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Top 12 Favorite Shoujo Manga as of 2016

note: I tried not to repeat any manga authors, so several of these authors have other great shoujo manga too that I decided to cut in order to keep it to twelve.

~titles and author under the cut~

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Donald O’Connor (1925-2003)

“I was born and raised to entertain other people. I’ve heard laughter and applause and known a lot of sorrow. Everything about me is based on show business - I think it will bring me happiness. I hope so.”  



Some of my favorite Donald gifs … simply adorable 💋!

1 - 6    “Singin’ In The Rain”, 1952  with Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly 

7 - 10  “Call Me Madam”, 1953  with lovely Vera-Ellen

1-3, 5-10_created by miyulivingdead 💖

4_created by thejennire 💖

Great work, thank you so much for your efforts! Love these gifs so much 💋! 


Doctor Who/Ripper Street Crossover
↳ Madame Vastra and her assistant, Jenny Flint, are contacted by an old friend of the girl: a match-girl who is desperately looking for other girls, who had once worked with Jenny when she too was trying to make ends meet by selling matches, who have apparently vanished into thin air.

Mirror Within

Rating: G
Word count: 1.989

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W wersji fonetycznej wierszyk ten brzmi identycznie w obu językach i ma swoje (oczywiście inne) znaczenie w jednym i drugim. Jest to chyba jedyny wiersz na świecie o takich właściwościach.

Wersja polska:

“Oko trę, że mam ból
Taki los komu żal ?
oko trę, pali sól
O madame, kulą wal
Ile trosk, ile burz,
a krew kipi, wre ,
O madame, oto nóż
O, madame, oto mrę”

wersja francuska:

“O, contrain je m'emboulle,
Taquilosse, comme ou jalle?
O, cotrain, polissoule
O madame, coulon valle!
Il est trosque, il est bouge,
A ma creve qui pis vrai
O, madame, o tonuche
O, madame, o tome rain

—  Julian Tuwim

It’s April!

So take a moment with me and imagine

Newly!Human!Cas who, for his entire existence, had only experienced rain as a nuisance. Water falling from the sky. Nothing special. It was merely weather.

Imagine Newly!Human!Cas being enthralled by the rolling clouds, the crashing thunder. Power in its purest form raging against the bunker, against the world.

He might be a little in love.

Newly!Human!Cas standing outside, soaked to the bone, arms outstretched, head thrown back, laughing because for the first time since he fell, enveloped in the storm, he feels like an angel again.

Dean, while at first worried about Cas catching a cold standing out in the rain, is floored by the total joy on Cas’ face. How beautiful he is, eyes filled with the blue that’s missing in the gray sky. So much so that he has to follow him out, pull him close in his arms, and kiss him breathless, no matter the consequences.

Newly!Human!Cas making a noise of surprise before melting into Dean’s arms, wrapped together by wind and water.

Yep. He’s definitely a little in love.