, silly enough that he was glad Bunsen couldn’t see.

“And ours?”

And just like that, Beaker stumbled. “Our what?”

“Our date, of course,” Bunsen answered, pulling back to give Beaker a sunny smile. “In your expert opinion, how do you think we’ll be?”

The word was out of his mouth before he could hold it back. “Unstable.”

Bunsen just grinned wider. “Splendid!” he said, and then shifted his fingers just slightly, so instead of gripping Beaker’s shoulder, they were creeping up to dip under his collar. He leaned up so he could press his lips against Beaker’s, quick and mischievous and perfectly on beat. Damn him. “I can’t wait.”

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Here is a 40k idea a squad of IG, a dreadnought, tech priest and 3 or 4 space marines and everyone's reaction when the dreadnought let's the IG sniper use him as a perch to spot enemies and snipe

Hell yeah.

Something vaguely similar to this happened in a Black Templars novel by Jonathan Green a long-ass time ago.  

Venerable Brother Jarold was knocked off course during his drop-pod’s descent into the Third War for Armageddon, but encountered a stroke of good luck when he landed close enough to save a bunch of Steel Legion troopers from some orks, and he immediately dove into the fray because one thing you quickly learn about Brother Jarold is that Brother Jarold gives exactly zero fucks.  

Unfortunately his gun arm got torn off during the fight, but one of the Steel Legionnaires was something of a tech-head and managed to convince the dreadnought to let him mount a lascannon from a downed sentinel in its place.  The bunch proceeded to go on a madcap adventure across the continent as Brother Jarold attempted to link back up with his crusade force.  Along the way they hijacked a bunch of ork stuff to use because, again, Brother Jarold gives exactly zero fucks.

(Seriously Crusade for Armageddon may not be the best-written book in existence, but the characters are fun as hell.)

Also just imagine the sniper stumbling over himself as he’s half-terrified one of the space marines will crush him for even suggesting such a thing, but the dreadnought is just like “YOU KNOW, AS SCOUTS THE ASTARTES ARE TAUGHT TO ACT AS SNIPERS AND SKIRMISHERS IN SUPPORT TO THE MAIN BODY OF THE CHAPTER.”

Long pause.  “uh…I-I don’t underst-”


galaxychorus replied to your post: When you think about it, isn’t Thor Ragnarok just…

I think the comparison to Azzarello falls apart when you consider that Ragnarok revealing Asgard to be a “cesspool of evil” is actually a critique of colonialism and imperialism from an indigenous film maker who is using humor to make important political points.

Ohh, that sounds really interesting. As I said, I haven’t seen the movie so don’t know a whole lot about it – but using a madcap sci-fi fantasy adventure setting to make a critique on the legacy of colonialism? That is totally my jam.

I am SERIOUSLY craving some Jack and Lizzy drank from the Fountain so now they’re immortal modern day AU Sparrabeth LIKE:

The year is 2016 and Jack is an underwater treasure hunter because of course he knows where the sunken ship is, HE sank the bloody galleon filled to the gills with Spanish gold with the Pearl but it was just too deep to get to in 1730 or whatever – and Elizabeth is a historian or an archeologist like fem-Indiana Jones and always going on awesome adventures – they’ve been estranged for some time BUT still so in l o v e just too stubborn to say sorry AND they’re brought back together when one of them finds a map or a document to a lost treasure and they have to combine forces again in this massive madcap adventure IN WHICH they reconcile and FINALLY admit all those feelings POSSIBLY while fighting off a horde of supernatural guardians of an ancient temple in the jungle of central America…

 Anyone know any fics like that? :D


more from, there is a book coming out sometime late August mid September  called The Beatles: Photographs from the Set of Help! by Emilio Lari and Richard Lester.  

From Amazon: An extraordinary collection of mostly unseen photographs of the Beatles during the making of Help!. Published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ second motion picture, Help!, this almost entirely unpublished collection of photographs marks a pivotal turning point in the band’s history, as they evolved from much-loved musicians into the most important group of all time. The Beatles’ first movie filmed in color, Help! is a madcap adventure featuring cinematography and film sequences widely considered to be hugely influential to the modern performance-style music videos of today. Specialist set photographer Emilio Lari was invited by director Richard Lester to shoot stills of the production at Twickenham Studios and document behind-the-scenes larking about as the band relaxed in their hotel between takes. With an introduction by Lester and intimate, never-before-seen images, The Beatles: Help! provides new and fascinating insights into the band that changed the history of music and the world

Okay everyone, here’s the sitch - Last night was the finale for All For One and I cannot express how important it is that you go and watch it. It’s silly, and lighthearted, and all round brilliant. You now have the opportunity to bingewatch it, you lucky ducks, so if you haven’t already… what are you waiting for? Go! Go watch brilliant representation of bisexuals, and madcap adventures with the gang! Click here now!