Remus and Madam Pomfrey were really good friends, she healed him after every full moon and they would have tea together and maybe discuss books. And whenever Remus would get hurt Madam Pomfrey would tell him to be more careful and make a speech explaining why making a ‘who can jump more stairs?’ competition with James, Sirius and Peter was not a good idea. Once he left Hogwarts, they would write to each other monthly, after the full moon, and she would always give him advice on what potions he should take and how to properly heal wounds. When he became a teacher, it was like the old times, she would heal him and they would still drink tea, now with other professors as well. When he was fired, she went to see him and while offering him chocolate bars she broke down to tears, because she was seeing a really good man being fired for something that was not his fault. He hugged her, almost like a son hugs his mother and said ‘Thank you for taking care of me’. Years after, she sees him again, but this time he’s with a woman. They soon get married and Madam Pomfrey is so happy that Remus found someone who loves him. When she knows they had a baby she starts crying thinking about the first time she saw Remus, he was just a boy then but he showed so much courage, and she knew he would be a great father. Then the Battle of Hogwarts came. She watched as the place where she spent most of her life was attacked by Death Eaters, she saw parts of hers and many students and professors home fell. But she fought with every strength she had to protect it. In the end she had to heal the wounded. It’s her job. So as she entered the great hall, she looked to the people who had lost their lives fighting for a better world. Her heart broke when she saw him. No. Not her boy, not him. It couldn’t be. A tear fell down her face when she realized that this time, no matter how many potions she gave him, no matter how many times she would heal his wounds, her boy would not wake up.