madam delphine lalaurie


Missing beautiful New Orleans 💚💜💛
⠀It was so amazing to have visited NOLA during St. Patrick’s day. I had always wanted to visit there because I just loved the picture I got when I thought of it. Tall trees in a swamp with the Spanish moss hanging from the branches. Luckily I was able to go on a boat and be zooming down the waters and between the trees in the swamp. Even just slowly moving through the waters in the boat was so peaceful. We were even able to see a few alligators! I was also very interested in seeing a plantation and the grounds there. It really fueled by need for a plantation style home. I loved the architecture all around and what each different little touch will mean about the building. My dad had seen segway tours so of course we went on one of those around the city. It was really cool to ride one, but my oh my it was tiring! Also ever since I was a kid I was absolutely fascinated by witches and voodoo. Of course I got a few little charms and such, I was very happy with it all. Of course with me being a sea life lover and shark obsessed, we had to go see the aquarium. It was so pretty and very cool. Also with myself being obsessed with ghosts we went on a little tour at night for such. It was very interesting to hear the darker history behind some of the buildings in NOLA. My favorite was the LaLaurie Mansion. This was all before I had ever seen the AHS Coven so I was hearing of it all for the first time. The story of it all is so sad but so very fascinating. Perhaps in another post I can tell it if you all would like! I think what I loved most was the night life I got to witness on each night, not just St. Patrick’s night. Everyone was out walking up and down the many streets all around Bourbon street. The bars were all open and with upbeat jazz music pouring out of the doors. Everyone was so peppy and just having a great time. The gumbo was always perfect for me at night time, it hit the spot.
⠀Overall I really did enjoy my trip here. Definitely somewhere Id love to visit again and that I’d tell others to go see. It had been somewhere I had wanted to visit for awhile. Simple enough I was not disappointed at all.