I love Mireille too! Thank you @madampink

01. Full name: Mireille Océane Dennis
02. Best friend: Harry
03. Sexuality: n/a
04. Favorite color: charcoal grey
05. Relationship status: In a relationship
06. Ideal mate: Mireille’s guiding traits are inappropriate and childish so her ideal mate is someone patient and tolerant who can put up with her quirks while helping her tone down the more alienating aspects of her personality. A good sense of humour is also essential, as is a very thick skin, because Mireille doesn’t have a filter!
07. Turn-ons: Mireille’s turn-ons are nice muscular calves and a cute belly-button. Harry has both, luckily. If he had legs like toothpicks or an outie it would have been Hasta mañana, iguana!
08. Favorite food: Mireille loves to cook different dishes using all the wonderful fresh produce from Harry’s vegetable garden. Especially if they’re really gassy vegetables and she and Harry can have farting competitions after dinner! Teeheeheehee!
09. Crushes: Mireille still has a burning desire for certain firemen (her daughter’s father is a fireman and she used to be a firefighter herself) but she tries to avoid fanning the flames.  But where there’s smoke there’s fire, right? :P
10. Favorite music: Mireille likes listening to female singers like Pink and Gwen Stefani and Amy Whitehouse and Tori Amos.
11. Biggest fear: not growing old with Harry.
12. Biggest fantasy: Mireille’s greatest fantasy is visiting every single theme park in the world and going on every single ride. With Harry.
13. Bad habits: Swearing, burping, farting. If it’s inappropriate, Mireille’s bound to excel at it.
14. Biggest regret: Mireille’s biggest regret is letting Harry get away the first time.
15. Best kept secrets: Mireille once was in a rush preparing lunch for their daycare toddlers, and realised after the meals had all been finished that she’d given the kiddies cat food instead of baby food.
16. Last thought: Silent but deadly!
17. Worst romantic experience: She once went on a movie date with Harry and they ran into her ex Winston which was awkward. And Harry’s mother Marina stood outside the cinema the whole time proudly telling everyone her son was inside on an actual date.
18. Biggest insecurity: Her varicose veins
19. Weapon of choice: Her acerbic tongue
20. Role Model: Probably her brother-in-law, Hasani. The man is an absolute saint.