madame delphine lalaurie

American Horror Story:Coven based on zodiac signs

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Madison Montgomery: Scorpio or Taurus or Gemini 

Zoe Benson: Cancer or Pisces 

Kyle Spencer: Cancer or Virgo

Fiona Goode: Capricorn or Libra or Leo 

Cordelia Foxx: Taurus or Cancer 

Hank Foxx: Gemini or Leo 

Misty Day: Taurus or Pisces 

Queenie: Sagittarius or Aries 

Myrtle Snow: Libra or Gemini 

Nan: Pisces or Aquarius 

Madame Delphine LaLaurie: Leo or Capricorn or Libra 

Marie Lavaeu: Scorpio or Aries 

I know how redemption works in this century. I seen it all on the magic box. Agree to be publicly humiliated; all is forgiven. People have gotten soft, weak, lily-livered. All anybody has to do nowadays is shed some tears, say some words. 

It’s called repentance. 

Oh, repentance my ass. You think a man jack among them was well and truly sorry? Not a one. Sorry they got caught is all. Y'all nothing but a pack of sniveling hypocrites, as far as I can see.

Spalding: I care about this coven. About preserving the ancient line of Salem. Everything is at risk because Fiona has become confused, reckless. She’s forgotten that Marie Laveau has been and always will be her sworn enemy. Marie Laveau must die.
Madame Delphine LaLaurie: She can’t die. The bitch is immortal.
Spalding: By magic. And by magic, she can be undone.

-“AHS Coven”