madam kwan


I don’t think I’ve seen a chunkier versions of both otak otak and satay. These wonderful Madam Kwan specimens were quite tasty too! It does remind me of what you might expect from a meticulous and generous Auntie who invited you over for lunch. 

Satay is the coal smoked South-East Asian version of Shish Kebab. A variety of meats are used depending on whether a Malay, Chinese or Indian is serving it. The meat skewers come with a peanut dipping sauce and sometimes other condiments such as a rice cake, onions and cucumber. 

Otak Otak has a strange name which translates directly to ‘brains’. Wikipedia says that it gets the name due to the appearance and texture that resembles its namesake. It is actually made of fish paste mixed with herbs and spices and then wrapped in a banana leaf. This then smoked over coal and becomes very aromatic. 


Bubur Cha Cha is a Nyonya (Straits Chinese or Peranakan) dessert that consists of sweet potato and taro cubes in sweeten coconut milk with sago. It is quite rich with carbs and almost can pass off as a meal on its own. 

This blog is never short of cendol and here’s another one. This one appears a lot simpler and tastes just divine as any high quality cendol would be. Thinking about it, gula melaka for instance should be pretty standardised across Malaysia. 

Ok,this left us a little too full. Again…

It is strange that throughout the trip, we waited till then to order Nasi Lemak. Here is the Malaysian version of Nasi Lemak served up at the wonderful ambiance of Madam Kwan’s.

The Malaysian version of Nasi Lemak differs from the Singaporean counterpart in terms of the use of curry. Here chicken curry is served on the side of fragrant coconut cream infused rice as well as a hard boiled egg. Sometimes, beef rendang is used as an alternative curry. On the other hand, the Singaporean version relies greater on deep fried condiments including a pan fried egg.

Here, Acar, a spicy sour pickled dish accompanies the dish for an extra kick. In this case, sambal is mixed in with the anchovies and roasted peanuts.