madam laveau


• Jessica Lange as the motherfucking SUPREME
• Angela Bassett was the shit
• They were all badass witches
• “You can all just die”
• Actually every scene with Fiona Goode and Madame Laveau
• Did I mention it was about bad ass witches
• Go watch it

Spalding: I care about this coven. About preserving the ancient line of Salem. Everything is at risk because Fiona has become confused, reckless. She’s forgotten that Marie Laveau has been and always will be her sworn enemy. Marie Laveau must die.
Madame Delphine LaLaurie: She can’t die. The bitch is immortal.
Spalding: By magic. And by magic, she can be undone.

-“AHS Coven”

anonymous asked:

Why is it that people are okay with despising nazis and agree that the Nuremberg trials were a small justice, yet if a person is disgusted at the slavery and lack of human rights for poc, they get a whole essay on redemption and told to forgive because, 'it was a different time'. No fuck that, the only argument that would support that is 'all white people are born inherently evil and are psychopathic and don't have a heart' so if that's the case fine. If not, you need to reevaluate your life

I adore your courage to say this on anon.

Let’s get something straight.  The entirety of my post, to which clearly this is referring, was in regards to a specific instance and the argument itself was not based upon race whatsoever.  The idea of slavery just happened to be the example which inspired the post. TV shows operate on what we call suspended reality, meaning that you’re looking through a particular lens at a particular issue.

Few to none who partook in slavery, or Nazis (where did that even come from), would actually be repentant for their actions.  Why?  Because they believed they were right.  These people did evil things because they felt it would advance their race.  For whatever reason you seem to think I was condoning either or both sets of action, which I was not.  They were not good people by societal standards.  

But that’s just my point, ‘good people’ and ‘moral people’ are relative terms, redefined over the years and by the current society.  What dictates our morals?  Let’s take it down to a more relateable level.  What makes a vegan not eat meat?  What makes some people tell the truth?  We aren’t born knowing what to do, we are taught.  

I don’t believe people are inherently evil.  I believe people are taught to be evil or they have occurrences in their life that make them that way.  And they do bad things.  And it’s my morals not to harbor hatred and it is my belief to try to see some good in people.  I humanize everyone, because truth be told most people can be humanized.  Psychopaths only occupy 1% of society.  Therefore, everyone, even criminals can be humanized because their criminal acts are only part of a whole person.

Taking it back to Madame LaLaurie, she was raised to be a certain way.  I’m not saying you have to like it, but reality is what it is.  In the United States’ adolescent years, we had slavery, and as everyone and their mother knows, the deep south dominated in cruelty.  That was their culture. That doesn’t make it morally sound or excusable.  But, personally, I believe in repentance.  You don’t have to, it’s not human nature to do so, but personally I do. There are many people who feel the same way.  How many court cases are there in which the accused shows remorse for their crime?  How many times do the accusers forgive?  Unless you mean to tell me those crimes mean less because they were isolated incidents and not a mass genocide; in which I will tell you to reevaluate your life.

Madame LaLaurie showed true signs of repentance.  She stopped making excuses for her actions nor did she pretend they didn’t happen.  She admitted to them and agreed that they were beyond horrible.  I believe in forgiveness for someone who truly deserves it.  You don’t have to.  But that does not mean I have to reevaluate my life.

I also believe an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  You killing someone to avenge a killed loved one does nothing but hurt others.  You cycle hurt and hatred.  Seeing as that’s not how I chose to live my life, that is where my post came from.  I am not Queenie.  I would not be capable of handing Madame LaLaurie over to a woman who is just as evil as the former is portrayed.  Madame Laveau was just as nasty to the other witches of the coven who did her no wrong and reveled in their pain.  She murdered an innocent family and hung their bodies on display and then used their remains for her own bidding.  And she regrets nothing.  Neither does Fiona.  To me they are more evil than someone who is willing to admit her faults and feel truly remorseful.  But again that is my opinion.

I kind of wish you weren’t anon because I’d actually like to discuss this, but it seems you are not even brave enough to stand behind your own opinion.  But for next time, do not tell me to reevaluate my life because of an opinion.  It just showcases your ignorance.