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Anastasia's letter to her father 22nd September 1914

September 22nd

My golden Papa!

Olga has just received a telegram from you. I’m going to go pray with Alexei, and then I’ll finish the letter. It’s sunny but cold here. Today we worked in Olga’s warehouse. Alexei feels better, he is cheerful and laughs a lot, so he is much better. 15 new soldiers arrived in my and Maria’s hospital, but we have not been there yet. Today we 4 had dinner alone, and Mama ate a little in bed. Mom met the Sisters who go to war. Beautiful Countess Kutuzova, Sashka’s 3 sisters and 2 nieces. Then the hussar’s wife, he was killed, I forgot his name, she’s not particularly pretty. I went to Alexei’s. I returned from Alexei’s, washed up and am writing now. I hope that you are sleeping well. I still have to prepare lessons, it’s so boring. We have not ridden our bicycles for a long time and have not passed under the windows of the guard room. It’s probably because it’s cold. Madame Dediulina said that she has a distant relative, Dediulin, in the Kexgolmsky regiment, and he is being held captive by the Germans in Danzig, and that there are five officers in prison there. In the small church of the Svodny Regiment there is a mass every day at 9 am, and Mama was there with Olga in the morning. Shura hurries me to end my writing, because it’s time to go to bed, but I certainly do not want to go to sleep. Count Schulenburg brought for Alexei a German rifle, a helmet in a case, a backsword, epaulets of the 147th regiment and a sash with silver tassels, a piece of shrapnel and, it seems, bullets. The carved rifle and the backsword, were given to be cleaned, the case was also stained. Alexei was very happy. It seems he is going back tomorrow. It is necessary for me to end.

I wish you all the best. I kiss your hands and feet 1 000 000 times. I’m waiting!
Your faithful servant loving you with all her heart
13-year-old Nastasia (Shvybzik) ANRPZSG
May the Lord keep you. +
Sleep sweetly and see me in your dreams.

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Let me get you a fresh cup of hot coffee.

zorathiel  asked:

📷 Zorathiel! ( Leigh-Anne Pinnock)

Clicking her tongue off the roof of her mouth would be the only sound to come from the stoic Madam. Her burning hazel eyes stared down at the picture, a sense of a calm before the storm overwhelming the whores into crawling and cowering backward away from the woman whom remained unwavering.

After a moment would her eyes snap up and thus a handful of the women would squeal in surprise, others flinching as if expecting to be struck– That’s way irritated Susan more than the fucking photo. How her women acted as though she would mistreat them like any man or woman who ever had before.

Carefully the Madam would cold the photo in half and then in fourths, her head shaking side to side in a display of defiance whilst a chuckle rumbled throughout her body, “Oh…,” she sighs, “Girls, girls, girls…. Who ever thought looking at this sweet piece of ass–,” Susan holds the folded photo upright, “Is sorely mistaken.”

“It’s fucking appreciated, seriously. But we’ve got shit to do before reopening night, you get me? So stop with the fucking photos already.”

And with that had a satisfied Susan stuffed the photo elsewhere before plucking up her broom.

Thank you, @zorathiel sorry for the late reply!


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I’m liking the new season of Doctor Who so far. I…

“#this just in bitch: you and the Doctor aren’t actually married!” … Which is why he refers to himself as her husband and refers to her as his wife? As far as he’s concerned they’re married… and I should think they’re the only two that get to decide whether they consider themselves husband and wife.

See, I’m referring to the episode the Wedding of River Song, which I think was supposed to be a big thing where we learn about River’s importance towards the Doctor. What we learn is that River married the Doctor in a timeline that no longer exists. When Amy voices her upset in killing Madam Kovarian, here’s the dialogue that follows:

AMY: I killed someone. Madame Kovarian, in cold blood.
RIVER: In an aborted time line, in a world that never was.

So what about the wedding? That negates it, doesn’t it? The only way it counts is that they likely remember it, and thus that’s why they call each other husband and wife. It’s obvious they have no problem with it, but in this universe, they did not perform a legal or legitimate ceremony to do so. And even then, the Doctor never said his name to her which (if I recall, and I’m not 100% certain) also proves it doesn’t hold up seriously. I’ve seen doubts online that the ceremony itself is 100% legitimate. 

If they see themselves as husband and wife, then I really can’t object against their own words. If they want to call themselves such, then they can. However, that doesn’t mean they are actually married. They can call themselves such as they like, but in this universe and reality, they are not by any means married, in terms of legality.

Fit to be Your Romeo ~Mark ft. JB~ ღ

Request: How about when another member kisses you unexpectedly (JB) and your crush sees (Mark) it can end however you write it :)        

Comments: I saw this as the perfect oppurtunity to incorporate my love of Romeo & Juliet in here, so I really hope you like how it came out! omg i love this scenario GAHH

“No, no, no, no, no, you’re not putting enough emotion into it!” Mr. Park let out a long sigh after the tenth pair of students tried to recite the lines of Romeo & Juliet to each other. And yet again, in his eyes, they failed. He rubbed his forehead and looked out to his students. “Can someone please come up here and recite the lines like you mean them?”

         You sat in one of the auditorium seats in the back with your best friend Yura, reading over the lines in the play. It shouldn’t be that difficult to recite them with feeling. “Should I go up there?” you asked.

         She furrowed her eyebrows and watched as yet another pair got up on the stage to say the same lines again. “If you want to be ridiculously criticized by that crazy man, then sure,” she answered.

         You chuckled and laughed as well. “He does have a point, though. Everyone’s just blatantly reading the lines without emotion.”

         Yura looked at you ridiculously. “Oh my gosh, who are you and what have you done to my best friend?” She grabbed you by the shoulders. “Who are you?”

         You laughed and pried her arms off. “Calm down, it’s still me,” you assured her. “I’m just saying it’s the truth.” You absentmindedly let your eyes fall on Mark for a brief moment. “I wouldn’t mind getting up there and give it a try.”

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Most Precious Things...

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life were the two birthday presents he got for his birthday after being bit. It was bought for him in London by his mother and father while he was still in the hospital. 

  • A black stuffed dog who his mother happily called Snuffles and he would never change the name 
  • A book filled with fairy tales titled Beedle and the Bard

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life was a small book he got from the second hand shop in Diagon Alley when he was nine, having saved up what he could will his allowance and buying it when his father let him come with him to the shopping area to restock on potion ingredients. 

  • The small book Hogwarts: A History, was marked up and dog eared. Filled with the dreams of a boy that was slowly coming to reality that he would never get there but he could still dream 

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life was the letter that was handed to him by the man that played gobstones with him in front of his fire place on his eleventh birthday. The green ink shining with his name, the March sun pouring into the room, and the worst day of his life changing into the best day quickly. 

  • The letter was opened by never to damage the envelope. On the front it read his name, and on the back the wax seal to the school he only dreamed about in really bad nights 

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life was the new trunk he got when school began. All his other things may have been second hand, or from his father but the trunk was not. 

  • His name engraved on the front proudly, his father smiling at him. He took the best care of it he could because he knew this was a gift that his parents had worked to most to get him even with the cost probably being high.

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life was a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans that he found on the nightstand by his bed after his first full moon at school. 

  • He ate them all but kept the box safe and undamged the best he cold, thanking Madam Pomfrey every time he saw her for every gift she left him after that. 

The most precious things in Remus Lupin’s life was a photo album he recieved when returning from Christmas in second year, already having the front page filled with funny moving pictures of the three boys that stayed in the dorm they shared

  • He filled it as quickly as he could over the years that they shared, making sure to capture every moment.

The most precious things in Remus Lupin’s life were the three animals that stood in front of him when he walked back into the dorm after Christmas break in fifth year. A young deer, a immature dog, and a little rat. 

  • They had done so much, and were still doing more. He never knew how to thank them other then burst into tears that were licked off my a dog’s tongue.

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life was the way his friends carried him without complaint, helped him without hesitation, and the way they made him smile when he couldn’t begin to think of something happy in his life.

  • They brought him joy he never thought possible, and hope he never dreamed of having.

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life were the tender hugs, and secret kisses that he would wake up to, or fall into when he was distressed. 

  • The smell of wet dog, and barking laugh, and kind eyes helping him find his way through the worst parts of his life.

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life was the name. The name that told him he belonged, that was one of them. 

  • Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. Four brothers that could do anything they set their minds to and would never be apart

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life were his friends; James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and Lily Evans. They held him up and he in turn tried to do the same. 

  • When they were around he felt like he could do anything he put his mind to. But one by one they faded, and slowly he began to once again feel alone.

Remus Lupin kept his toy dog, his two books, his box; he kept the photo album all tucked away safely in his trunk his father gave him. The things it couldn’t hold made him feel alone once again. It couldn’t hold the jokes, or the laughter, the kisses or the love. It couldn’t protect his friends from death’s door or a traitorous path. 

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life took a long time to admit. She had ‘his’ eyes at time, but sometimes they changed. Her hair could be fiery like her or settle for soft colors like she was at times. 

  • He was scared to love again, scared to get close. He had lost so much, how could he add another thing to his trunk? What if she broke, what if she died? Who would be left then to stand by his side?

The most precious thing in Remus Lupin’s life took a long time to find one that he could hold onto long enough that he knew it wouldn’t be taken and wouldn’t be meaningless. It was small, and frail; held closely in his new love’s arms. Soft brown hair like his slowly turning blue. It slept soundly, it had tiny hands and a tiny face. 

  • He got eleven days with this precious thing, before he was taken away from it. He got eleven days, gazing upon what he had made and feeling whole again. Feeling the joy of his friends’ smiles, feeling the laughter, and feeling the pride. He wouldn’t take back those eleven days even if it meant changing everything that happened, changing everything that went wrong.

This one thing at least, was right. 

"Canonically, River Song does not have a life outside the Doctor."

MELS: It was late. I took a bus. 
RORY: Er, you stole a bus. 
AMY: Who steals a bus? 
MELS: I returned it.

RIVER: Oh, look at that. Berlin on the eve of war. A whole world about to tear itself apart. Now that’s my kind of town.

RIVER: Well, I was on my way to this gay Gypsy Bar-Mitzvah for the disabled, when I thought gosh, the Third Reich’s a bit rubbish. I think I’ll kill the Fuhrer. Who’s with me?

RIVER: I seem to be able to fly her. She showed me how. She taught me.

DOCTOR: We have to let her make her own way now. We have too much foreknowledge.

KOVARIAN: So, they made you a Doctor today, did they? Doctor River Song. How clever you are.

RIVER: I’m on the first night of 12,000 consecutive life sentences.

DOCTOR: River Song could walk in and out of the prison like the walls aren’t there.

RIVER: Oh just a few Sontarans, chased me halfway across the galaxy. I probably shouldn’t have asked them if they were on a hen night.

GUARD: You’d better get down here, sir. She’s doing it again. Doctor Song, sir. She’s packing. Says she’s going to some planet called America.

RIVER: Amy, stay back!

RORY: So, what kind of doctor are you?
RIVER: Archaeology. Love a tomb.

DOCTOR: You could come with us. 
RIVER: I escape often enough, thank you. And I have a promise to live up to.

GUARD: She had the lipstick. The hallucinogenic lipstick. She tried to use it on me. Your tricks don’t work in here, Doctor Song.

DORIUM: Well now, word on the Belt is you’re looking for time travel. 
RIVER: Are you selling?

CLAUDIO: Cleopatra will see you now.

COMMANDER: So. I return to my command after one week and discover we’ve been playing host to Cleopatra. Who’s in Egypt. And dead. 
RIVER: Yes. Funny how things work out.

RIVER: A fool would say the work of the Gods, but you’ve been a soldier too long to believe there are Gods watching over us.

(to the TARDIS) RIVER: What’s the matter with you? What are you doing? What’s wrong?

RIVER: I dated a Nestene duplicate once. Swappable head. It did keep things fresh.

RIVER: I’m River Song. Check your records again. 
DALEK: Mercy.

RIVER: I needed to see what was in your vault. Do you all know what’s down there? Any of you? Because I’ll tell you something. This ship won’t reach its destination.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor Song was helping us with a covert investigation.

RIVER: I’ve travelled in time. I’m a complicated space time event too.

RIVER: The prison ship’s in orbit. They’ll beam me up any second. I might have done enough to earn a pardon this time. We’ll see.

AMY: Heard there was a freak meteor shower two miles away, so I got us a bottle. 
RIVER: Thank you, dear.

AMY: I killed someone. Madame Kovarian, in cold blood. 
RIVER: In an aborted time line, in a world that never was.

RORY: Where am I? How the hell did I get here? 
RIVER: I haven’t the faintest idea, but you’ll probably want to put your hands up.

GRAYLE: So I understand. Melody Malone, the detective who investigates Angels.

RIVER: Let’s see, crime boss with a collecting fetish. Whatever you don’t let anyone else see has got to be your favourite.

DOCTOR: Travel with me, then. 
RIVER: Whenever and wherever you want. But not all the time.

ANITA: How do you know they’re not androids? 
RIVER: Because I’ve dated androids. They’re rubbish.

LUX: Professor Song, why am I the only one wearing my helmet? 
RIVER: I don’t fancy you.

DAVE: I don’t want to sound horrible, but couldn’t we just, you know? 
RIVER: This is her last moment. No, we can’t. A little respect, thank you.

RIVER: If you die here, it’ll mean I’ve never met you. 
DOCTOR: Time can be rewritten. 
RIVER: Not those times. Not one line. Don’t you dare.

RIVER: Madame Vastra. 
VASTRA: Professor. Help yourself to some tea. 
RIVER: Why, thank you.

Canonically, you’re wrong.