Lots of people want to have a little fun...
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Landing down on a tree branch idly, Jack tilted his head to one side, a small, sadistic smile evident on his face. He was starting to feel a little bit bored, and he needed something to fill the void. A cold wind whipped up in the area and blew through the streets, harsh and whipping, and he chuckled, wondering what vict.. ah.. friend might pass by who would like to play a little game.

madam-ciel-phantomhive visited the grotto

She appeared in Ciel’s study. “Hello little heh madam.” Nyx smiles at lady Ciel Phantomhive. Nyx had read about her history more so due to the creatures she has met, no human as far as she knew had the pleasure of knowing 4 or 5 grim reapers and live to tell the tell as well as having a demon for a butler.

madam-ciel-phantomhive visited the host club

Oh, she was cute.

The dark haired host stood from the small love seat he’d been sitting on, maneuvering around the assorted tables and chairs around the room to go greet the girl at the door. She looked … a little out of place. When he approached her, he bowed politely as he was supposed to and gave her his best smile.

      “Welcome to the Host Club ~ How can I help you?”