madame tremaine

Evil Stepmother and Step Sisters

If you have not met them out at Disneyland or Disney World then I highly recommend it. They are THE MOST FUN! 

“You look like a gnome troll.” - Motherly compliment to her daughters.

“Much better.”

So then my friend Bryan proposes to Drusilla and we got one of the highlights of our day. (LOOK AT THAT FACE!)

Admiring the ring while Anastasia is just like, “Mother, what just happened!?”

And so they were hitched!

We became the wedding party and paraded around Fantasyland.

Look at the two love birds.

They walked through the “Archway of Love”. Drusilla informed Bryan that the other two are “Friendzone” and “It’s Complicated”.

We was going to buy her ice cream as their first date/wedding gift but Madame Tremaine did not support the union.

So she took her daughter away.

Poor thing!

Look at that face! Even Anastasia feels bad!

On a good note, we did run into them again at the 3 o'clock parade and the two star crossed lovers pined after each other. ;)

Che cattivo Disney sei?
  • Ariete: Capitan Uncino (Peter Pan)
  • Toro: Crudelia De Mon (La Carica dei 101)
  • Gemelli: Scar (Il Re Leone)
  • Cancro: Madre Gothel (Rapunzel)
  • Leone: Gaston (La Bella e la Bestia)
  • Vergine: Madame Tremaine (Cenerentola)
  • Bilancia: Principe Hans (Frozen)
  • Scorpione: Malefica (La Bella Addormentata nel bosco)
  • Sagittario: Yzma (Le follie dell'Imperatore)
  • Capricorno: Jafar (Aladdin)
  • Acquario: Regina Cattiva (Biancaneve e i sette nani)
  • Pesci: Ursula (La Sirenetta)
In The Heart Of A Princess || madame-tremaine

     Jillian had never meant to be separated from the guards that her father had sent to protect her during her trip to a near by Kingdom. He had insisted that she ride in a carriage like a proper princess, but then again Jillian was never one to be proper. So she had ridden on the back of her white horse with her guards as if she were normal, as normal as she could be. But then the storm hit, and in the darkness of travel combined with the storm, nor she nor her horse could see where they were going. The horse in fear had taken off running from the path, stomping against the ground as it ran. 

     “Nicodemus! Slow down!” she shouted, though the sound of her voice was drown out by the storm. He ran for what seemed like forever until he slowed, as did the rain. Jillian was soaked to the bone, though the cloak that covered her had helped to keep her head and most of her dress dry. When the clouds from the storm finally started to shift, the moon came into view and lit up a path before her. She sighed in relief as her horse followed it, eventually leading her to a lone house. She was thankful she could see lights on inside and bit her lip nervously. She didn’t want to throw her weight around saying she was a princess, because then whoever was inside would be forced to help her. Then again if she didn’t then she would be forced to sleep outside. 

      She tied off her horse after hopping off of it, the heels of her shoes clicking against the stone. She kept her hood up to hide her face until whoever was home answered the door, though the moon light reflected off of her silvery-white cloak and the diamond she wore around her neck. She hurried up the few steps and knocked on the door, looking back at her horse before looking back at the door. She only hoped whoever was home would be willing to let her stay for a night, or if anything to tell her how to get to town. 


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