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Chúc mừng năm mới, chúc cả nhà năm mới tấn tài tấn lộc, vạn sự như ý <3


Someone is amused =))

Also IDK anything about Madarin Chinese therefore the gong keng fa cai I drew in that Ezio pic is totally wrong

Male Yandere Recommendation: “Cherry Boy, That Girl” 

So… All/most of the characters are named after some type of food, and I thought multiple times that Madarin Kim may be yandere multiple time but recently the he has pushed things over the edge. Moreover, if you are interested in a persistent yandere you may want try this manwha and see the lengths that Darin goes through to attempt to keep his delusional relationship with the protagonist. 

Praising Seungri

He is one of the most well rounded artist in kpop.  He sings, dances, composes, choreographs, produces (not a lot of people know that for his first mini album in 2011, Seungri co-produced and wrote six of the seven songs.
In his second album he composed and produced all the songs and he made it like in 2 or 3 weeks). Have you seen his behind the scenes stuff for his solo album? He virtually got no sleep and basically directed and choreographed both his music videos! 
Seungri usually choreograph his own solo songs and for bigbang too., he was the leader of his dancing team when he was only 13-14 and they were famous. And my opinion but the boy has the greatest precision I’ve ever seen in someone. Every single move is fucking done in time which is scary… really. Look at their concerts or when they dance and focus on the music notes and Seungri’s movements and it seems as if Seungri is marking the tempo of the music with his movements. IS GREAT. Not even Tae gets this hell of a precision. I think this is because Seungri is more musically sensible than others… my teachers would call it “musical ear”, it might explain even why in Bigbang they use him to harmonize but that’s another story….
The boy is creative, it shows in how he never or (usually never) needs a choreographer to make up his own steps… which I’m certain is related with his “musical precision”.
He is fully bilingual (korean and japanese, and I bet we need to wait a few years and he will be fluent in english too). Seungri is fantastic, the effort and enthusiasm he gives is much appreciated— He’s always determined to try his best and doesn’t care if he gets things wrong on the way because that’s how you learn ,did you ever see that bigbang alive toure video in  London where he spoke English but with a British accent? He makes every effort to connect with people all over the world and that is wonderful! He recently started to learn to speak chinese madarin too. 

He is regarded as YG’s variety ace, he is MC-ing his own japanese Tv shows. He keeps getting invited back to Japan to do TV shows and he has a good command of Japanese language and cultural nuances. At Bigbang concerts he is the one in charge for MC-ing and hyping up the crowds, and I can tell you all he takes his job very serious “ he talks a lot” , It works like this all the time . Which other kpop groups and other members can do this ? At music program rehearsals and concerts he can do the MC a stand up comedy on the stage just to entertain the fans and pull together the group all the time. During the whole Alive era World tour concerts Seungri was the one who recorded all the encore stages just for fans who cant be there can see it in every country and uploaded in youtube and in yg family concert he was doing the same he was so cute. No one else doing this in yg family. He just recently got into DJ -ing. He acted in dramas,films, and musicals too.
He has amazing business mind  regarding to his young age , he is the (CEO of 
“Seungri Academy” (he bought and expanded Plug In Music Academy + Joy Dance Academy) with his academy he helps kids that had big dreams like him to achieve something and to reach their goal. It still astounds me when I think about how Seungri left his hometown of Gwangju at the mere age of 14, and traveled to a big, unfamiliar city like Seoul, all on his own to pursue his dreams of being a singer. Seungri debuted in Bigbang when he was 15 years old lol.It’s interesting there are stil rookies that are debuting at the same age as his now. Winner Kim Jinwoo (he is just 1 years younger than Seungri) is from his academy , he mentored him and brought into YG 4 years ago. Most recently Seungri bought a coffee shop/cafe called 
"AND.Here"for his parents). 

And the  most important Seungri’s voice is… amazing… he’s got that  soft, sweet and sexy
voice, it’s simply beautiful and smooth  I love it .Seungri is very very talented and  he’s funny , smart and good looking too….. His confident maybe overflowing,but that’s how he grabs the hearts of VIPs and people around him.. He has that weird charm that you can’t help but come to like him eventually. (One of the best things about Seungri imo is that he has a lot of confidence in himself  but he’s always being uplifting towards the people around him. like he isn’t just all about himself, but he encourages everyone else to believe in themselves too. i just feel like he could really make anyone feel special and better about themselves.*)*(seungriseyno) 

he is into sports: he got aTaekwondo black belt before he debuted, his in to     Ju-Jitsu these days when he got a little free time he is rushing to the gym to practice,  Seungri is playing golf a lot with his friends too( his father was a pro golf player).   and football Maybe you don’t know that Seungri actually liked football since he is child. He even travel to Spain to watched football. he went to Valencia, Barcelona & Madrid with His close friend ‘Kimmy Lim’ -daughter of Peter Lim a Singaporean Tycoon & owner of Valencia FC-. Seungri & Kimmy Lim in Spain for 1 week, they spend their vacation traveling around Spain watching football. Seungri was actually a part of a club during his solo activities in Japan for years. Seungri must be so happy for being a part of the FC MEN is a celebrity football team because he appreciates and admires Junsu (Xia) a lot. Also, when Seungri was younger, he liked Junsu so much that he wrote Xia’s name in his PE uniform 

He is also really friendly with everyone!   and he loves his fans so much. ( * You always see him being the last to leave the stage it’s like he never gets tired of fans and he always greets rookies and those younger than him, and that time at MAMA when he moved all those tables so EXO could stand at the front and while everyone was focused on hyori during FB he moved tables so seohyun and hoyeon could dance too lee seunghyun is a sweetheat who tries to make people feel comfortable and doesn’t see himself as too good or too big to talk to anyone i love this man.)*(kyuuhyuna)  He can be super sweet. He can be manly. He can be cute.  He can be dorky.  Seungri brings the fun in Bigbang. If it is just the four of them in BB, I doubt they’ll be as entertaining as a group. The four if put together looks serious at times. But when you add in Seungri, he lifts up the mood in BB so much.

 People might not necessarily notice that behind Seungri’s mask of confidence he is also sensitive and kind hearted. I always know that behind his funny character there is a grown man. He dreams big and works hard for it.  "Never stop dreaming”. Perfectly describing Seungri from back then until now. .   I also believe he has a lot of untouched potential.  He is truly a musical artist that is constantly evolving and bettering his craft. And not only does he have the ability to do these things he does them really well. 

You Suck His Fingers to Seduce Him

Hansol: The look this boy gives you, dear goodness. He is grooving on the look of his fingers passing over your lips. He groans softly and pulls his fingers out of your mouth and moves in to kiss you.

Jeonghan: Don’t you expect him to okay with this behaviour. “Young missy/mister, what do you think you are doing??? Do you think you can get away with this, take of your pants!”

Jihoon: Looks at you like in the gif and deadpan asks you what you want. You will need to pull out more tricks if you want Jihuni to play with you.

Jisoo: You will be the death of him! He moans his sweet melodic moans and then he will start begging you to do much more to him.

Junhui: Greaseball alarm! He is at McDonalds, because he is loving it. He will talk dirty madarin to you and slowly grind his pelvis to yours.

Minghao: Woah, you meanie pants, how dare you arouse Minghao like that. He will throw a fake tantrum and then drag you to the bedroom.

Mingyu: Will gasp and slip out a very pornographic moan. Then he will show mischievous hands and giggle. “Look what you made me do, you are so mean to me.” He’ll pout.

Seokmin: “Does my cheecky baby want to play, let’s play, let;s play who can get undressed the quickest.” To which he of course he want you to win.

Seungcheol:  He will happily let you do your thing, lean back and find out what sort of things you are up to.

Seunggwan: Is that drama queen that pulls out his fingers and yells EHW at you.

Soonyoung: Unleash the beast. He will do anything you want, as long as you keep that mouth of your on his body. He’ll squirm and beg and go crazy.

Wonwoo: BAM BONER. He’ll draw his fingers from your mouth and chase you into the bedroom with quite some urge.

Xiumin/You Scenario--College Confession AU

porschelsea i finished it! wow i hope you like it (please like it omg) for all of us in college and who could use the chance to get wasted and nab a minseok 

scenario: baekhyun conspires to destroy your liver and wow, minseok looks good tonight 

rating: like pg-15 there’s swearing and drinking and dirty talk if you look really close idk 

word count: 3415 

“Junmyeon is trying to kill me,” you whimper, leaning against the hard edge of the counter. It’s not even two hours after you walked into the door, and you’ve already got that steady burn going in your veins.

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Hello everyone!♥
    My name is Nana, I’m from Balkan and will be 18 years old in October~ 
It’s summer break therefore I finally had enough time to start my own studyblr and I am just so excited to be a part of this new community!
     I made this blog so I can focus on studying more in my final year of High School, but also to meet new people who are interested in the same academics I am.

I am also in my 4th and last year of highschool which makes me a highschool senior. I will be graduating next year and after that I plan on majoring International Politics in Nankai University, Tianjin, China.

Besides politics I am interested in languages, literature, history and sociology. My target languages are Mandarin Chinese, German, Bulgarian and Russian. 

My main focus right now is Madarin Chinese because I’m taking HSK3 test in December.
Also I will try to provide my followers with original context as much as I can!

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It doesn’t mean you’re a weeaboo if you’re interested in learning the Japanese language. Its exactly the same as wanting to learn french, spanish, madarin or any other language.

If someone wanted to learn Spanish a person wouldn’t instantly think they were trying to be Spanish. If someone wanted to learn German a person wouldn’t assume they’re trying to be German. So why is it when somebody wants to learn Japanese they get called a weeaboo?