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hi hello welcome! this is terrifying. meet this highly skilled magical duelist with little conscience and a tendency for harming, torture and all things relatively evil, who also tends to sit upon chained chairs as if they were a throne, also known as madam BELLATRIX LESTRANGE from the HARRY POTTER series. penned by BUBBLES, who’s basically exactly what the name suggests, but also a bit of a sinbin. either LIKE or REBLOG this post if you’re interested in writing with me!


I Don’t Think Anyone Understands How Excited I Am To See Helena Bonham Carter As The Fairy Godmother 

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Madam Lestrange, what was your wedding dress like?


Narcissa: This is the dress you wore to my wedding. You looked absolutely exquisite in your white wedding dress, Bella. Do show them, please.

Bellatrix: You must be mistaken as I never wear white.

Narcissa: Very well, act like a child all you want but do know it saddens me greatly that you wouldn’t recognise how divine you looked then. I will never forget the first time I saw you in that dress.

Bellatrix: I hate you.


Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger | Dramione
Setting: Half-Blood Prince AU
Word Count: 653
Written for: @reghoulus​, because I vaguely remember some sort of dramione challenge thing going around and, as per usual, I’m late to the party. 
Notes: Experimenting with a different style born out of reading lots of @provocative-envy‘s and @takeupserpents‘s work whilst down with the flu. 


It’s not surprising that she now practically lives in the library. Harry is grimmer, and paler, and Ron spends hours bent over his grandfather’s chess set, sacrificing knights with steady hands. 

She’s begun stockpiling clothes, medicines, and death magic, bottling explosive reactions in vials-within-vials and brewing poisons in disused bathrooms.

It is surprising, for a brief moment, that she runs into Malfoy in the Potions section, napping fitfully with a research compendium on belladonna resting on his belly. 

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Meet the parents

Main Characters- Reader, Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange

Herbology class, possibly the most boring class of the day. You anxiously waited for class to end so you could see Draco. You were in the same class but you were no where near each other which made it hard to talk. Thank goodness the goof Neville Longbottom messed up the assignment and passed out so class was dismissed early. It was your last year at Hogwarts, not many had returned after the second wizarding war that took place just last year, but you and Draco still felt it was necessary to finish out your schooling. Professor Sprout dismissed class and went to help Neville to the hospital wing. You walked out and you jumped a little once you felt arms wrap around your waist from behind. It was your boyfriend Draco, who you had been happily dating for nearly 4 years. He rested his head on your shoulder and you turned around and went to kiss him, even tho you had to stand on the tips of your toes. “Your so short!” Draco mumbled. “I know! Shut up!” He giggled and said,“ Fine, but only if you agree to come have dinner with me and my family at Malfoy Manor tomorrow evening…” Draco asked nervously. You smiled and nodded. “I would love too!” He smiled and a relieved look spread across his face. You smiled and began to walk to your next class with him as he said,“ and just for the record, I think your height is adorable!” You giggled a little as he smiled at you. Then you walked hand in hand to your next class.

It was Friday afternoon, the evening of which you would attend a dinner at Malfoy Manor with Draco’s parents and his Aunt Bellatrix. Draco has let you know that you all would just meet in the Slytherin common room that afternoon and you would apparate to Malfoy Manor together, so you weren’t alone. It was nearly 3, the time Draco would be meeting you in the common room. You looked rather fancy in black cocktail dress with grey and sequin details. Some black heals, and your hair fell down on your shoulders in loose curls. Draco arrived looking nice as always in a black suit. “Ready my darling?” You nodded. “As ready as I will ever be!” Draco could tell you were nervous he put his hand on your cheek and pulled you in close for a kiss. “Don’t worry baby, you will be fine! They will love you! The only thing that would start a fuss is if you were in a different house or your blood status, which you don’t have to worry about since you are a pure-blood Slytherin! Trust me they will love you!” You nodded, now feeling a little better and you Draco grabbed your hand before you apparated together to the walkway of Malfoy Manor. Draco held onto your hand as you all walked closer and closer to the entrance. You stood on the top step right before the door and Draco knocked softly. The door opened to reveal a tiny house elf. That then hollored,“ Mr. And Mrs. Malfoy, madam Lestrange, Draco has arrived!” They all showed up near the door a few moments later. They hugged Draco first before he introduced you. “Mum, dad, aunt Bella,” he motioned his hand to you,“ this is my amazing girlfriend (y/n)!” Lucius shook your hand, Narcissa smiled and welcomed you to their home, while Bella was more interesting in you. “So dear, what house are you?” Bellatrix hummed. “I’m a Slytherin. Pure blood…” They all smiled before you all walked into their dining room and you noticed on the way just how amazing and beautiful the manor was. You sat down in a chair next to Draco and the house elves brought in everything and made sure everyone was satisfied. You all had many conversations throughout the dinner and you really liked his parents and they seemed to like you as well, although you were still just a little scared of Bellatrix. You then heard Draco speak,“ Umm… Father… Could I… Erm… Speak with you in the drawing room for a moment.” Lucius looked concerned and then nodded. Draco looked at you as he stood up,“ I will be right back, okay?” He kissed your forehead and then he walked with his father away into another room. You were now left in the room, just you Narcissa and Bellatrix. Narcissa broke the awkward silence first. “So, (y/n), how is your family? Being a pure blood I’m just curious?” You began to answer her,“ Well I am from the (y/l/n) family. My great grandparents were actually rather close with the Malfoy’s.” Narcissa and Bella both nodded. “Yes, we are very familiar with the name.” You all continued to talk about your family and you then felt you had gained their full approval. You really liked them but you were still happy once Draco came back in followed by Lucius. Draco stood next to you and held out his hand then said,“ Follow me?” You smiled and stood up following him outside of the manor and into a beautiful garden, filled with roses and lights. You gasped as Draco walked you to a beautiful archway. He began to speak. “(Y/n), this is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. Just after everything that’s happened its been hard to find the right time. Now, I can’t wait any longer. You have been there for me through everything. Through the good and the bad you have stuck right by my side and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.” Tears began to swell in your eyes as Draco continued. “I love you so much, and I can’t wait for the day where I will get to fall asleep knowing your right by my side and then wake up every morning to see your beautiful face! With all of that being said…” Draco reaching in his pocket and got down on one knee. You put one hand over your mouth as Draco held onto the other. “(Your full name), will you please do me the honor of making me the happiest man on the earth and becoming my wife.” He opened the box to reveal a beautiful ring that sparkled in the sunset. Tears streamed down your checks and you nodded. “Yes. Yes! Awh Draco! I love you so much!” Draco put the ring on your finger and stood up pulling you into an embrace! “I love you too!” He then gave you a kiss and you all walked back into the manor together to give everyone the amazing news.