standalones from the height chart i’ve been working on all summer! as of today i’ve completed drawing 24 out of 53 characters, so i’m nearly halfway there!

these standalones are going to be used for the website im working on to host info for ocs and stories, also aderyn (second character) is a species that belongs to seileag

this is a ref for someone that I’ve known for almost 13 years now, and is very dear to me-to the point where I’m protective about posting about her

I’m not quite sure what she is, but she’s about 7"8 tall and despite appearances is a protective figure. the fluid like substances around the stumps of her hands operate as fingers, and she walks around using tentacle/vine like appendages 

she also knows Tiberius and Kof (King of Fragile Things), and that’s as much as I feel comfortable posting about her publicly


Okay backstory: two dumb characters revamped from elementary school times. 

Madamesque was so annoyed by the King of Fragile Things( aka Kof, basically a weird homeless guy following her around) that she asked him to give her one reason why she shouldn’t kill him.

Kof gave her an answer, not because he was hitting on her or anything but that he’s a sincere guy that isn’t afraid to express how he feels, even if it’s worded oddly. But it shocked/terrified Madamesque so much that she was worried if this was how he treated her alive she didn’t want to risk him coming back and then not being able to do anything else about it. So he just kind of tags along with her now. 

anonymous asked:

this is kinda related, but what was your first character EVER? do you still do stuff with him/her?

My first character ever EVER was Madamesque! I discovered her when I was four/five years old, so she’s around thirteen/twelve years old now!

unfortunately don’t have any pictures of her from back then. (Which is sorta understandable due to the fact that a child drawing an imaginary friend with their hands cut off and the blood coming from the stumps operating as hands would be sort of weird for two straight edge catholic parents to see)

she still looks exactly the same as years ago! (except now I have a better grasp on the concept of drawing boobs and hips and things in general compared to..almost thirteen/twelve years ago)

and I still do stuff with her c: