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do you and ur bruhs go to hairdresser..? I rather think that madara does not.

Madara sometimes doesn’t even brush his hair. When he knows that there are too many knots in there he just leaves it like that. I might have taken over that bad habit of his, but Itachi doesn’t allow me to go to school with my messy hair so when he notices he grabs the brush and brushes it for me, but he does it very rough on purpose so the headache teaches me to brush my own hair.

Madara doesn’t like going to the hairdresser and I have recently found out why. His hair is … ‘Sensitive’. I pulled it when he pushed me off the couch and he moaned in a very weird way and I was lying on my back, looking at him as if I just found oil in the ground. He got angry and told me to fuck off. He then tried bribing me, but yeah … I ended up being the bitch that stood up from the dinner table, walked towards Madara and pulled his hair, so everyone found out about his ‘kinky’ fetish.

Shisui visits the hairdresser like…Once every three months to cut his hair. It isn’t anything special and he likes it short. Obito is the exact same.

Izuna and Itachi both are in love with their hair and want the best of the best, so they only go to this one guy somewhere down town and he is the only one who is allowed to touch their hair.

I don’t care about my hair, it is just annoying and it sticks up in the back and that makes it look like a duck ass and I hate everything about it. I barley visit the hairdresser maybe once a year.  If I have split ends I will just cut it myself, same goes for my bangs.

Lilies & Lionesses - Chapter 29

Gasp, my drabble series is being updated? It’s a miracle.

Chapter 29: Here There Be Dragons. Temeraire AU.
Summary:  In which Hashirama accidentally becomes an aviator in England’s Aerial Corps, Captaining a dragon during the Napoleonic Wars, where she meets Madara Uchiha, the slightly terrifying Captain of the even more terrifying dragon Moeru.

Links: AO3 |

Big bro problem
  • Itachi:*awakes mangekyou Sharingan*
  • Sasuke:*awakes mangekyou Sharingan*
  • -
  • Itachi:*tries his best to protect Konoha from the Uchiwas*
  • Sasuke:*tries his best to protect Konoha from Kaguya*
  • -
  • Itachi:*Saves the world by stoping the Edo Tensei*
  • Sasuke:*Saves the world by annihilating Kaguya*
  • -
  • Itachi:*Does the forehead poke*
  • Sasuke:*Does the forehead poke*
  • -
  • Itachi:*Goes away from Konoha in order to protect his little brother*
  • Sasuke:*Goes away from Konoha in order to protect his daughter*
  • -
  • Itachi:...
  • Itachi:...
  • Itachi:For the love of god Sasuke, stop copying me.
  • Sakura:*Does the forehead poke*
  • Itachi:Not you too.