laurensasylum asked:

Fuck that one anon, Andii. (Though, I'm pretty sure you could give a shit less what they think..) I think your boobies look just fine and they (from what I can see from hurrrr) are not saggy.

Even if they were, fuck it. Saggy tits are in this year. lulz.

The force is strong with you. <3

thank you baby <3

i just really don’t care hahaha boobs are boobs and not everyone were born with perfect fucking tits so people gotta learn to accept differences. i’ve accepted myself as a flawed creature, so i dont let shit get to me anymore. 


I’ll just leave this here….

madamevader replied to your post: I cant wait to put my hot wet breath all over you first i’m gonna unzip you pants, theni’m gonna pull your underwear off with my teeth, then i’m gonna put your balls in my mouth and get them really wet while I stroke your c8ck, then i’m gonna slide my mouth up your shaft to the head of your c8ck,and get it really wet with my hot breathe, while i’m sucking you i’m gonna use my vibrator on my wet juicy p*ssy,…

damn. I thought I was going to win with this one. hahahaahhahahaha.

I really want to know who this was. haha.