madam gorski

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Sweet Pea wasn’t usually one to keep her opinions to herself, and right now was no different.  She made her way to Madame Gorski’s office, a piece of paper in her hand, a frown on her expressive face.

“Why was Rocket assigned to kitchen duty?” she demanded, before the door had even closed behind her. “EVERYONE KNOWS that pig of a cook is after her.”


Earlier in the year, I put together a few tutorials inspired by the characters from the movie, Sucker Punch. If you are dressing up as either Babydoll, Blondie, Amber, Sweet Pea, Rocket, or Madam Gorski for Halloween this year, and have your costume ready, I have just the makeup to complete your look.

Below are the links you can click on to see the video for the character of your choice:

Sweet Pea
Madam Gorski

Have fun!