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This has been bugging me all week since I saw the movie: why do Cadenza and Garderobe call each other "Maestro" and "Madame"? Are those their birth names? Did they get them legally changed? Are they just that so devoted to Their Brand that they'll call each other that even after almost dying and being able to hold each other again after years of separation?!

Okay, you just made me laugh for ten full minutes.  I actually had to get up and walk around for a few…gosh, I’m still giggling even now.  But the reason behind my hysterics is because I never thought about it until now and I wholeheartedly agree with you.

But I think the reason for that is because…well, we don’t know their first names.  Disney never released them (they gave Cogsworth a first name, why not these two?).  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that Garderobe is her first name, especially since Lumiere introduces her as Madame de Garderobe.  With Cadenza I thought for a while that that could be his first name, but eventually decided against it.  And it would be a little weirder for a married couple to call each other by their last names, right?

Though now that I think on it, Cadenza called Garderobe darling, dear one, and amore throughout the movie, so any of those probably would have worked better at the time…jeez, I don’t know.