Happy year of the Rooster!! 

Chúc mừng năm mới, chúc cả nhà năm mới tấn tài tấn lộc, vạn sự như ý <3


Someone is amused =))

Also IDK anything about Madarin Chinese therefore the gong keng fa cai I drew in that Ezio pic is totally wrong

Male Yandere Recommendation: “Cherry Boy, That Girl” 

So… All/most of the characters are named after some type of food, and I thought multiple times that Madarin Kim may be yandere multiple time but recently the he has pushed things over the edge. Moreover, if you are interested in a persistent yandere you may want try this manwha and see the lengths that Darin goes through to attempt to keep his delusional relationship with the protagonist. 

You Suck His Fingers to Seduce Him

Hansol: The look this boy gives you, dear goodness. He is grooving on the look of his fingers passing over your lips. He groans softly and pulls his fingers out of your mouth and moves in to kiss you.

Jeonghan: Don’t you expect him to okay with this behaviour. “Young missy/mister, what do you think you are doing??? Do you think you can get away with this, take of your pants!”

Jihoon: Looks at you like in the gif and deadpan asks you what you want. You will need to pull out more tricks if you want Jihuni to play with you.

Jisoo: You will be the death of him! He moans his sweet melodic moans and then he will start begging you to do much more to him.

Junhui: Greaseball alarm! He is at McDonalds, because he is loving it. He will talk dirty madarin to you and slowly grind his pelvis to yours.

Minghao: Woah, you meanie pants, how dare you arouse Minghao like that. He will throw a fake tantrum and then drag you to the bedroom.

Mingyu: Will gasp and slip out a very pornographic moan. Then he will show mischievous hands and giggle. “Look what you made me do, you are so mean to me.” He’ll pout.

Seokmin: “Does my cheecky baby want to play, let’s play, let;s play who can get undressed the quickest.” To which he of course he want you to win.

Seungcheol:  He will happily let you do your thing, lean back and find out what sort of things you are up to.

Seunggwan: Is that drama queen that pulls out his fingers and yells EHW at you.

Soonyoung: Unleash the beast. He will do anything you want, as long as you keep that mouth of your on his body. He’ll squirm and beg and go crazy.

Wonwoo: BAM BONER. He’ll draw his fingers from your mouth and chase you into the bedroom with quite some urge.