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Both Amadeus and Madeline use their brains in Totally Awesome Hulk #1.MU

We have two stories by Marvel newcomers. Brian Edward Hill teams up Amadeus with White Fox to save North Korea from a monster. There is some mild flirting, some cool action…and then a plot twist comes. And I have to say, this is a clever twist – the story played it this way that it managed to get me tricked as well, so the reveal was a pleasant surprise.

The second story, by Leah Williams (who you might know on tumblr as @handaxe ), focuses on Maddy. It’s a backup story, so it’s pretty simple and straightforward. But gives a nice look at Maddy and shows her as both very competent and logical and also emotional and excitable at the same time. In many ways she reminds me here of younger Amadeus back from Incredible Hercules days and reminding me of that book is a big plus for me. As a cherry on top, we get a new take on Lady Hellbender, showing her as more serious and caring for the monsters, than I remember her from her aberrance under Pak. I like it, it gives more layers and nuance to the character.

I really hope this book will start of two great careers in Marvel for both of those writers. So, guys, if you have some money and haven’t bought this book already, maybe consider buying it? It’s standalone and is pretty good, you won’t regret it.

From Totally Awesome Hulk #4, a bit of scene from when Amadeus took Bruce’s curse from him.


Anyway, this was pretty good. Amadeus got to learn to accept Hulk as a part of himself, something more than just monster of the ID, but also learn to find a way to balance it with still thinking like only he can. Add to this pretty good lines from Miles and Maddy and it’s a pretty good finale of the first arc.


The first one is a fan gym leader I made up named Bernice. She supposed to be an icy fire type user XD

The other one was inspired after I watched Kill la Kill… I didn’t really like it personally. The outfit was utterly disgusting to look at. I’m usually fine with a certain level of fan service, but that… it simply sickened me. But in any case… this was inspired because I see so few female characters with proper armor. So I made this knight, whom I may use for some stories down the road. Not really sure yet.