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It's funny, I was hesitant to buy from bodyline because the dresses and skirts all seem to look frumpy on the models, yet the dress I got was gorgeous. Am I the only one who thinks this, or is the frumpiness something someone else has noticed?

Oh no they usually look terribly frumpy on most of the models but then look awesome in real life. They usually don’t pull them in enough to fit the models’ bodies, even when they have plenty of extra lacing in the back, and they almost always use a crappy petti. When trying to figure out their quality you usually just have to look past the frump and look more into the details like the quality of the lace and look for reviews.

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I actually was looking for a bit more specifics with legends of the Ninetailed fox, perhaps there is an article you can point me to?

If you want to do your own reading, this is a great portal to web pages with Japanese fox folklore and even noh and kabuki play scripts. It also has a lot of information and resources on fox spirits, in Korea and China as well as Japan. They aren’t necessarily nine-tailed, but those stories are in there.

If you want a modern yarn, The Fox Woman is an excellent fantasy novel concerning a kitsune. 

Almost two months ago, I went on a Steampunk photoshoot just around the neighborhood with a friend of mine. Unfortunately we realized that this plan wasn’t exactly sound considering it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit in June. We were dying in the layers of vests and coats and corsets. 

I wanted to try for a more pirate look, and this is one of the photos that just turned out incredible!

Here you go, the Madame Pirate. c:  

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While we are on the subject of headcanons, I know you covered Waka and how the white veil wings on his hat would be part of the symbolism of the tengu, but I always considered them to be there in memory of the Celestials from the Ark of Yamato Genocide.

They’re also based off of Gatchaman.

But in the Okami canon, a connection between Waka and the Celestials does indeed seem likely.

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This blog is basically the most incredible thing I've seen! Mythology of all sorts has always intrigued me, and this just makes me all sorts of happy. I'd be most interested in seeing stuff about the Moon Tribe, and perhaps a bit more about the Ninetails foxes in particular?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support. From all of you.

I already made a post on Ninetails here, but if there’s any other details you’d like me to cover in that regard, please let me know! As for the Moon Tribe, there’s honestly not much, but I’ll do what I can. :)

That’s exactly it. You are a fool. You think you can come back here and charm me again,everything back to normal. You know you can’t hide. You know you can’t run.

The AstleyHicCandy AU that Nithak and I are doing has quickly become one of my favorite AUs. Hic especially, has become a favorite of mine, and I always love drawing him. He’s ridiculously mean, and saucy, and manipulative, but somehow Astley knows how to charm him to an extent, and keep himself out of harm’s way |D

Quote from the RP we did last night^

 Hic belongs to Nithak~

Speaking of WIPs, this was another thing I have been working on recently. I promised Manadyne I’d finish a drawing with Liling, the Asian Lung princess and her guardian, Heishan forever ago.

Instead I redrew it on larger paper to give me more room to experiment.

I really miss roleplaying these two; their dynamic has always been darling and it’s good proof that not all relationships in roleplays need to be romantic at all. 

I wish I had a better thing to take pictures with aside from my webcam;; it always eats away at the details of these things.

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You know what's really funny is that 40 percent of the people I follow also follow you so there will be times where they will reblog something and I'll go waiiit I saw that, or the REBLOGGED FROM PROTOTYPINGS and I'm like oh


I’m everywhere. 8)
40% though omg, that seems like a lot 

Hello my darling followers and friends! I know I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’ve been learning bunches and been drawing just as much (Unfortunately very little of my drawings actually fit on my scanner uwu I’ll take a bunch of photos, I think!)

Just here to say that I love all of you, and that college is great. I also want you guys to know that I’m filling my queue up with love, because I’ll be taking a year and a half long hiatus on February 5th!