madame creep


Miraculous Ladybug - Tendencies series - set somewhere in the last chapter of Quiver.

Rating: Safe for Moon. Not safe for Adrien. 


“The speed of sound depends on the medium the sound is travelling in. Sound travels faster in solids than in liquids, and faster in liquids than in gases. This is because the density of solids is higher than that of liquids which means that the particles are closer together—”

Adrien blinked slowly as he watched Madame Mendeleiev conduct her lecture on sound. Physics generally interested him, but today he found it difficult to concentrate. He’d felt… odd… ever since Kim walked into the classroom at the beginning of class.

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samyazaz answered: Cosette is a dancing instructor, Marius and Courf are taking lessons, and they both start to fall for her?

Let it be known that I’m incapable of not making Marius and Cosette fall in love at basically first sight and i’m only half-sorry about it. I’m unsatisfied with this, but I hope you like it? Sorry for the lateness. 

Cosette takes Marius by the hand to guide him better half an hour into their first lesson. Marius, who’s been stealing almost startled glances at her since they arrived, flushes from the back of his neck to the tip of his ears, but he dutifully puts his hand on Cosette’s hips when she tells him to, and doesn’t seem to realize that Cosette’s cheeks have turned darker too. 

Courfeyrac does. 

Marius and Cosette start dancing; Grantaire, the other dance instructor, casually puts some slow, light music on, and everybody stops what they were doing and look as Cosette and Marius turn and twirl, staring at each other with a sort of odd, quietly amazed expression on their faces. Courfeyrac is pretty sure he’s never seen his boyfriend so graceful; Marius is dancing like he’s done it all his life, and he looks absolutely gorgeous; so does Cosette, really, with her lovely black curls falling from her chignon, her light brown skin glowing under the bright lights of the room. 

They both look like the perfect leads of a romantic comedy. Courfeyrac’s mouth is dry. 

Eventually, the music stops; Marius trips, and walks on Cosette’s foot. She gasps, and Marius moves away, mortified, stammering apologies. Cosette waves them away, laughing, and Marius quiets down, looking awe-struck. Cosette’s smile turns shy.

“Alright then,” says someone, after clearing their throat. “Do we keep going with the lesson? I’m sure this one wants to go back to his boyfriend already.”

Marius and Cosette still; there’s an embarrassed edge to Cosette’s voice when she says “of course” and leaves Marius quickly to join the other students. Marius looks at Courfeyrac; he looks - confused, lost, horrified, guilty. It occurs to Courfeyrac that his boyfriend probably expects him to be jealous. 

(It occurs to Courfeyrac that he probably should be. He’s pretty sure he witnessed Marius fall in love with another person just now.). 

(Courfeyrac’s mouth is still dry. He’s not jealous at all.) 

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