madame x


At some point in the past year I promised people that I’d post some of my old Neopets stuff up here, just for kicks, but never got around to it.  So here!  Have some belated front page banners, probably from 2007 or so.

Some of my Neopets work is old and horrible and I want to BURN it, but I don’t quite hate these yet- front page banners were always fun to do because they were an excuse to draw tiny illustrations.

…Illustrations with not-so-subtle Firefly references in them.

Portrait of Madame X” (detail), 1884, John Singer Sargent.

Is it a woman? a chimera, the figure of a unicorn rearing as on a heraldic coat of arms or perhaps the work of some oriental decorative artist to whom the human form is forbidden and who, wishing to be reminded of woman, has drawn the delicious arabesque? No, it is none of these things, but rather the precise image of a modern woman scrupulously drawn by a painter who is a master of his art”. (Judith Gautier, via laclefdescoeurs)