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Still in the HP universe, it's easy to assume Katniss would become an auror (her fire, skills, good aim, pretty lethal, would die for a cause and all of that), but what about Peeta? His skills are a shoe in for politics but he never went to that life in THG, is he more in the craft? I was thinking about his paintings on the plaint book but it's really hard... what do you imagine it could be a "Peeta wizard job"?

In my mind, I see Peeta running a bakery in Hogsmeade. His confections are magical, though… tiny, edible sailboats that really move across an undulating sea of frosting, or cupcakes with flowers that bloom when someone who is hungry looks at them. And he bakes breads that, when tasted, conjure images of someone’s childhood home. He sells sticky toffee puddings that make someone blush when they see the person they love. And all the children from Hogwarts flock to his bakery to buy the cheese buns he bakes, which are magical because the cheese inside them is always warm and gooey, and they taste oh-so-yummy with butterbeer.

The highlight of his week is when the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor comes to the village. When he sees her through the steamed glass of the shop window, he smiles at how her tiny frame disappears beneath the robe that matches her raven-black hair, at how serious and stern she looks- fierce and brave-but at how young she looks too with her cheeks chapped red from the wind. When he sees her, he tells the squib boy he hired to watch the shop for a few, and then he pops into The Three Broomsticks for a pint. 

Everyone in the pub knows and loves him. Madam Rosmerta is always especially handsy with him, clutching his shoulders and squeezing his biceps. He doesn’t mind that so much when she’s in there, and he can feel her gray eyes locked on him from where she sits at the bar, alone, sipping on her firewhiskey, the expression in her gaze as molten as the alcohol in her glass. He sort of likes it then, the way Madam Romserta fawns on him, because he thinks the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor might have noticed him, too… and he’s utterly defenseless against her and her witchcraft.