madame milly

Code Geass Prom Night

As requested by anon

This list takes place in a High School AU, so every character gets to go to the prom! “—” indicates a scene change.

Shirley: Um, Madame President? What’s this on the noticeboard?

Milly: Isn’t it obvious? It’s for the prom next week!

Shirley: Um, yeah, but aren’t most proms supposed to…not be in a swimming pool?

Milly: What, do you want to do the boring thing and having a boring regular prom like everyone else does?

Shirley: Uh, kinda, yeah!

Milly: The Madame President’s decision is final!

Tamaki: Hey, Kallen-

Kallen: No

Tamaki: Dammit!

Ohgi: I wouldn’t bother there, Tamaki. She’s saving herself up for Zero.

Kallen: What?! No I’m not, that’s ridiculous!

Tamaki: Zero? That weird hacker dude who keeps pissing off the teachers by changing their usernames?

Kallen: Okay, first of all, he’s not a “weird hacker dude”, he’s fighting for student rights, and you should really owe him a lot more respect and-

Ohgi: But he’s anonymous, right? Is he going to show up to the prom in nothing but his trunks and a helmet?


Tamaki: Dude, I think you killed Kallen.

Ohgi: She’ll get better soon.

C.C.: So are you going to this prom?

Lelouch: No. I’ll relax when my rebellion is ended. Until then, I can’t afford to waste any time.

C.C.: Aren’t you going to try for Prom King?

Lelouch: Apparently Milly’s going to make everyone go in their swim gear. It’s kind of hard to look smart.

Lelouch: But I suppose the winner will be -

C.C.: Who?

Lelouch: Schneizel. [furious teeth grinding]

C.C.: Then who do you think will make Prom Queen?

Lelouch: Knowing Milly, she’s probably going to declare herself Prom Queen.

C.C.: True, but maybe Nunnally’s got a chance.

Lelouch: Well, of c-Wait, Nunnally’s going to the prom?

C.C.: So I hear. 

Lelouch: Does that mean she has a-

C.C.: Date, yes.


C.C.: I was just asking you since I wasn’t sure if you’d let her go unsupervised, but if you’re willing to leave her to her own devices…

Lelouch: This changes everything! What if he tries to take advantage of her? I have to keep an eye on her -

C.C.: But you’ll need a date, won’t you? You’ll only draw attention to yourself if you go alone.

Lelouch: Yeah, but where am I going to find a date?

C.C.: Well, luckily for you - wait. Just one thing, Lelouch. If you were to invite someone out, you’d pay for their ticket as well, wouldn’t you?

Lelouch: Well…i-if that’s the done thing…

C.C.: Then just ask me already.


Lelouch: You…

Lelouch: You’ve been working this entire conversation to get into the prom free, haven’t you?

C.C.: Yes, I’d love to.


Villetta: That’s what your username says, Orange-Boy.



Miss Eva Ernst/The Grand High Witch: Any questions?

Millie: Madam, what would happen if one of the chocolates we give away was accidentally eaten by a grown-up?

Miss Eva Ernst/The Grand High Witch: Hehehe. Then that’s just too bad for ze grown-up.

-”The Witches”