“If I had known that being a complete asshole was your way of flirting we would have done that some time ago” 

I have been fighting the flu from hell so this is very late, but here is my Spideytorch Big Bang contribution! It accompanies Naomida’s incredible power-swap au fic, which is so beautiful, please read it.
These gay boys actually have very quick reflexes so I s’pose that third picture is the split second before they super-no-homo-back-flip back into hero mode.

Bonus Johnny crisis:

Something fragile and wavering, like his common sense, snapped inside of Peter, so he absolutely couldn’t be held accountable for dipping Johnny Storm in front of a huge crowd of paparazzi.

Say You Will, Say You Won’t - @traincat

The Adventures of Jelly the Bean through the Land of Kitchen

(alternatively titled “Hey Look I have 400 Followers and I get Bored too Easily”)

Your name is Jelly the Bean and you feel like an adventure.

So you decide to take your glorious strawberry jam flavored self for a walk.

You pass by some eggs, but don’t talk to them, because eggs don’t talk, and also because they look like they’ve been drinking.

Jellified condiments! Could this be your adventure’s first challenging obstacle? A pile of fire-inducing-sticks blocks your path. What will you do?

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