madame pirate

I went into Black Sails expecting pirates. I did not expect a revolution against England (aka the homophobic racist patriarchy in country form) led by a black woman, a bisexual man and an amputee Slytherin with assistance from former slaves and sex workers. Also, womenfolk doing the business! Spies and queens and counsellors and pirates and madames and everything in between. I love this show so much :D

there’s a post in the penn zero tag which says pz doesn’t have lesbians in it and uhm hello? amber?


Mizuko fits the bill pretty well. She’s is a high-ranking minion of the Demon Lord Ptera Siphona

As a ninja, she specializes in espionage, sabotage, ans assassination. She makes great use of her abilities as a succubus to infiltrate enemy territory unnoticed . While her psyonic powers are quite weak, her shape-shifting skills are unmatched. 

Perhaps the deadliest tools in her arsenal are the poisonous barbs that grow behind her set of horns. Upon contact, the barbs cause intense pain followed by paralysis. The paint on her body is made from a far less potent strain of the poison; it’s not nearly as deadly, but it does act as a powerful aphrodisiac if it makes contact with the skin. 

Her partner-in-crime is the pirate succubus Madame Cross; they constantly bicker with one another, but are a force to be reckoned with when they actually decide to work together. 

A character for a story madamepirate and I are doing! 

In this story, there are some people who have the ability to mentally bond with creatures who are the spirits of the dead, whether animal or human. Elijah lived outside the capital, Solar, and it’s surrounding city Lunar. When the government saw the rise in people with these abilities, they feared another rebellion like the one that had taken place many years ago, so they started setting up training centers where people with these abilities could go and train with their monster companions. Unbeknownst to the people, trainers would report any high-level anomalies to the government, who would then “take care of them.” 

Eli took the job as a new trainer, and was sent down south. His request being that his compensation for working go to helping his mother. She was moved into Lunar and provided for shortly thereafter. He quickly rose to the top of his center, and now likely runs, or has a hand in running the place. His companion is the spirit of a protective mother bear fighting to save her cubs, and she and Eli bonded after he was attacked by a wild animal and she jumped in to save him. He’d lost a lot of blood and was left with a lot of scarring on his shoulder, neck, and some on his face, but he was able to survive due to the help of his bear companion.