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#BatB/POTO parallels: after engagement/down once more

Chopin made his pupils begin with the B major scale, very slowly, without stiffness. Suppleness was his great object. He repeated, with out ceasing, during the lesson: “Easily, easily” [facilement, facilement]. Stiffness exasperated him.
—  Madame Dubois, a pupil of Chopin’s
Private Eye M’rakhi Tia

It was sunny; the kind of sunny you’d hope would shed light upon all the dirt and scum on the streets but all it did was coat the town with a layer of grime and sweat. I had just sat down by my desk when I heard a knock on the door, and in bursts madam Elviane Dubois. She was an Ishgardian with more curves to her than a sine vase, her voice smoother than a stroll through a china shop, and a dress more ostentatious than the entirety of the Ishgardian city. She swaggered into my office like the Lord Commander would through the streets of Ishgard, with a fox-like grin spread from ear to ear. Told me she had a job for me. She talked about a benign salvage company with a hidden backdoor from which a whole load of filth comes. I took the file she handed and deposited it in my desk next to my gun. Honestly, the woman had more trouble written on her forehead than the morning paper during times of war, but coin’s coin.

I contentedly watched her go again and I thought I could do with some company during this job. My partner Jane had gone down again, and was recovering. Truthfully she went down faster and more often than those overly eager courtesans up in Ala Ghiri.

“Looks like it’s a solo job.”

Aristocats - Michael Clifford (Disney!5sos)

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A/N: Guys I have the next 3 disney!5sos things after that and I will be continuing in the order of Michael, Luke, Calum then Ashton

Also, I very much love the aristocats and it just screams Michael to me. If you have never seen the aristocats then I feel truly sorry for you

Character comparison ~
Thomas O'Malley (o'malley the alley cat) :: Michael
Duchess :: [Y/N]
Toulouse, Marie + Berlioz :: Henri, Adelaide + Rollo
Edgar :: Elliot Dubois
The Alley Cats :: Calum, Luke + Ashton

Word Count - 2952

You’ve had a privileged life, in some ways unlucky but overall privileged. You began in a fairly well off family living in 2 or 3 houses before you were even 5. By the age of 7 your family had moved to France, specifically Paris, due to the request of the Dubois’, some family friends. Your parents had is set up since you were born hat you would marry Elliot Dubois, grandson of Madame Dubois, simply to ensure that you have a good life. You got everything you ever wanted and at 16 you and Elliot were married. The only problem in all of this was the fact that Elliot was a complete dick, to put it politely,he hated your family and probably only remained your husband to please his family and keep his inheritance. But when you were soon to be turning 18 Elliot took it a little too far, he got into some heated arguments with your parents which ended in them going out in a rainstorm and never returned, they were found in their car submerged in a lake after they swerved off the road. The blame fell on Elliot as he had previously used the words ‘I wish they’d just die already’ and his grandmother disowned him entirely leaving you to be, as far as she’s concerned, her only grandchild. Elliot and you divorced but you never changed your last name leaving you Miss [Y/N] Dubois. Life could have been better from there, if it weren’t for the fact that you are now left pregnant with three fatherless children.

“Dear, I’ve been thinking recently, maybe we should write the triplets into the will,” Madame Dubois says one afternoon. “I mean I adore you but the twins are 3 and a half now, they’re growing up so quick and I want them to have a great support”

“I think that’s a great idea but I don’t know, I mean I hate him, but I think Elliot should be in your will, he’s your blood relative and everything,” you suggest.

“Darling, he lost all respect and connection with me when he acted in a manner that made me embarrassed to know him,” she responds but seeing the look on your face she adds with a sigh, “Alright, if anything is ever to happen to your or the triplets then he shall be the next heir, I’ll put that into action when I add in the triplets”

What you didn’t expect was for Elliot to be there when all of the paper work has to go through for the will but luckily you don’t have to talk to him, he does however have a strange smirk plastered to his face the entire time.

Only a few weeks later Madame Dubois has to go out of town for a little while leaving you and the triplets alone in the house. It’s fine by you however as you’ve been left home alone before but at 8pm, when it’s just gone completely dark and you’ve had the triplets asleep for a good 2 hours or so now you hear noises from their room.

“Hey, you three I though I put you guys to be…” you begin but seeing their room empty you begin to panic, “Henri? Adelaide? Rollo?”

There’s no response as you look around the room, however as you turn to the door again your eyes and mouth are covered and you feel a rag being pressed to your face, everything goes fuzzy and you pass out.

When you come to you feel a wetness beneath you and when your eyes flutter open you see that your sat at the side of a road on muddy grass. Immediately you search around you and find that the triplets aren’t with you.

“Henri?” you call out for the second time. “Adelaide? Rollo?”

“Over hear, mama,” you hear the soft voice of the middle triplet Adelaide call.

You stand, stretch and straighten out your dress, now ruined by the grass and mud. You rush to find the three of your children sat on a discarded bench with a stranger wearing a 'snapback’ style hat.

“You three, get away from the stranger, we need to find out were we’re going and where we are and how we got here,” you instruct, very confused.

“Don’t worry I don’t bite, I was just a little worried because these munchkins were alone when I found 'em,” the stranger tells you. “I’m Michael”

“N-nice to meet you Michael but we must get going, we need to get home,” you tell him, tugging the youngest, Rollo away hoping his siblings will follow.

“And where exactly is home?” Michael asks, following you when you start walking.

It’s now you notice that his accent is unusual, Australian, or perhaps New Zealand, but you can’t tell

“Central Paris,” you tellhim.

Michael stops, “Well for a start you’re going the wrong way”

“What?” you question.

“Paris is that way and you’re going to be walking for a while, I’m trying to hitchhike,” Michael tells you.

You sigh, “Do you happen to know how we got here?”

“I think I saw some dude dropping you off over there,” he points to where you’d woken up.

“What did he look like?” you quiz

“He was pretty short, I think, his hair looked like straw, he looked a bit like a human scarecrow”

Instantly you know who he’s talking about, Elliot.

Michael must see that you look stressed, “I can help you, I’m going to paris anyway”

“Could you?” you see no further danger in this because without someone's help you’re never going to get home and confront Elliot.

“Yeah, I don’t see a problem with that, what’s you’re names, by the way?” he asks.

“Oh sorry, this is Henri, Adelaide and Rollo and I’m [Y/N] Dubois,” you introduce yourself.

“Ooh, you were in those posh newspapers a while back,” he says.

“Really?” you question.

“Yeah, they told like you’re whole life story, you’re meant to inherit that old lady’s money,” he giggles.

You walk for ages, so much that the triplets get tired and you have to carry them between the two of you. The path you walk leads you to an old rotting bridge.

“Well that doesn’t look very safe, maybe we should find a safe route,” you suggest.

“What is miss posh too scared to go over a bridge that could probably hold up a bus,” Michael chuckles.

You’re not convinced but you sigh and go along with it.

“Ladies first,” he gestures forward.

You carefully walk across the unstable bridge successfully, then Rollo goes, then Henri and lastly Adelaide. Adelaide is the most scared to go across the bridge and as she goes she grabs onto the hand rail but as she takes a step the bridge, as you’d expected brakes and she’s left clinging onto the handrail.

“Adi!” the two boys call out.

You step forward to go and help her, as a mother would, but Michael quickly says, “No, let me, it’s dangerous!”

You, for some reason allow him to, trusting him with the life of your daughter.

“Okay, Adelaide, I want you to keep your eyes on me,” Michael says calmly testing the stability of the single support plank opposite the one Adelaide is clinging to.

He takes a step out. Your heart is racing. Your hart breaks when you hear Adelaide’s quiet cries of distress.

He reaches her and looks her in the eye, “I want you to take my hand”

Carefully your scared child takes hold of his hand and grips his arm leaving that the only thing keeping her from dropping into the river. This is the make or break moment where you find out whether you can go on trusting Michael. Eventually he manages to pull her up and allow her to climb onto safe ground and into your arms whee you engulf her. You glance up to see Michael still on the ridge and as you do you see part of the wooden plank snap.

“Michael!” you call out as he realizes his predicament.

Quickly you lunge forward and grab his arm pulling him onto stable ground.

“Well that was eventful,” he sighs taking the hat from his head, letting out a bundle of red as he runs his fingers through his hair.

“Your hair is bleeding!” naive little Rollo says.

“What?” Michael laughs. “Oh, right, no I dyed my hair”

“Jesus, I’ve never seen hair like that before,” you add.

“Really? Oh well I supposed you don’t see many people of your status with originality,” he answers himself.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you ask while you start walking again.

“You know you’re all really specifically dressed you never see someone like you with tattoos or piercings,” he explains himself.

“I want my ears pierced and one of those funny eyebrow things,” Adelaide points up at Michael.

“Mummy, can I get my hair rainbow?” Rollo asks with a large grin on is face.

“And I want to get that on my hands,” Henri exclaims pointing at Michael’s hand tattoos.

“Thank you Michael, I’m going to end up with 3 punk kids,” you chuckle

“Ain’t nothing wrong with that,” he replies.

Your walk takes you down a road and whenever you see a car you hitchhike, something you’ve heard of but never done. Eventually you get a guy in a truck to stop and all 5 of you climb into the back.

It doesn’t take you very long to get to Paris from there considering the guy is going to the suburbs anyway and from there you start another tiresome walk.

“I honestly didn’t expect us to get here so soon I’m used to it taking a good two day,” Michael chuckles.

“Good, how far is Champs Elysees from here?” you ask.

“Too far to continue walking in the dark of Paris,” Michael replies.

“Well great, what are me and 3 kids supposed to do with no money at night?” you whine.

“Don’t worry I’ve got a place we can stay, some mates of mine have a place around here,” Michael says.

“And this place is better than the dark streets?” you question observing your surroundings.

“Trust me it’s better than you’d think”

5 minutes later and Michael has guided you up a loft that, to you, looks pretty dodgy and the whole place seem to be filled with music that seems to be coming from the top floor.

“Here we are folks,” Michael says when you’ve reached a door. “Guys meet the alley cats”

He opens the door to see 3 guys jamming out making some jazz rock fusion on a piano a bass guitar and a kajon.

“Hey Mikey,” the bass player yells stopping.

The kids run inside and they all stop playing.

“What have we told you about kidnapping children?” the kajon player chuckles with a high pitched laugh, his accent also australian.

“No, guys this chick and her kids need a place to sleep so I suggested here,” he smiles.

“Hey you’re that posh girl who’s getting all that money,” the blonde piano player stands up as you walk in.

“Seems I’m quite the celebrity,” you laugh

“Guy this is [Y/N],” Michael introduces you. “[Y/N] this is Calum, Ashton and Luke”

That night you put the kids to sleep in some sofa bed and they all asleep pretty quickly despite the fact that the boys now have friends over and they’re all partying.

“Care to join in with the dancing?” Michael asks seeing you sitting alone staring blankly out the window.

“No, I don’t really think that’s my sort of thing,” you reply.

“Come on, lets try, I can teach you,” he holds out a hand to you.

“After a day like today I may as well,” you sigh taking his hand and allowing him to drag you to the 'dance floor’.

You have fun with him just attempting to dance and exhausting yourself in the process.

“Come with me,” Michael says taking hold of your hand and dragging you out the front door.

“But the kids,” you object.

“They’ll be fine for 5 minutes,” Michael says.

He drags you up to the roof and sits you down on what used to be a chimney.

“Wow, it’s pretty,” you comment on the stars.


“I’ve had a really great day, Michael,” you tell him, leaning into him slightly.

“So have I”

The two of you sit for a little while, enjoying the comfortable silence of night time Paris.

“Can I try something?” Michael asks all of a sudden.

You shrug and he moves a little closer, hesitant, and gently pressies his lips to yours. You relax easily enjoying the feeling of someone else taking an interest in you.

The next morning you’re up bright and early after sleeping on the sofa cuddled up with Michael. He walks you all the way up to your front door, well in fact he stops at the bottom of the path.

“Thanks for all of this Michael,” you say.

“Yeah, I’ve had a great time,” he says.

You say goodbye with a hug and walk up to the door. You try the door handle but it’s locked so you knock, not sure what staff will be in. When the door swings open you are surprised to see Mr scumbag himself, Elliot.

“Thank got,” he says opening his arms and hugging the children.

Their his kids but with the divorce he never got visiting rights or custody.

“That’s her officer, she took the kids, you can arrest her,” Elliot says and you furrow your brow as two officers step forward.

“What? Stole them?” you say.

“Ma'am, you are under arrest”

Next thing you know you are dragged into a police car with your children watching confused.

Luckily you are offered your call pretty soon after arrving at the police station.

“Here’s the phone,” the officer says, “Can I get you anything?”

“Um..” your mind is racing. “Can I get a phonebook?”

You don’t really know who to search for but eventually you narrow it down and risk taking the call.

“Bonjour, casa de Alley Cat, here,” the familiar accent answers.

“Thank god is that Cal, Luke or Ash?” you ramble.

“This is Cal, wait, [Y/N]?” Calum continues.

“Yeah, is Mikey there it’s kind of urgent,” you say

“Yeah just a minute,” Calum calls for Michael and after a lot of movement he answers.

“Michael?” you question.

“[Y/N], what’s up?” he says.

“I’ve been arrested,” you tell him.

“Arrested?” he exclaims.

“Yes and I need you to do something for me,” you say.

“Sure, anything,” he responds.

“I need you to sneak into my house and find that custody papers to prove that I didn’t steal the kids,” you tell him.

“That’s why you got rrested?”

“Yes, Elliot claims I stole his kids so he probably hid the papers too, can you do that?” you finish.

“Yeah, I’ll leave now,” he says.

“Good, I have to go, thank you so much,” you grin.

“No problem, don’t worry you can count on me”

When you’re led back to the cell type room you sit, now it’s just a waiting game.

Meanwhile, Michael is rushing, throwing on a coat before his out the door and rushing across Paris. He gets to the house pretty quickly but then realises he probably shouldn’t use the front door but spots an open windoa story up. Getting in touch with his cat side he manage to climb a tree and swing himself into the winow landing with a thud. He doesn’t know his way around the house but starts his search. He keeps an eye out but can’t find anything on the top two floors of the house so now he has to risk going downstairs. He hears Elliot in the lounge and pokes his head round the corner, catching the eyes of the kids quickly raising a finger to his mouth to make sure that they’re not going to blow his cover, that’s when he spots it, the papers sticking out of Elliot’s bag. The only problem is if he turns around he will see him but he risks it and he’s out the door with a slam. As he rushes down the pathway he hears the door open behind him.

“Hey, you, come back!” he yells.

“No chance buddy you’re going to jail and there’s nothing you can do,” Michael calls as a response.

Michael immediately heads to the police station and explodes through the front door.

“I need to get a Miss [Y/N] Dubois out of police custody,” he says.

“Miss [Y/N] Dubois is charged of kidnapping, what evidence can you give to prove us wrong?” the officer behind the desk questions smugly.

Michael slams the papers down on the desk, “She’s their damn mum, it’s that Elliot bloke that you should arrest”

That’s all it takes, a quick read over and you’re released and being taken to your house again.

Elliot is arrested, but not without a fight and you are reunited with your children, all of which hug Michael too.

“I’m happy to have helped, but I should leave you to your posh life and get back to the breaking down loft,” he chuckles heading for the door.

“Michael,” you stop him and he turns. “Maybe you could stay here, I mean the kids love you and I am quite fond of you,” you giggle.

“Y-you sure, I mean Madame Dubois…”

“She’ll love you,” you cut him off. “Plus she has 10 spare rooms, she won’t mind”

“Well in that case,” Michael grins moving forward and pecking your lips, “I’d love to”


Masterlist // Request

Remi Addams

I’ve always imagined that Aloisia had a stunning older brother who knew how to rock the hell out of a pencil skirt, therefore I decided to create Remi,

Though while in drag you must address him as Madame Dubois, no exceptions~