madam flurrie

I haven’t drawn any fun fanart for myself in a long while, and I wanted to draw an actual scene with multiple characters interracting.
and I love Paper Mario so much.
So here’s a cute scene of most of the crew (sorry Ms. Mowz) shopping in Glitzville. Flurrie’s trying to get Goombella to try on dresses or something I dunno.
The boys in back are just there to hold their stuff.


A second set of Paper Mario characters!! This time its the partners from TTYD, and ahhh I am super proud of how they came out!! *v* I’m surprised I was able to make these look consistent, haha. This is definitely my favorite set of partners in the PM series, they all have such personality and great designs!!

I’m not sure what the next set will be (though I am open to suggestions if anyone has any hehe).

i like how vivi came out the most but i think they all look kinda cute ahhh ;v;


Finished all the partners for Thousand Year Door! (plus Koopie Koo) Notes on my designs on each picture!

Used a different brush for Bobbery, didn’t really like it though 

Feel free to use my designs as long as you credit me!

On to the stars, bad guys, and more *~* There are so many characters in these games rip